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When Bai Yiyan heard this, her beautiful face was frozen. She didn't expect Peihong to still make her idea. It was disgusting. "

I'll never see him again. I'll see if he has any chance to introduce men to me!" Bai Yiyan sneers.

"Well!" Peiluoqing nodded, but her eyes became deep.

A private plane, parked in an international airport, a line of several people, four cars, starting from the airport, heading for the seven-star liquor.

In the car, Tang Youyou, who has experienced a long flight, leans wearily on the man's arms and sleeps. Xiao Han's handsome face also shows some tiredness. However, he is not used to sleeping in the car. His vigilance has been deeply engraved in his heart since he took over the power of the company. Look at the little head of the woman in her arms sagging down. Ji Xiao was so cute that she reached out and fixed her head directly. This time, Tang youyou slept soundly.

The cold wind outside the window leaches. In the car, the man's arms are extremely warm. Tang youyou is in a daze, and the corners of his mouth rise.

At the gate of the hotel, Lu Qing, who followed him, quickly opened the door and stood beside him. He saw that Tang youyou was asleep in the arms of Ji Xiaohan. He was slightly shocked and whispered, "young master, do you want to wake up Miss Tang?"

"No!" After Ji Xiaohan gently helped her to sit stably, he stepped down on his long legs, then turned around, hugged her slender body into his arms, and walked to the hotel hall in a horizontal embrace. Lu

Qing goes up with him.

In the luxurious presidential suite, Ji Xiaohan is going to put Tang youyou to bed, but Tang youyou wakes up.

Open your eyes, see the man holding himself, leaning, two people in bed almost close to each other. "

What are you doing?" Tang youyou reached out and rubbed his eyes. He didn't understand the situation. Xiao Han's posture of leaning over her at the moment made her think of an indescribable place in an instant. Season

owl cold thin lips slightly a Yang, hand outstretched, stood straight body, low way: "don't do, want to let you sleep more!" Don

you just turn around and look. It's the hotel room. Her face was embarrassed, so she knew that it was the man who brought himself up.

"Why don't you wake me up? Take me upstairs. It's hard work! " Tang youyou feels that he has passed a year and has gained a lot of weight. Is it hard for a man to hold him? Season

Xiao's cold and dark eyebrows were slightly selected, and he looked at her discontentedly: "this is questioning my physical quality?"

"Of course not. I'm afraid I'm tired of you!" Tang youyou explains in a hurry, knowing that this man doesn't like to be questioned. He doesn't allow anything. "

to say that I am tired, I am tired every night!" Suddenly, Ji Xiaohan blinked at her. Then, while unbuttoning his suit, he said lazily, "I've spent all my energy to make you happy." Don

after listening to these words, he trembled twice, and the man even punished her directly.

"Since it's so hard, let's make an appointment once a month. In this way, you can relax and I'm free!" Tang youyou deliberately wanted to fight against him. He said that for a long time.

"A month?" Sure enough, someone's handsome face sinks directly, very unhappy, and his tone is full of danger: "are you testing me?"

Seeing that he was angry, Tang youyou had a good heart, which was exactly what she wanted.

"No, I'm concerned about you. President Jida has every opportunity in his day. I think you should devote your energy to your work so that you won't be so tired." Don youyou teases him.

At the moment, Ji Xiaohan has taken off his suit coat and hung it on his fingers. If he wants to throw it away, he seems to be listening to her carefully. When he has finished listening, he picks his fingers slightly. The suit coat falls directly on the sofa. The man turns around and walks towards her with his long and strong legs. Don

youyou is still triumphantly leaning on the bed, holding up his hands, with an expression that wants to make him happy. Seeing that

when he suddenly came, Tang youyou suddenly felt bad. He immediately ran away and climbed to the other side of the big bed. Then he continued to look at him with his eyebrows. As expected, the first thing Ji Xiaohan did when he came here was to stretch out his long arms to catch her. Unexpectedly, he caught an empty space. This woman was faster than a rabbit. "

caught by me, I'll see you tonight!" Men are suddenly aroused by the mood of challenge.

Tang youyou's pretty face is miserable. He shouts in secret. No way. Yu made the wisest decision and apologized to him seriously: "Ji Xiaohan, I was just joking with you. You can't miss it, can you?"

"And then?" When the man saw that she had softened, his face flashed a few times.

Tang youyou pretends to think seriously, and then continues to answer: "then once a week, I think it's a very normal frequency. I saw other people's houses on the Internet every half a month, and they said it's normal."

"After twenty-seven years of waiting for you, you let me do it once a half month?" The man also said seriously. Don

couldn't bear the serious atmosphere any more. She covered her mouth and smiled for a long time before she said, "OK, let's change the topic. I don't think it's a topic to talk about."

However, Ji Xiaohan took advantage of her snickering smile. He walked around her with long legs. Next second, he tilted his body slightly and supported her with his arms.

Tang youyou is scared by his action and lies down directly. When she wants to get up to protest, she has no place to escape.

"You What are you doing? " Tang youyou's eyes are wide open, but you don't need to ask, and you know what will happen next.

Sure enough, there is a price to pay for saying the wrong thing.

Tang Youyou, holding his weak waist and shaking his legs, pointed to the man's back in the bathroom and gnashed his teeth: "it's too much to let me move on it for half an hour!" Men's healthy bodies suddenly froze when they stepped into the bathroom, and then there burst out a man's hearty and proud laughter. Hearing the low and muddy laughter, Tang youyou was even more annoyed. Season

when Xiao Han came out, he only wore a bath towel and saw that Tang youyou had changed into a set of pajamas and sat on the bed, his small face full of resentment.

"Isn't it happier to change every now and then?" Season owl cold picks eyebrow to chuckle.

Tang youyou's expression is sluggish. However, after a careful review, it seems that he didn't suffer any loss and was indeed happy.

"I'm hungry. You can order me something to eat!" Tang youyou is really hungry. On the plane, she hardly eats anything but water.

"Well, I'll order everything you like!" The man's voice is deep and sweet, with doting.