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Tang Xiao Rui's words seemed to break a thin layer of paper. Tang You You's face inexplicably flushed red, he immediately walked over, squatted down, and stared straight into his son's eyes: "Next time don't teach your sister to mess around, understand? For matters between adults, it's best if you don't get involved. "

"Mummy, you adults can't understand children's feelings. Although our family of four is living together now, but, if our family of four were to go out of our house, it would be like being a thief. Why can't we play in the domestic amusement park? In the past, when I didn't have a father's land, I didn't think about it anymore. But now that I have a father's land, it means that there's nothing left. After all, even I and my sister can't hide it from the eyes, am I right, Mummy, why do you hide my existence with my sister? " Suddenly, Tang Xiao Rui didn't know what was wrong. He felt that he had been wronged and pitiful.

She suddenly pulled her son into her embrace and tightly hugged his small body: "I'm sorry, it's Mummy's fault!"

Yes, all along, she had done the wrong thing.

She thought that hiding all the information about the child was the best form of protection for them.

Maybe they wanted to hold her and Ji Xiao Han's hand and stroll around the windy streets, or maybe they wanted to have their father's company during every two days of rest, to appear in the sea of people like a normal child.

But she had never cared about this side of the children. She was busy working, thinking about how to settle the matter with Ji Xiao Han well, thought about so much, and neglected the life the children longed for the most.

"Mummy, don't cry, okay? You're crying so much that I want to cry. I'm sorry, Mummy, I said I wouldn't make you cry." The Mummy scolded him, and hit him, but he did not cry. He knew that the Mummy loved him, and he was very sensible to not cause the Mummy to cry, because he was the only man in the Mummy, and he wanted to protect her and coax her.

But just now, his random words made Mummy cry. He blamed himself.

Tang You You hugged her son even tighter, and then, she choked: "Xiao Rui, Mummy has let you and little sister down, in front of outsiders, don't call me big sister anymore, you're my biological children, just call me Mummy, okay?"

"That won't do, Mummy, you're still single!"

Ji Xiao Han also walked over and squatted in front of them. He reached out and pulled Tang You You into his embrace, then pulled his son to the other side, "Wandering, do you want to end your life as a single person?"

Tang You You tilted his head and looked into the man's dark eyes. He had a very strange feeling at the bottom of his heart.

"I... "I don't know!" Tang You You did not have the courage to make his choice at this moment.

Tang Xiao Rui's big eyes widened, as he shouted out in joy: "Daddy, are you proposing to my Mummy?"

"Yes sir!" Ji Xiao Han kissed his son's cheek: "Hurry up and make her promise me!"

Tang You You was really speechless towards Ji Xiao Han, this man. How did this look like the scene of a marriage proposal?

Moreover, he actually used his son to make things difficult for him.

However, Tang Xiao Rui curled his lips in disdain, "Daddy, you haven't even bought a ring for my Mummy yet. Isn't this marriage proposal of yours too cheap?

"We'll go buy a diamond ring soon!" When Ji Xiao Han heard his son's words, he seemed to know something and the little guy agreed.

The little guy agreed to marry his Mummy to him, and this was simply the result that Ji Xiao Han wanted to hear the most.

This was because he had never been able to figure out whether or not his son wanted to marry his Mummy to him.

Although it looked like Ji Xiao Han was unafraid of anything, but ever since he had a son, he had realized that half of his choice of marriage was in his son's hands.

His son's words and actions had always influenced his feelings towards Tang You You.

Tang You You looked at Ji Xiao Han and was shocked that he had lost a lot of face, to the point of crying so much that he lost all of his image.

"What are you doing? You're not going to propose today. Take the children to the zoo later!" Tang You You really didn't have any prepared thoughts, the father and son duo definitely wouldn't let her jump into the pit like that.

Tang Xiao Rui chuckled: "Mummy, are you shy?"

"Little Scoundrel!" Tang You You scolded him with a smile.

"Daddy, Mummy's usual reaction is to say that she might agree to marry you." Tang Xiao Rui immediately acted as the translator.

Ji Xiao Han's heart was filled with surprise and joy. His beautiful eyes swept across the woman's tear-stained face and gratefully looked at her son: "Your contributions are not small.

"Is that so? Why don't you write half of your wealth into the names of the Mummy and I, okay? " Tang Xiao Rui was not someone who could be dealt with so easily. Even though he was young, his IQ was definitely enough.

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

Tang You You was also stunned by her son's words, and her beautiful eyes widened.

Ji Xiao Han didn't expect the little fellow to have such a huge appetite. Half of the wealth under his name was definitely worth more than a hundred billion...

Very good, in a single marriage, all of his family's wealth would be robbed clean by this little fellow's mother and son.

"Give me a reason!" Ji Xiao Han was not angry, he just felt that there must be a reason behind the little guy's actions.

Tang Xiao Rui snorted, "Of course I'm afraid that father would never think of it again. I want to divorce the Mummy."

Ji Xiao Han's expression instantly turned ugly as if he had been slapped in the face by someone.

It's hard to get married. This little thing is already planning for a divorce?

Was this his own son?

Who wants it, hurry up and give it away.