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Tang Xue Rou faced Tang You You's slightly raised chin, feeling that she had looked down upon him, she immediately puffed out her chest and took out his Qi: "Based on who I know, who was the previous owner of your jade pendant."

Tang You You's gaze instantly froze. She tried her best to suppress the resentment in her heart, and coldly asked: "Alright, go ahead and say it. What conditions do you want to raise?"

Tang Xue Rou was scolded, her face turned green and white, a hint of anger could be heard in her voice: "I am not here to beg you, I already said, I am here to trade with you."

Tang Xue Rou then took out a photo from her handbag!

She pushed the photo in front of Tang You You. Tang You You quickly picked it up and saw that it was exactly the same as his own jade pendant. Only, this jade pendant seemed to be placed in a special place because it was surrounded by a glass case.

"Where did this picture come from?" Tang You You's tone became agitated all of a sudden.

Tang Xue Rou raised his eyebrows: What's wrong? "You're getting anxious, but I won't say much about what follows. After this press conference is over, I will naturally tell you more about what I know."

"Tang Xue Rou, you better not lie to me. Otherwise, you will know the consequences of lying to me." Tang You You was very excited in her heart, but she was also afraid that she would fall into Tang Xue Rou's trap again.

Being stared at by Tang You You's strict gaze, Tang Xue Rou felt a sense of dread for the first time.

She never thought that the seemingly weak Tang You You would actually have such an oppressive force. Could it be that staying with a man like Ji Xiao Han for a long time would cause her to be infected by his overbearing aura?

Because Tang Xue Rou was confident, she slightly raised her head and said lightly: "Don't worry, I won't lie to you."

"Sure, I will arrange a show for you!" Tang You You's expression also calmed down.

"It's not enough if it's just a show, I still need to have some concentration. How about this, let Ji Yue Ze and I sing a song together, and our deal will be formalized." Tang Xue Rou directly put all of her greed and ambition on her face. In any case, she didn't need to hide anything in front of Tang You You.

"Your thoughts are really beautiful, Ji Yue Ze isn't someone who listens to anyone, I might not be able to help you with this favor." Tang You You felt that Tang Xue Rou had too many conditions, and was not happy about it.

You guys are the organizers this time, and Ji Yue Ze is Quarterly's blood related brother. Even if it's for his brother, Ji Yue Ze will definitely agree to help him out. However, Tang Xue Rou refused to budge an inch. She had to attain the greatest benefit before she was willing to leave.

Tang You You stared at the picture on the table, frowned his brows and thought for a moment, but in the end, he still gave in.

"Alright, I'll try my best to make the two of you perform together, but whether Ji Yue Ze is willing or not, I cannot make the decision. If he is not willing, then I can only arrange the main show for you, for example, to have you sing the opening song."

"Tang You You, I believe you won't disappoint me, right? You must also want to find your biological parents, so, it's best for you to listen to my words, so as to not disrupt our cooperation. " Tang Xue Rou felt that Tang You You would definitely fulfill his request.

Waiting until Tang Xue Rou arrogantly left.

Only then did Tang You You take the picture over and carefully looked at it. Due to the special treatment done by the other party in the recording technique, the background was extremely blurry, but it was obvious that the jade pendant was getting clearer and clearer.

Tang You You remembered what the old uncle who cultivated jade said. He said that he saw an identical piece, could it be this piece?

Could it be that as long as she found the owner of this jade pendant, she would know who her real parents were?

Tang You You's heart was a little complicated. On one hand, she yearned for it, but on the other hand, she was a little sad.

However, recognizing one's ancestors was everyone's instinct. Regardless of why his parents wanted to abandon her, she wanted to see their appearances.

Tang You You kept the photo in his own bag. How much did Tang Xue Rou know about the follow-up to this?

He hoped that her reply would not disappoint him.

In the blink of an eye, another two days had passed. Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei went to school to attend lessons, while Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han busied themselves with their own matters.

Around 3 in the afternoon, Tang You You received a call from an unfamiliar woman.

"Hello, Miss Tang. I'm a therapist hired by Quarterly, I'm here to treat you. Can we arrange to meet again?"

Tang You You stared blankly, only then did she realize that she still needed to see a therapist.

She was so busy that she had forgotten about this matter. On the other hand, Ji Xiao Han kept on thinking about it and helped her find a good doctor.

"It's fine. I'll do it according to your schedule. I'm free at any time!" Tang You You said softly.

"Is tomorrow afternoon okay?" I'll send you the address. Come over tomorrow afternoon. "

"Alright! Thank you, Dr. Liu! " Tang You You politely and politely hung up her phone.

When she raised her head and saw Liu Xi, she could not help but ask with a smile: "Mother, do you need anything?"

"Wandering, I've seen how busy you've been these few days, let's go out to eat at night, can you bring your Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei along? I've bought presents for them, but I can't give them all of them away!" Liu Xi really wanted to see the two little treasures.