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The old lady didn't expect Tang xiaonai's young age to say such firm words. Her expression was anxious for a long time.

"Xiaonai, don't you want to live with your great grandmother and daddy? If your father can't see you, he will be very sad. " The old lady immediately coaxed the little guy.

"Great grandmother, if I live in my mommy's house and my father thinks of me, he will come to me and see my mommy by the way! You see, how smart I am. "Tang xiaonai blinked like an elf, and the cerebellum pocket melon was already preparing to match mom and dad.

The old lady's face changed a little. For a moment, she didn't know what else to say.

Indeed, in the face of Tang xiaonai's innocence and simplicity, it seems that the old lady, no matter how cruel she is, can't say anything cruel.

In the evening, Ji Xiaohan just woke up from the bed, and his eyes seemed to be tired.

When he fell asleep, his dream was full of her shadow. He did not sleep steadily. He always saw the figure of her leaving and the picture of her holding hands with other men.

Ji Xiao's cold sleep must have been sick. He got lovesickness. Otherwise, he always has a good sleep quality. Why does he always have such a nightmare?

The phone on the head of the bed suddenly rings. Ji Xiaohan looks at it and reaches for it.

"Young master, the person I sent to follow Miss Tang just got a reply. Miss Tang and Lu xuanchen had lunch together at noon. They went to several furniture markets in the afternoon. It seems that they are buying furniture!" Lu Qing's voice is very light. I'm afraid it will make the young master more sad.

"Buy furniture?" The sensitive words made Ji Xiao's face stiff and his voice sour: "is she really going to move into that man's house?"

"Young master, do you think Miss Tang is that kind of woman?" Lu Qing is also at a loss all of a sudden. She feels that the speed of turning a woman's face is faster than turning a book. Should he look for his girlfriend in the lantern?

Ji Xiaohan is obviously ignorant. He always thinks that Tang youyou is a good woman with self-respect and self love. She can give everything for her children. Her life is simple and clean. She has never been a mess of friends. She goes to work, works and leaves work at three o'clock in a row. But now what does that mean?

Just after she moved out of his house, she went to pick up furniture with other men?

This signal is really dangerous. Season owl went back and forth in the room in a few circles.

There is an impulse to rush over and bring the woman to question.

Why can she be so cruel to him? Why didn't he even have a buffer?

Ji Xiaohan's anger is about to explode. Unfortunately, he knows that he is not qualified to question her again.

He made all the decisions, but she just chose to leave.

What's wrong with her?

Ji Xiaohan smashes his cell phone to the wall, and for the first time he gets the feeling of madness.

At the thought that Tang youyou has nothing to do with him any more, and that she and Lu xuanchen run to choose furniture like lovers, he can't say the sour vinegar and pain in his heart.

But what can he do?

Ji Xiaohan presses the seat on the desk and says to Uncle Yun, "bring the wine to my study!"

"What would you like to drink, young master? Red wine? "

"White!" Ji Xiaohan now feels that only alcohol can numb his pain. In the middle of the night, with the help of Lu xuanchen and Liu Xi, Tang youyou simply arranged his small home. This is a two bedroom apartment. Apart from the lack of household appliances and furniture, everything is well decorated and modern. In the witness of Liu Xi, Tang youyou and Lu xuanchen signed a rental agreement

, and Tang youyou paid Lu xuanchen a one-time rent of one year.

Lu xuanchen in helpless, or received her money.

It was more than eleven o'clock. Tang youyou asked Liu Xi to send her back to Ji's villa.

In Ji's living room, the lights are on.

Tang youyou's expression was startled for a moment, and he saw the old lady sitting alone on the sofa in the living room drinking tea.

It's so late. The two children have fallen asleep. Tang youyou faces the old lady again. His mood is very complicated.

I've been getting along very well before. The old lady is still very nice and thinks for her family.

Unfortunately, they are not destined to be a family.

"Miss Tang, sit down. Let's talk!" The old lady put the tea cup down, her voice was light, and she could not see her anger for a moment.

Tang youyou nodded and sat on the sofa beside him. Uncle Yun asked the servant to bring her a cup of tea. "Xiaohan has told you all about it. I can only feel sorry about it. You are not wrong. I know you are innocent, but we are not wrong. Your father still abducted my daughter-in-law and left two children. Anyway, I hate your father and Xiaohan's mother. They are selfish." The old lady said calmly that she didn't pay special attention to Tang youyou.

Tang youyou bit his lower lip and nodded: "I know. I know it's not right or wrong. I can understand it."

"So, I asked you to leave Ji's house, not to drive you away. I just hope we can reach a peaceful agreement. After all, you and Xiao Han have two children, and I can't be really heartless. You can ask..."

Tang youyou looked up at the old lady and said, "I don't have any requests!"

"Don't you want a sum of money?" The old lady expressed surprise at her reply.

"I don't want it!" Tang youyou said firmly, "I won't ask you anything. It's my life. I'll go abroad to find my father tomorrow. I want to see what kind of person he is and why he wants to hurt your family."

"He's not a traitor or a villain. In sum, he should be a very good man. He's elegant, gentle and charming. Otherwise, my daughter-in-law won't give up everything and marry him." Said the old lady with a sneer. "Anyway, I'm going to see him, grandma No, I'd better call you old lady. I'm not qualified to call you like that in the future. I'm really grateful that you didn't revenge me for hating my father. You and Ji Xiaohan are very tolerant to me. I'm also grateful to you. I've found a new residence

and sorted it out. I'll move out. I hope you can forgive me for a few days. " At the moment, Tang youyou's mood calmed down a lot, and he no longer cried like a complaining woman.

"Well, I'll give you three days. Then, you can move out. How do you decide about the children?" The old lady sighed low.

"Let them decide for themselves. I have no objection to their living here!" Tang youyou answered in a low voice, but his heart was like a needle, very painful. "If they want to find you, I won't object. You are their mother after all. You are born inseparable from each other, just I hope you can clear up these relations. Don't think about your affairs with Xiaohan any more! " The old lady knew that her words were too cruel, but she had to.