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LAN Yanxi is dead. She always thinks that Yang He loves Ling Mo Feng, just like all the women in the office. She just appreciates and adores him. She likes vice president every day, but she draws a clear line in her heart, because she knows that she can't get it, and she can only have an addiction to her mouth, which makes her mood brighter. But what she didn't expect was that Yang He not only liked it, but also said the word love just now. She loved Ling Mo Feng and wanted to break away from the shackles of secret love and express her love to him boldly. "

that Yang He, I don't want to help you. I just feel that you and the vice president are not realistic? What if he had a girlfriend? " Yang he really doesn't want to hit her, or hurt her fragile heart. She just wants to persuade her to wake up and not sink down like this. Finally, she will only hurt herself. "

no way, Mr. vice president has no girlfriend, I can see it!" Yang he immediately exclaimed excitedly. "

you can't see it with your eyes. Maybe he can install it very well and hide it very deep? Maybe he has a woman he likes very much. He is planning their future... " "

Yan Xi, do you have to hit me like this? In vain, I think you are a good friend, but you pour cold water on me! " Yang he was already weak in emotion. At this moment, he was tearful, as if he had been wronged greatly. LAN

Yan Xi stopped at once, and did not dare to continue. She was like a fool for a while, and did not know what to do. She is an insider. She just wants to do something to sober her friends. How can she turn around and hurt her?

"Yan Xi, you are from a good family. You can find an excellent boyfriend like adjutant Chu. Of course, you don't understand how hard it is to secretly love someone. I know what you want to say. Don't you want to say that I don't deserve him? I know it's not worth it, but I really like him so much. I can't hide my love any more. I have no other idea. I just want him to know that a woman like me loves him affectionately. I don't ask for return. I will continue to try to get close to him. I hope you can help me, please! " Yang He took a paper towel to wipe his tears. At the same time, he laughed at himself. At last, he pleaded with LAN Yanxi with hopeful eyes.

LAN Yanxi suddenly wants to escape from the restaurant, so she shouldn't come to eat this meal with a cheap mouth. Now

it's all right, Yang he pleads sincerely with her, but she doesn't want to help her, really doesn't want to. "

Yang He, I didn't mean to hit you, I just I just want to persuade you to be sober. After all, if you don't get results, aren't you more hurt? " LAN Yanxi eased his tone and sincerely advised. "

I know you are kind-hearted. I don't blame you for thinking so, but what if there is hope? I remember that when he helped me up that day, he looked at me tenderly. Moreover, when he had the chance to work beside him in this period of time, he would secretly look at me. Yan Xi, I had a premonition. Maybe he really liked me? Just because of his noble status, I'm sorry to say it to me. " Yang He's self righteous and invincible. She really feels that she is not delusional. In this period of time, Ling Mo Feng's peeking at her is increasing, and her eyes are very gentle. Yan Xi seems to pat her forehead twice. She seems to know what's going on. Every time

she stands with Yang He. When Ling Mo Feng looks at her, she pretends to be Gao Leng and doesn't respond to his eyes. That's why Yang He has an illusion. Ling Mo Feng is optimistic. Now, Yang he believes it's true.

"Yang He, vice president seems to be very gentle to everyone. Would you really be wrong? That... When I saw him last time, I found that there seemed to be a bite mark on his neck, like which woman... "

"It must be that Mr. vice president is allergic. I saw it too. It's definitely not like a woman's bite!" Yang he doesn't wait for LAN Yanxi to finish, but directly interrupts her angrily and affirmatively.

The Yang He of LAN Yan Xi Jue is too absolute, she wants to persuade her, all have no way to descend a mouth.

"Well, even if he is allergic, but I mean, in case he has a girlfriend

"Yan Xi, do you know something about it? Do you know he has a girlfriend? " Yang he sees what LAN Yanxi has been hinting at her, and she immediately gets alert. She grabs LAN Yanxi's arm and looks at LAN Yanxi with a tear expression. "

hoarseness, pain and pain!" LAN Yanxi felt that she was wearing a shirt and was about to be scratched by her sharp fingertips. She quickly said, "Yang He, if you have something to say, don't hold me like this."

"I'm sorry, I'm a little excited!" Yang he reflected and let go.

LAN Yanxi looks at her uneasily.

"Yan Xi, does he really have a girlfriend?" Yang he suddenly asked, looking a little gloomy.

After a second, LAN Yanxi said with a dry smile, "didn't you say he didn't?" "

does your boyfriend, deputy Chu, know anything? Did he tell you anything? If you still treat me as a friend, please tell me, in fact, I've been deceiving myself, constantly comforting myself that he has no girlfriend, but I know that there can be no lack of women around him, he is so good, how can other women resist him? " After Yang he finished, he fell on the table and sobbed, as if he had been greatly hit. It was so comforting that he didn't know how to open his mouth.

Lanyanxi's expression became rich. She didn't know what to do. She felt that she should leave immediately. She didn't want to eat with her future rival, let alone be a good friend. Yang

he cried a few times, then wiped his tears with a paper towel and said: "if you don't say it, I know that there must be a bitch around him. Last time I found the bite mark on his neck, it was a woman who bit him. That bitch, I saw that she was not a good thing. I felt that I had talent and opportunity to seduce him, It's a shame! " Blue

Yan Xi's eyes widened. Who is Yang He scolding?

Dare to scold her?

"Yang He, what do you mean by that? Do you know who is the one who bit him?" LAN Yanxi's face is not very good-looking, and Yang He's too hurtful. How can he scold a bitch?

"Who else could be Wan Qianqian, who thinks she has all kinds of feelings? I saw something wrong with her when I saw the painting exhibition that day. She looked at Mr. vice president affectionately. I heard that later they went into a room alone to chat. In the afternoon, Mr. vice president had bite marks on his neck. Who else could she have " Yang He made a bold speech about her speculation. She twisted the tissue in her hand as if to wring Wan Qianqian's neck with it. Blue

Yan Xiyue hears and feels that Yang he can't continue to get along. Once a woman hates for love, it's extremely extreme to do things. Yang He's angry eyes in front of her directly make her unhappy. "

Yang He, I'm sorry, I may not be able to help you. I'll invite you for this meal. My grandfather is not feeling well. I have to go home earlier. Let's go first!" LAN Yanxi withdrew at the moment and ran to settle the account directly. Yang he didn't catch up and said anything, so he sat there alone and was sad.

LAN Yanxi escapes downstairs in a breath, and the whole person is in a trance. For example,

if Yang He knows that she is the woman who bites Ling ink, will she hate herself? Ha

, life is like a play. Why is her jumping a pit?

Knowing that Yang he was very worried and loved Ling Mo Feng badly, she would not be friends with her. She would be far away from her. Even if she hated her, she would not give her a chance to hate herself. Now, where is

now? Is God playing a trick on her? Can't she live well while suffering from lovesickness and the blame of her rival? It's sunny every day, isn't it? Blue

Yanxi drives towards home. Now it's just over eight o'clock. She didn't eat two of the dishes she ordered just now. Now she's still hungry, but she doesn't know what to eat.

Just now, she called the aunt who sent the dinner by telephone, and said that she would accompany her friends to dinner at night, and asked her not to send it.

LAN Yanxi suddenly sees a pancake shop nearby. She stops the car and plans to buy some to eat at home.