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C1542 the role of the wife

LAN Yanxi was suppressed. The thin lips of the man were burning like fire, which lit her up. She was trembling.

Outside the window, the sun is shining brightly and the soft warm light shines in, making everything in the bedroom bright and unobstructed, but even in such a bright light, lanyanxi is not shy.

Driven by alcohol, Ling Mo Feng could hardly restrain himself. He just wanted to be greedy and greedy in her.

"No way." Just as the man's fingers stretched out, LAN Yanxi nervously stretched out his small hand and grasped his big one. She began to murmur with some entreaties, "not today." Ling Mo Feng's action is instantaneous, and he returns to his brain rationally. He finds that today's she is not convenient. He can only continue to entangle in her tender lips.

Don't know how long ago, Ling Mo Feng finally with a trace of dissatisfaction, turned over and lay on her side, breathing slightly heavy.

"Yan Xi, I want to sleep for a while. Would you like to join me?" Ling Mo Feng is really tired. He has been working for many days and worried about her restlessness last night. At this moment, he is drunk with sleepiness, which makes him want to sleep well. Only when he is asleep, he is not happy. Maybe he can resist her in his dream.

LAN Yanxi is not sleepy, she smiles softly: "I don't sleep, you sleep, I go downstairs to greet Cheng Yuan and them."

"Well, I'm sorry to trouble you. They're working hard, too." Ling Mo Feng gently reached out and touched her long hair, with gratitude in his tone.

LAN Yanxi lies on his stomach, and her soft lips touch his forehead. After a long time, she gets up and straightens her clothes and goes out.

Seeing LAN Yanxi go downstairs, the Chu lie and Cheng Yuan sitting downstairs suddenly spring away.

However, even if they separated quickly, lanyanxi still saw it, and she couldn't help but snigger.

"Please accompany Miss LAN. I'll go out and have a look." Chu lie can't face the heat. Turn around and leave quickly.

Cheng Yuan hurriedly adjusted her clothes, looked up at LAN Yanxi with a shy face, and said unnaturally, "Why are you down?"

"Sorry to disturb you." LAN Yanxi apologized.

"No, we shouldn't do such a disgraceful thing here." Cheng Yuan's face is extremely ashamed.

LAN Yanxi immediately said, "what's the shame of hugging? I can see you are so in love. I'm really happy for you. I hope menglie can marry you home earlier. He has to hurry up for such a good girl as you."

"Yan Xi, what do you say? We are still early. " Cheng Yuan smiles coyly.

LAN Yanxi went to make a cup of tea, washed fruits and some delicious snacks, and put them down in front of the sofa: "come here and eat. I didn't eat much at the party just now. You certainly didn't eat much."

Cheng Yuan was not polite either. She sat down and took a biscuit: "yes, I'm not full. I've been guarding against any bad people around."

"Thank you so much. We are engaged. You and Deputy Chu are busier than us." LAN Yanxi's sincere thanks.

"Mr. vice president is our hope, our country's hope. His safety is higher than everything else. Of course, we will spare no effort to protect his safety. And you, I'm sure you will also be a kind and gentle first lady. I hope you will think more about our women and children in the future. After all, women's status promotion still needs your help." Cheng Yuan said with a serious face.

LAN Yanxi was stunned, and suddenly realized that the topic was a little heavy. She couldn't help but smile: "I don't know what I can help. If I really have such a chance, I just hope that I can do nothing, it's good."

"Yan Xi, you were born in a rich family, and you may not have paid for the hardships and pain of women of lower class. Although it is said that men and women are equal now, there are still many unfair things in the world, and there are still many things that make women despair. I hope you have a chance to learn more about this situation." Cheng Yuan looks at LAN Yanxi sadly and sincerely asks.

"Don't worry, Cheng Yuan. I will. I know that there are still many unfair things in the world. If I can do my best, I will certainly do it." LAN Yanxi feels sad for no reason. Now she feels happy, but happiness is really precious. In this world, there are many people who are struggling in the hot water and there are too many things that make people powerless and helpless.

Cheng Yuan reached out to her and patted her gently on the back of her hand: "I'm sorry, I seem to be speechless, but I've been in some remote areas. I've seen it with my own eyes and still feel sad. I can't do anything about it. But you're going to be the first lady later. You can help them improve their lives. Sir is also a man of mercy. Your combination, It will definitely make our country better. "

LAN Yanxi's beautiful face flashed a little blank. She suddenly found that the heavy task was coming. She found that marrying Ling Mo Feng was not only to be his wife, but also his identity was very heavy.

