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C1201 speed of adventure

Today, it's the last day for Tang youyou to study. In the morning, she finished all the courses. A group of people said goodbye at the entrance of the hotel and kept contact information with each other. Today, Tang youyou is wearing a white spinning shirt, a black dress with buttocks, long black hair and curly hair at the end. The whole person looks professional and full of women's confidence. She uses stream Li's English and in conversation, looks full of laughter, it can be seen that this learning journey, gave her very different harvest and feelings. Beauty

her beautiful white features and delicate makeup make her particularly outstanding among a group of designers. Suddenly, a man beside her sent her a bunch of flowers. Tang youyou was a little surprised and embarrassed, because the other party sent a bunch of roses. In the face of so many people, if Tang youyou didn't take them back, wouldn't it make her face to face? Tang

youyou takes over and says thanks. He looks at her friendly and affectionately. He gets along with her for a few days. That man has a little more heart movement towards Tang youyou. However, he also knows that he is married now. What he can do most is to leave a good memory.

At the end of the farewell party at noon, Tang youyou took a car to the airport.

At the party, Tang youyou had a drink, and now she was dizzy, so she decided to squint for a while.

I don't know how long I narrowed. Suddenly, I felt my body was shocked severely. Then, the whole person fell to the left and woke her up. "

what happened?"

"Little grandma, please take a seat and fasten your seat belt. There are several cars following us. We must get rid of them!" The driver's eldest brother saw her and asked her. Don't look surprised. He quickly looked back at the car window and saw several black cars running after their cars. "

What's going on?" Tang youyou asked in panic.

"Little grandma, you must sit still. Mr. Ji has told me that we will encounter danger in this trip. Mr. Ji is right." The bodyguard big brother sitting next to the driver shouted. Don

youyou is anxious and uneasy at the moment. If not for the cars behind her, she would not really think of the dark side of the world. How hard is it for Ji Lin?

At this time, Tang youyou's cell phone rings. She looks at it and answers it quickly. Season

the voice of owl cold anxiously came: "you are OK!" "

I'm ok, but there are cars chasing us. Who are they?" Tang youyou replied worried.

"I've arranged for another car to pass. Don't be afraid. The bodyguard will protect your safety!" Ji Xiaohan is also worried at the moment. I wish I could fly to her side with a pair of wings to protect her. She must be scared now. "

I'm not afraid. Don't worry about me!" Don youyou didn't want him to worry, so he lied to him like this. "

darling, you must come back safely. My children and I are waiting for you!" Season owl cold low voice, gentle placate her.

"Well, I will!" Tang youyou's heart, which used to jump wildly, seemed to be comforted by his voice, and then he calmed down. "

touch!" In five seconds after Tang youyou hung up, the tail light of her car was hit by a car! "

ah!" Tang youyou screamed out in fear. The bodyguard opened the window suddenly, fired several shots at the tires of the car behind him. Then he heard the tire burst. The car directly hit the nearby rail.

Tang youyou hears the sound of gunfire and covers his ears in fear. His beautiful eyes are full of fear. "

little grandma, don't be afraid, we are fighting back to protect ourselves!" The bodyguard quickly comforted her. Don

leisurely pressed his chest and nodded. At this moment, another car behind him was about to catch up with him. At a nearby intersection, he suddenly rushed out several off-road vehicles and blocked them directly. "

rescue arrived!" The driver took a look and said happily. Don

look back, those cars blocked the road, and none of the black cars rushed to her. At the moment, her driver brother also made a quick detour and drove away.

Arrived at the airport without any danger, Tang youyou was immediately surrounded by several female bodyguards. Some passengers looked at the scene and thought it was a big star with such a strong lineup. Don

you have just experienced a speed of life and death. At the moment, your heart is not calm. However, seeing yourself surrounded by people like this, you quickly said: "there are many people here. It should be OK. You don't need to protect me like this!"

Although Tang youyou is afraid, she doesn't want people to protect herself with the meat wall. No matter who is injured, her life will be closed. She doesn't need someone to work for her.

"Miss Tang, please allow us to refuse. President Ji has told us that we must take you on the plane safely!" The female bodyguard replied seriously.

Tang youyou had to speed up her feet. Just at this time, when her flight arrived at the check-in time, a group of people quickly entered the gate.

When Tang youyou passed the airport hall, someone recognized her, took her mobile phone and recorded this video of escort, then uploaded it to the Internet, to let everyone see, this is the way of travel of the big and young grandmothers, which others can't envy. Don

youyou boarded the plane, sat in the first-class cabin, followed by her bodyguards, only a few passengers saw this scene, but also quietly scared cold sweat.

Tang youyou has not returned to China, but her scandal abroad has been transmitted to China first. There has been a lot of hot discussion on the Internet in China. The identity of Tang youyou's grandparent has been discussed again and again, most of which are sour on her. Season

Xiao Han also saw this video, and immediately sneered at Lu Qing and said, "you can also pass on the video of you being hunted and let everyone have a look!"

Lu Qing immediately nodded to do it. Soon, a thrilling video of racing on the road came up.

This video is taken by the camera head installed on Tang youyou's car. It's extremely thrilling and makes people feel creepy. The voice of Tang youyou playing a big card disappeared in a flash. I believe that whoever has experienced such a battle of life and death will feel scared.

It was not long before this video was posted on the Internet that Ji Shangqing threw the document in his hand and walked out of the company hall with the car key.

Ji Lin recently got a good position and became a senior consultant of a listed company. At this moment, he is sitting in the company and working. Suddenly, he sees that the door of the office is severely pushed open, and his son comes towards him angrily. "

have you eaten gunpowder?" Ji Lin looked at his son's angry expression and couldn't help asking. Ji

Shang Qing thumped heavily on his desk: "did you arrange to kill Tang youyou?" "

What are you talking about? I don't understand! " Ji Lin's face suddenly changed. "

who else would you be? You promised me that you would only want Ji Xiaohan's life, not her life. Was your guarantee eaten by the dog? " Ji Shangqing's gnashing teeth. Ji's face sank and he said angrily, "is it Tang youyou's life or mine? You are my son, and Tang youyou is the woman of Ji Xiaohan. If she dies, will Ji Xiaohan be in the mood to manage the company? Are you a fool to calculate? "

"Is it really you?" Ji Shangqing's eyes widened beyond belief. "

to tell you the truth, it's me, but she's so lucky that I didn't kill her this time." Ji Lin is also angry at the moment. He didn't expect that the plan would fail. He deliberately chose such a good time to kill Tang youyou abroad. Even if Ji Xiaohan wanted to check, he had a better chance to get rid of the suspicion.

"Are you crazy?" Ji Shangqing suddenly felt that his father was strange. Although he knew that he had done a lot of evil things before, he always pretended not to know because he was his own father.

But at the moment, he just saw Tang youyou's pale face and the thrilling picture of the car. Ji Shangqing found that what his father did was to gamble with human life.