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C546 uninvited guests

Ji Xiaohan ordered a return flight. Tang youyou suddenly felt that this was not right, so he opened his mouth and suggested, "otherwise, go back alone. I will come back two days later."

Season owl cold Mou color slightly shakes, afterward, tightly locks her small face: "why to push back? How can I rest assured that you are abroad alone? "

"I don't go anywhere, just stay in the hotel for two days. There's nothing to worry about. I have no speech barrier!" Tang youyou replied with a light smile.

"Are you afraid my grandma knows what to say?" Ji Xiaohan knew what she was worried about, and his heart ached.

Tang youyou bit her lower lip. It's undeniable that she was worried about it. "I think we are all adults, and we should be responsible for our actions. Since I can't say I want my father and your mother to divorce, then we should calm down. Your grandmother is also old. Let's not let her worry about it." Tang youyou tries to make his voice sound mature.

"Will you only think for others?" Season owl cold suddenly reached out his hand, hugged her to his arms, held her tightly, put his thin lips on her shoulders, and gently bit her soft skin: "when can we be selfish? Don't care how others feel. " "What you can't do, your grandmother's weight in your mind, is more important than me!" Tang youyou chuckled and his eyes were slightly moist: "I can be selfish, but I don't want to make it difficult for you. I can ignore other people's eyes. As long as I want to be with you, your grandma can't help me, who let us have two children?"

Season owl cold handsome eyes slightly stiff, healthy body tight.

Tang youyou raised his head slightly from his arms, reached out, and gently stroked the man's frozen face with his fingers. "Do you think I really care about other people's eyes? In fact, I don't care if my father marries your mother as long as you have the courage to love me. I just feel that your grandmother will be angry and the old man's body can't stand the blow. So let's be rational. "

Tang youyou sighed and said something brave in his heart.

As long as the man loves himself, she can overcome all the difficulties.

Season owl cold thin lips mercilessly kisses her lips slice, only felt her this words, said to enter his heart bottom.

Yes, he doesn't care what others say if he doesn't worry that his grandparents can't bear it. He just wants this woman, lives with her all his life, and makes her happy.

But now, the one who stands in the middle of the two is his most respectful and intimate person. He can't be selfish.

Tang youyou felt that her sanity was about to melt away by the man's lips. She also crazily reached out to hook his neck and responded more warmly.

It was not until the two couldn't breathe, that Ji Xiaohan released her and took care of her long hair: "thank you, yo, thank you for standing in my position and thinking about things for me!"

"Why are you so polite to me? I don't care about anything with you. " Tang youyou's mouth turns up and breaks away from his arms: "OK, you go back first, I want to be quiet again!"

Ji Xiaohan had to nod: "well, I'll go back first. I'll keep this room for you for a few more days. If you're bored here, go out and have a look. I'll leave a card for you. You can buy whatever you want, as long as you're happy."

After Ji Xiaohan finished, he took out a black card and put it on the table: "don't save me money. If you want me to be less confused, spend it desperately!"

Tang youyou chuckled: "do you want to take money to sell me? Congratulations, I was sold by you! "

"If I can sell your heart with money, I will make more money desperately, so that I can sell your third life." Ji Xiaohan laughs jokingly and kisses her face reluctantly: "I'll wait for you at home with the children."

"Well, be careful on your way! Here you are, give me a call! " Tang youyou is not willing to be separated from him.

It turns out that only when we are alone can we love such a frenzy. Once we are separated and returned to China, it's like an invisible barrier between him and her. We can see each other, but we can't hug each other.

Only the eyes that warm, try to press.

Ji Xiaohan left ahead of time. Tang youyou stood on the balcony and looked down as far as he could. He saw that the extended car he was riding in was disappearing into the traffic.

Tang youyou's heart seems to have been taken away by him, far away.

Heart, like being lost in him, Tang youyou sighs.

Met the love, but can't open the flower, can't bear the fruit, this is the test of heaven to her, or punishment?

What did she do wrong?

Tang youyou stayed in the hotel all day and night!

She didn't want to go out, although Ji Xiaohan gave her a card to buy as much as she could.

But why doesn't she even have the idea of shopping now?

Is she too lazy?

Tang youyou sighed. Suddenly she felt hungry. She decided to go downstairs for breakfast.

Can't hide in the room all the time, this will make the mood more dull.

So she changed into a light suit and went downstairs.

In the hotel hall, Tang youyou heads down and walks to the door.

Suddenly, a tall figure came face-to-face. Tang youyou subconsciously wanted to avoid him, but because of the intention of the other party, she still ran into the other party. She quickly whispered a word of sorry in English.

"Tang Youyou, you are here indeed!" Unexpectedly, a familiar voice came from above.

She raised her head abruptly and saw a pretty face. After the man took off his sunglasses, a faint smile appeared.

"Ji Yueze? Why are you here? " Tang youyou couldn't believe that Ji Yueze would appear in front of Ji Xiaohan the day after he left.

"I'll make sure of one thing!" Ji Xiaohan's voice is lazy, just like his indifferent temperament.

Tang youyou frowned: "what are you sure about?"

"Are you and my brother getting back together?" When Ji Yueze said this, he put on his sunglasses nervously and asked in a low voice, "what about my brother? He didn't come down with you? "

Tang youyou said with a silent smile, "since you are so afraid of his appearance, how dare you come here?"

"I come here to work. He shouldn't have a problem." Ji Yueze immediately calmed down.

"What's your job?" Tang youyou still feels that Ji Yueze appears here, which makes her uneasy.

Ji Yueze was slightly unhappy and said: "I don't need to report to you, do you tell me where my brother is? I'll talk to him! " "Your brother He's back home. He went back last night! " Tang youyou had to tell the truth.