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Gao Yue immediately hummed the good news to Zhang recorder.

Zhang Lu is still working abroad. He receives a call from Gao Yue. In the evening, he is in a good mood.

"Miss Gao, your chance has come again. This time, you have to take good advantage of it." Zhang Lu said with a serious face.

"Minister Zhang, don't worry. Of course, I will take good care of it. It's just I don't know what I'm going to attend this banquet in this time. If I'm still a journalist, I'm so aggrieved that I've lost my value. " Gao Yueli asked him in a helpless voice.

"That's right. If you were to attend as a reporter, Ji Xiaohan would not be fascinated by you." Zhang Lu feels that this identity is not suitable.

"Last time at the ribbon cutting ceremony of jixiaohan company, he should be very impressed with me. I have to add another fire to let him remember me completely!" Gao Yue said with great confidence.

Zhang Lu suddenly felt a little fidgety. When he thought of the woman he liked, but he wanted to push it to another man, he was inexplicably upset.

"Miss Gao, your task is to break up her family and damage his reputation. Don't really compensate yourself." Zhang Lu tries to persuade her.

"Minister Zhang, are you worried about me?" Gao Yue immediately smiled at the charming Ge Ge Jiao.

"I just don't think you need to build your own life. You are so young and beautiful, and your life in the future will be more wonderful!" Zhang Lu's explanation with a smile.

"Don't worry, if I have a chance to have an affair with Ji Xiaohan, my life will be wonderful." Gao Yue has long given up on herself. She can't wait to have a big fight with Ji Xiaohan. Even if it's just dew, she will.

Zhang Lu's face is blue. Gao Yue can't wait to dedicate herself to Ji Xiaohan?

"Miss Gao, are not all men in the world three legged? There's nothing special about season owls. " Zhang Lu's tone was full of jealousy, and his face was sneering.

Gao Yue suddenly realized that he shouldn't talk to Zhang Lu, and immediately laughed: "minister Zhang, this is my personal choice, so don't worry about it. Although all men in the world are the same, Ji Xiaohan is a unique man."

Zhang Lu's face is more ugly. He really wants to express Gao Yue, but he is afraid that the old president will get angry when he knows about it. Therefore, Zhang Lu can only bear to love Gao Yue.

"Minister Zhang, hurry to think of some way for me. In what capacity should I go to the banquet? It's three days later. I'll wait for your call tomorrow!" After Gao Yue finished, she immediately hung up.

Zhang Lu was in a good mood. Suddenly, hearing that Gao Yue wanted to please Ji Xiaohan so actively, he fell off his cell phone and scolded angrily: "women are snobbish indeed. Doesn't Ji Xiaohan have a good face? What's the big deal. "

Ji Xiaohan not only has a good-looking face, but also a perfect figure in golden ratio. He has status and status. Most importantly, he has money, which ordinary people can't imagine.

In the middle of the night, LAN Yanxi was suddenly thirsty. She couldn't help but lift the quilt and was gently hugged back by a man's hand. His soft voice came from his ear: "where are you going?"

"Water, thirsty!" LAN Yanxi nestled into his arms and whispered.

"I'll get it for you!" The man said, gently lifted the quilt off the bed, did not put on a coat, directly opened the door, went to the outside living room, poured a cup of warm water for lanyanxi and brought it in.

Turned on a wall lamp, hazy light, the girl hugged the quilt and sat up, a long hair scattered disorderly, a pretty face is full of sleep, full white clear.

"Here!" Ling Mo Feng's eyes are greedy. They sweep over her gently. They can't move away. She is so soft and lovely. It's really charming.

LAN Yanxi drank half and handed the cup to him: "thank you, go to bed quickly, it's too cold!"

Ling Mo Feng drank half of the water she had left, so she put the cup beside the bed and lay down under the quilt again.

As soon as he lay down, lanyanxi reached out his hand to hold him. In the winter, he got up with a cold air. Lanyanxi tried to warm his body.

Ling Mo Feng chuckled and reached for her as a pillow. She leaned softly against his arm, and suddenly she couldn't sleep.

"Ling Mo Feng!" The girl whispered his name.

"Well!" The man responded in a deep voice.

"What if I can't sleep?" LAN Yanxi is not willing to fall asleep, just want to feel his temperature soberly.

"Why can't you sleep?" The man's voice was tinged with laughter.

"Because you're around!" LAN Yanxi's two little hands are pressed to his chest, and he can feel the strong muscles of the man.

The man reached out and held one of her little hands, smiled and said, "I heard that counting sheep can sleep. You can't count them."

"No, it's too childish. It's used to cheat children. I'm not!" Blue word Xi Du small mouth, don't think so.

"Then what?" Ling Mo Feng can't help it.

"Sing for me!" Lanyanxi suddenly put forward a very difficult way for him.

"Ah?" The vice president's head is in a circle, let him sing?

"What? Can't sing? " LAN Yanxi is very interested in hiding in his arms and laughing. He likes to see him embarrassed by himself.

"No, I can't remember the lyrics!" In fact, Ling Mo Feng is a very talented man. He has been cultivated by his family since he was young. He is proficient in music, chess, calligraphy and painting. If LAN Yanxi knew that he could play a very good piano, she would not be surprised.

"Then hum a tune, no lyrics!" Lanyanxi relaxed the requirements.

"Good!" Ling Mo Feng suddenly felt that when he was with her, he was also very childish.

But I can't help it. If I can't ignore it in front of my beloved, what's the fun of life?

Ling Mo Feng is humming a tune. It's not a very popular slobber song nowadays, but a classic old song. Lanyanxi has heard it, but she's not familiar with it. Now when she hears him humming in her ear, there's an unspeakable rhyme. She listens quietly. The rhythm of a man's humming is not tight or slow, showing laziness.

LAN Yanxi wanted to sleep. Listening to the man's voice, her consciousness slowly radiated. Finally, she fell asleep quietly.

When Ling Mo Feng heard her even breath, he sighed a little. I remember that when his sister was young, he used to coax her. Now, there is another blue Yan Xi, just afraid that this kind of thing will happen in the future.

After Qiao Zhuo got up in the middle of the night, he deliberately passed by the door of LAN Yanxi's room. He found that both LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan had not come back. His expression flashed a sneer. It seemed that his guess was right. The relationship between Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi was not so simple.

Last night at the dinner table, Ling Mo Feng's face was ugly, which made Qiao Zhuo wake up. Actually, Ling Mo Feng cared about LAN Yanxi, otherwise, he would not be angry suddenly.


Last night, it snowed again.

At about six o'clock in the morning, Cheng Yuan got up. She was used to running, but she didn't run very far. She just ran in place on the snow in the yard. Suddenly, when she saw a person coming out of the hall, she turned around and ran with her back to him.

"Good morning, Cheng Yuan!" Chu lie smiled and said hello.

"Early!" Cheng Yuan answers with nervousness and embarrassment.

"Miss LAN may not have got up. You can go back after breakfast!" Chu lie looked up at the bedroom on the second floor. The vice president must have slept well last night.

Cheng Yuan also looked up and whispered, "ask Yanxi about his decision. I don't care."

"Cheng Yuan, what happened last night I'm sorry. I'm so different from a man. I even hurt you. Is it better? " Chu lie began to regret. Last night, he seemed to be too heavy.

"It's OK, thank you for your concern!" Cheng Yuan's expression suddenly tensed up. She was afraid to mention the crazy thing yesterday.

"That There is something I want to ask you again. Is what you said yesterday true? " Chu lie is also very embarrassed to touch the back of the head spoon, dry smile not only.