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C1610 don'st let him go

LAN Yanxi looked at grandpa as if he was tired. She closed her eyes and rested. She sat beside him, stupefied and confused.

Grandpa said that she would leave the company to her. If two uncles knew grandpa's decision, they would definitely force her to give way with a knife. Lanyanxi had no ability or energy to manage such a large company. Moreover, she was not the material for management at all. This decision would never work. She didn't want to let the company die quickly because of greed. It would be bad for Grandpa The trust of.

What about donating? In fact, this can be considered. Before LAN Yanxi went to the poverty-stricken areas along the border with Ling mofeng to provide disaster relief, she found that many people in the country were not enough to eat and even wear warm clothes. Not everyone could dress as bright as the people around her. They didn't worry about eating or even eating big fish and meat.

She looked at her resting grandfather, who was empty inside. Grandpa asked her to make this decision. How could she make such a big decision? She's really upset.

As the sky gradually darkened, lanyanxi was confused and couldn't make any decision.

At this time, LAN Chen came. When he saw LAN Yanxi, he immediately asked her, "Yan Xi, why are you still here? You have been guarding all day. Go back to have a rest."

"Three uncles!" LAN Yanxi called out to him. Compared with LAN Bai, LAN Yanxi's three uncles are less utilitarian, so she can also call him.

"Go back. I think you're tired." Lanchen let her go.

"Then Grandpa will trouble you. I'll go back first." LAN Yanxi said in a low voice. Although she wanted to stay a little longer, she was not an ignorant person. At this time, when everyone was competing for performance, she really wanted to give up her position. Otherwise, she would be gossiped.

LAN Yanxi came out, and Cheng Yuan immediately followed her and asked her softly, "Yanxi, are you ok?"

"I'm fine. It's really hard for you. I've kept you company for most of the day." LAN Yanxi is full of apologies.

Cheng Yuan immediately complained, "what are you polite to me? Your safety is of vital importance. If something happens to you, how can vice president handle state affairs safely?"? So, you don't think it's our duty to protect who you are implicated in. "

LAN Yanxi is stunned, then shakes her head and chuckles. Cheng Yuan is becoming more and more talkative. As expected, love can make a person optimistic and cheerful. I remember that Cheng Yuan used to be a person who cherished words like gold.

LAN Yanxi came back home, it was more than eight o'clock, and her aunt sent her dinner. She sat alone and ate some. Ling Mo Feng still had something important to deal with. She couldn't make sure when she would come back.

LAN Yanxi checked some things about charity donation on the Internet. When she came back from this matter, it was more than 11 o'clock in the night. She stretched her waist and felt her shoulder ache.

She got up and went downstairs to get a bottle of red wine. She was in a bad mood and couldn't sleep at all.

She opened a bottle of wine, just poured half of it into the glass, and heard the sound of the car stopping at the door. She was slightly shocked, and couldn't help turning around to look, and saw a big figure coming in outside the hall.

LAN Yanxi's hand shook with fear, and the wine immediately poured down. Her glass was full.

Ling Mo Feng is wearing a suit coat, a document bag, a white shirt and black trousers. The most classic dress of a man will never be out of fashion here. Even if he is full of tired color, he can walk on the moon. In blue Yanxi's eyes, he is like a king of white horse, which makes people feel palpitation.

"Yan Xi?" Ling Mo Feng passed by the living room. When he was going upstairs, he found a small figure standing in the dim light next to the restaurant.

"You're back!" Blue words hope this just fierce return to God, smile of opening.

Ling quickly walked over and saw that she was wearing a Burgundy halter dress with long black hair on her head, revealing her thin arms and a small piece of shoulder skin.

"What's in your hand?" Ling found out that she still had a cup in her hand. He frowned and came closer.

"Ah Nothing. "

Lanyanxi wanted to hide. He had already slowed down a step. The man stretched out his long arm and directly grabbed the glass of red wine in her hand. The voice immediately became serious: "do you want to drink?"

"I can't sleep!" The woman bowed her head and explained in a low voice.

"You can't drink, either. You forget that we are having children. You have to stop drinking." The man whispered.

LAN Yanxi shivered all over, only to find that he reminded me in time. He said with shame, "if you don't say it, I really forget about it. I won't drink any more."

"How is your grandfather?" Ling took the glass directly, went into the kitchen, poured it all out, and asked the old man gently about his condition.

LAN Yanxi can't help biting the lip: "still like this, my grandfather may really can't support it."

LAN Yanxi's hands are propped up on the table beside him. The appearance of crying in the bath makes the man feel hurt instantly.

He gently touched her shoulder and comforted her, saying, "there are some things you need to open up."

"Well, I know." Lanyanxi is not a person who likes to dig into the corners of a cow. She knows that she is sad and helpless. What she has to do is to accompany her grandfather well in the last time without any regrets.

"Let's go upstairs. Don't stand here." Ling Mo Feng directly hugged her slender waist and took her upstairs.

Lanyanxi had already bathed, sat by the bed, and watched the man hang his suit coat, put down his paper bag, turned his head, and looked at her with gentle eyes.

"Go to bed first. I'll take a bath." Ling Mo Feng told her.

LAN Yan Xili lay down, grabbed the quilt and put it on her stomach, and closed her eyes.

Ling Mo Feng came out of the bath wearing a gray pajama. The weather was getting hotter. His pajamas were cool, but they still set off his big and strong body. As soon as he came to the bedside and sat down, he felt a soft body on his back. Next second, her arm was wrapped around his neck and her cheek was buried in his shoulder socket.

Ling Mo Feng was shocked all over. He reached for her cool arm and asked her softly, "what's the matter?"

"It's OK, just want to hold you!" Lanyanxi has penetrated into some things in life. The more she finds that the time she spent together is so short. She will not be angry with this man in the future, because the angry time will be wasted. She should love him well, every moment, every minute.

"I'm not feeling well when you hold me like this." The man's body is much more sensitive than before. Her delicate and fragrant body is just a fire, which can easily ignite the boiling point in his body.

"Isn't it easy?" LAN Yanxi suddenly tugged him hard. The man was unprepared, but he was dragged down by her directly. His upper body had already pressed her.

"Are you sure you're still in the mood?" Ling Mo Feng's light at the bottom of her eyes darkened a little, full of expectation and worry that she could not bear it.

"Well, I want to be with you." The girl's face was still ashamed. She hid it in his chest: "I really want to."

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips immediately sealed her little mouth, not only she thought, but he thought more.

LAN Yanxi held him like a thirsty man, eager to need him.

Ling Mo Feng is going crazy, just sealing her lips can't satisfy him.

The man reached out and turned off the light a little.

More than an hour later, the wind stopped and the rain stopped. The man held her tightly, unwilling to retreat.

LAN Yanxi's legs were also tightly tied to prevent him from going.

"Yan Xi, do you want to sleep like this?" Asked the man's deep voice in her ear.

LAN Yanxi found that he was too domineering and unreasonable, so he had to let go of his legs. The man kissed her on the forehead: "tomorrow's business, think about tomorrow, sleep well."

"Well." LAN Yanxi is tired, so tired that she has no energy to think about things, she can finally sleep in peace.

With this man around, no matter what happens, she seems not to be in a hurry, because with him, he can make her feel safe.

LAN Yanxi finally fell asleep. Ling Mo Feng reached out and straightened her hair. He kissed her cheek again. Then he hugged her and fell asleep.