"Yan Xi..."

"Ah?" LAN Yanxi suddenly returns to her senses and looks at Cheng Yuan with a smile.

"It's my fault. I shouldn't have said such things on your good days." Cheng Yuan is a little guilty.

"No, you remind me in a timely manner. In the past, I was immersed in my own little happiness, but I never thought about what would happen to my life in the future. Cheng Yuan, being a girlfriend is a very simple thing. I just need to fall in love with him well. Being a wife is a complicated thing. I really hope I can cope with it 。” Blue Yan Xi wryly smile, begin to have no bottom gas.

"Don't worry, sir, such a good man, he will certainly not give you too much pressure." Cheng Yuan comforts her with a smile.

"Yes, he won't give me pressure. He just silently carries all the pressure for me, but he is also a human being. He's not iron. I can't let him carry it alone. I should share some." LAN Yanxi thought of all that Ling Mo Feng paid for her behind her, and she was inexplicably distressed.

"This is a man's sense of responsibility. It's very rare. To be honest, I like Chu lie. It's also because he has this shiny thing on him, which makes people feel safe and valuable." Cheng Yuan said with emotion.

"Yes, he is very responsible. No matter to the public or to the private, a person's energy is limited, but his heart is infinite." At this moment, lanyanxi's love for Ling Mo Feng is more and more intense. She loves him so much that she is afraid that she will lose her life. But she feels sad to think that she will lose one day.

There is a traffic jam on the road.

A traffic accident, let this noon peak, blocked into a long dragon.

"What happened? Is there an accident ahead? " Wang Xinyi is in a hurry to go to work. At this time, she is stuck on the viaduct. There are cars in front of and behind her. She can't move. She can't help being anxious.

In the distance, there was an ambulance voice. Uncle Yu frowned and said, "there may be a serious accident. I don't know if the traffic police have dealt with it. Will you be scolded if you are late for work?"

After listening, Wang Xinyi sat up straight and straightened his elegant suit: "of course not. I'm also the head of a department, but there is an important meeting in the afternoon."

"Oh!" Uncle rain nodded his head.

"By the way, what do you do in their house, Miss Xi?" Wang Xinyi couldn't help being curious.

"I'm the bodyguard of the old blue family. I'm the house guard for him." Uncle Yu confessed.

"Ah?" Wang Xinyi was surprised: "I thought you were working for their company, but I didn't expect you were a bodyguard? Then you must be very good. Why did you react so slowly when I ran into you just now? "

Uncle Yu couldn't help laughing angrily: "I think if I slow down a bit, I'm afraid that my legs will be gone. Do you blame me?"

Wang Xinyi choked for a moment, his face was red, and changed the topic: "I don't know how long it will be blocked. I feel like going to the toilet."

As soon as Uncle Yu heard this, he immediately turned his head and looked at her: "is it urgent? We have just got on the bridge, and it will take us more than half an hour to walk around the road, at least one hour to get to the general office. If you are anxious, would you like to find a bag to solve it first? "

"What? You made me I'm such an elegant woman, looking for a bag in the car? Don't do it. " Wang Xinyi blushed immediately. She thought her face was thick, but now she was very ashamed.

"We men can solve it anytime and anywhere. Your women are relatively troublesome. Before, I used to venture into the no man's land with my friends. On the highway, women solved it like this. There's nothing to be shy about." Uncle Yu is an honest and honest man. He is full of the atmosphere of fireworks in the world, but also with a thorough awareness of everything. He is shameful to do this. He just feels that if he holds it, he will suffer and suffer from illness.

"You even think of me as a casual woman. I'm not. I can bear it." Wang Xinyi immediately stared at him angrily, but as soon as she said this, she regretted it, because she could not help but drink a lot of wine on the table just now.

Uncle Yu didn't say anything more, just drove the car and moved forward at the speed of tortoise.

Wang Xinyi can't help but lean out half of her body. She wants to see the road ahead and finds that there is a long dragon blocked. Her face is very urgent.

Wang Xinyi couldn't help it. She had to stoop to look for it in the car.

"What are you looking for?" Uncle Yu asked immediately when he saw her face irritated.

"Look for the bag. I can't help it. If I can't help it, I'll hurt myself." It's such a quick fight. Just now, she was determined not to do such a shameful thing. Now she's in a hurry. Wang Xinyi thought to herself, all the people in her thirties still care about the shameful thing?

Uncle Yu's face, unchanged for thousands of years, suddenly burst out with a smile.