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C617 unpredictable results

Tang youYou can't accept such a result. Is it because a man loves Tang Xuerou so much that she has suffered such a terrible experience after her life and death?

"Tang Xuerou took the initiative to call the police, presumably she didn't want to bear the consequences. She was really cunning. Did she really think she had no crime?" Season owl Han Jun's face is dark, his hands are clenched into fists, and he hits the table with a heavy fist. The storm brewing at the bottom of his eyes is extremely shocking.

"Ji Xiaohan, I'm sure things are not so simple. Maybe this is a plot of Tang Xuerou." Tang youyou is also full of anger. She knows Tang Xuerou best. She has a deep mind. Moreover, she has a very good way of blaming others.

Perhaps, as she said in her confession, she just complained in front of the man and didn't really instruct the man to start with him, but this is her brilliance.

Ji Xiaohan reached out his hand and held her cold and trembling hand tightly. His voice was mute and firm: "you can rest assured that if you have a car accident, she can't escape. Even if she escapes the punishment of the law, this time, I will never give her a chance to turn over."

"She's really cunning. She can't believe anything she says. Don't let her go." Tang youyou only feels the pain in her head. She has endured Tang Xuerou again, but this time, she can't bear it anymore.

If it wasn't for the sake of the Tang family's nurturing kindness, Tang Xuerou wouldn't be able to jump for such a long time.

However, it's no wonder that other people are responsible for her strength. Who makes her so uneasy and discontented?

Last time, she was locked up and her star career was ruined. But she didn't seem to get a lesson, and she was still trying to deal with her.

If it's just a verbal injury, Tang youYou can be kind again and let her go.

But now she is hurt all over and has a needle sewn on her head. If Tang youyou lets her go, she can be a virgin.

No, she is not so easy to bully. Ji Xiaohan knows that she is angry. Seeing that her face turns pale, he feels very sad. He reaches out his hand and gently touches her face. He comforts her in a low voice: "leisurely, don't get excited. I'll go to deal with this right now. I'll ask my assistant to come and take care of you. If you have anything, please call me at any time."

"Well, go ahead and deal with it. I don't want to give Tang Xuerou another chance to hurt me. You can see what you can do to teach her a thorough lesson." Tang youyou is really afraid of this dangerous human nature and Tang Xuerou's self righteous intelligence.

"If you don't want to see her, I'll send her in again and let her sit on the bottom of the prison!" Ji Xiaohan also has a deep hatred and pain for this kind of ruthless woman. A woman doesn't even have the least kindness, so she really doesn't need to continue to come out to harm others. "It's against the law to kill, but to send her to prison is her punishment." Tang youyou's mood at the moment is that she really wants to kill people. If she has a knife in her hand now, she will not hesitate to scratch Tang Xuerou's thousands of knives. Kindness is not a crime, but it gives the bad guys an excuse to continue to hurt themselves.

"Wait for me!" Season owl cold clings to the body, in her cool forehead lightly imprints a kiss: "don't think nonsense, don't get angry again, your present situation, can't be excited."

Tang youyou has no choice but to nod his head and take a deep breath, which makes his mood calm a little.

Season owl cold took the coat, turned around that moment, face suddenly gloomy down, like cold.

He cold face, took a car to the police station, in the detention room, saw Tang Xuerou.

Her face was pale and her fingers trembled.

Tang Xuerou is gambling on one thing.

She reported to the police and admitted her mistake. I believe that even if Ji Xiaohan is angry, there is no evidence to cure her crime.

If she can get out of danger, it's best.

"Mr. Ji, here you are!" The comrades in charge of the task greeted him politely.

"Has she confessed?" Ji Xiaohan looks at Tang Xuerou with gloomy eyes. She pretends to be a frightened little white rabbit at the moment.

It's innocent and harmless.

Several police comrades were polite to her, because she was also a superstar for a while before. In addition, she was born to be an actor. She had a way to deal with men. The kindness and panic she disguised made it difficult for the police comrades to define her crime.

"Yes, I've already sent her confession to you. I can only say that the man who loves her is crazy. In order to please her, he did something against the law. We have tracked him down and sent the police to arrest him."

"Thank you!" Although Ji Xiaohan is powerful, he will not trample on the bottom line of the law before the law. He is a conscientious businessman and a law-abiding entrepreneur, which he knows very well.

"When Mr. Ji comes here, do you have something to say to Tang Xuerou?" The comrades of the police inquired curiously.

"I have something personal to deal with with with her. Can I take her away?" Season owl cold light inquiry.

"Yes, she can leave. I'll go in and let her know."

Tang Xuerou hears that Ji Xiao is cold, and she is stiff and cold.

She bowed her head and came out with an expression of recognizing her mistake. When she saw Ji Xiaohan, she immediately fell on her knees.

She was really kneeling, because when she saw the man's frosty eyes, her legs were soft.

"What are you doing?" Asked the season owl coldly.

Tang Xuerou immediately covered her cheek and cried bitterly. She was full of guilt and guilt: "Mr. Ji, I'm sorry. It's because of me that Tang youyou was hurt. I didn't mean it. I didn't expect that man would do such a terrible thing."

Ji Xiaohan looks at this woman's full performance of bitterness. In front of so many police comrades, Ji Xiaohan will not do anything to her.

"Let's go out and say something. Lu Qing, take Miss Tang out." Season owl cold voice cold without temperature, listen, it is frightening.

Tang Xuerou's face was suddenly miserable. Next second, Lu Qing came and helped her up from the ground: "Miss Tang, let's go!"

"Big brother of the police, I I... " Tang Xuerou is too scared to speak. She wants to ask the police for help. Unfortunately, Lu Qing holds her palm and uses her strength. Almost all of her are carried out by Lu Qing.

Since Tang Xuerou has no evidence of breaking the law, the police dare not detain her.

Tang Xuerou's face was pale. In this way, Lu Qing forced her into the car.

Tang Xuerou is terrified. Is Ji Xiaohan going to take her away? Isn't everything explained in front of the police?