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The sudden kiss caught Tang's mind off guard. The smart head clattered and stopped working. The man's lips were warm and domineering, and the breath was hot.

The little dog in Tang Wei's heart jumped down from the owner's hand, and then quickly lifted a hind leg under the four feet of the table and chair, leaving a bubble of urine at each corner of the table, declaring the sovereignty here.

Tie Xun is kissing Tang Weixin's lips. Suddenly, the quiet eyes see the action of the dog. Tang Weixin feels that he is angry. Her lips hurt, but he still hasn't let go of it. So she pushes him away. The man's lips want to continue. She directly blocks his lips with her hands.

"You..." Tie Xun Jun eyes rage open, then back a few steps, can't believe to ask: "you just held that thing didn't wash your hands."

Tang Weixin was stunned for a moment. What he called it was her favorite dog, Xi'er. She looked at her hands and explained ruddy: "I bathed Xi'er every day. It was clean."

"Who is Xi'er?" Tie Xun quiet eyes a squint, then turn around, see when jump to his sofa jump to move a white puppy: "it?"

"Yes, my pet. I've had it for years." Tang Weixin nodded.

"The name is too earthy." Tie Xun is a man who has a serious habit of cleanliness. He has hair in his family Wait a minute. Is this Xi'er going to lose her hair?

Tang Xun watched several white hairs flying on the ground. His brain was a little confused.

"You don't like Xi'er? It's lovely. " Tang Weixin is stunned. She feels that the corner of the man's mouth has drawn two times. She looks at him with a lost face.

"I don't dislike it, I just It's just that I was bitten by a dog since I was a child. There's some shadow. " Tie Xun didn't lie. He was really bitten.

"Xi'er won't bite. My family will take him to have a physical examination every year to prepare for vaccination." Tang Weixin bowed his head and answered in a low voice.

"I don't mean that." Tie Xun came to her, fingers in her face gently stroked: "Tang Weixin, come home with me."

"Home?" Tang's beautiful eyes trembled.

"Yes, I've booked my ticket. It's more than an hour away. Now let's go to the airport with me and go back to my home. Can you go together?" Tie Xun's eyes were fixed on her face, and he tried to ignore Xi'er, because its owner was so pleasing to him, he loved Wu and Wu.

"Well, anyway, I'm on a long vacation. In half a year, I'm here to see you. I want to experience a different life from you. I'll follow you wherever you go." Tang Weixin is a free and easy woman. She likes to write it directly in her eyes and say it boldly. Of course, she won't bear it if she doesn't like it.

"Well, let's go." Tie Xun took her hand and dragged the season box out. At the elevator entrance, tie Xun handed the suitcase directly to Tang Weixin: "wait for me."

He quickly ran home, took the mop, and dragged the feet of the four tables clean. Then he gasped and ran back to Tang Weixin.

"What did you do?" Tang Weixin looks at him strangely.

"Nothing. Let's go. Get on the plane. Can you take this puppy with you?" He asked curiously.

Tang Weixin looked down at the little cute one and breathed softly: "it can be, just to haul."

It seems that she really likes this dog. He looks at it. The dog's eyes are dark and cute. When he looks at it, he looks up at him quickly. He tilts his head, which is very spiritual.

When he arrived at the airport, the dog was arranged to be hauled. Tang Weixin added a ticket, and the last first-class seat was a kind of luck.

Sitting in the waiting room, tie Xun still can't believe it. In this short time, Tang Weixin sat by his side, expecting so many days, lost, crazy and depressed, all because of her. She was like creating a storm in his heart, but at this moment, she was quiet as if nothing had happened.

Tie Xun's heart didn't go down. He took her finger to play.

Tang idealistic side eyes and he looked at, eyes calm like water.

"Is your injury better? I'll show you when I get home. " Tie Xun will never forget that she suffered great pain and took the bullet. At that moment, he put her in his heart. From the first appreciation to the last love, he felt like a little fan and was conquered by her.

"Well, all right." Tang Weixin didn't recognize his special intention. He didn't just need to see the wound.

"Is the case of Saxon closed, too?" He continued.

"After that, I have arrested many people, seized a lot of illegal goods and killed several of my companions." Tang Weixin's heart is still very sad. Although when he went to the undercover, everyone swore to see death as if he were going home, but this really happened, his heart is still heavy.

After listening to her understatement, tie Xun knew her inner sadness. He subconsciously held her tightly: "do you have such a dangerous task in the future? Can we not go? "

Tang Weixin is stiff all over. Mei Mou looks at him from the side. "Are you worried about me?"

"Of course, I don't want to experience the loss again, and I don't want to be afraid every day." Tie Xun is like a little daughter-in-law who complains and bends, frowning and looking at her sadly.

Tang Weixin chuckled and pinched his handsome face: "don't worry, I'm promoted. I'm in charge of civil work."

"Really?" Tie Xun Mou color a surprised.

"Well, I don't want to run around any more. I want to stay with you. I'll transfer my work wherever you are in the future. In short, I'll follow you." This time, Tang Weixin thought it through thoroughly. She can work as others do. She has only one lovely person. How dare she lose it?

After hearing her words, tie Xun was more happy than winning the prize. He was so excited that she didn't have to take any more risks.

"That's what you said. No regrets." Tie Xun holds her finger and reminds her in a low voice.

"No, I never regret doing things." Tang Weixin gave him a positive answer.

The plane finally took off and lifted off. Tang Weixin leaned on the man's shoulder and looked out of the window at the cloud. He felt comfortable.

Tie Xun's eyes looked at her from time to time. Her side face was very beautiful, and her lips were full and ruddy, which attracted his heart.

Tang idealist closed his eyes and enjoyed the peace of this moment. The bloody pictures in his mind gradually blurred. Unconsciously, she slept in the arms of a man.

It's like a person who has been stretching a string for a long time, and finally can relax at ease and want to sleep heavily.

Tang Weixin just finished his work. He came to find Fuxun without any mistake. Fortunately, he is still waiting for her.