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The reason why Li Fang Fang was so confident was because she felt it. Very quickly, Tang You You didn't have the time to think about it anymore.

When they were about to get off work, Xia Zi Yan's lawyer came over and said that Xia Zi Yan was going to sue Tang You You, sue him, ask for a high price for compensation or something similar, the company was in a mess all of a sudden.

"Young Master, I just heard a piece of news. It was Miss Tang, she's in a dispute right now."

"How is she?" Hearing that she had been beaten up, Ji Xiao Han's heart immediately tightened.

"She's at the company. I heard that Xia Zi Yan's lawyer has come to sue her for compensation."

"Go and tell those people over there, if this is indeed Tang You You's fault, then no matter how much the compensation is, it will be worth it. If not, then find a lawyer team to go over and keep him company until the end." Ji Xiao Han coldly mocked, but according to his understanding of that woman, she would definitely not do such a retarded thing. Perhaps, as a newbie, she had been harmed by the unwritten rules of the workplace.

"Don't worry Young Master, I will take care of this matter right now, I guarantee that Miss Tang will not be harmed." Lu Qing felt that Young Master's gaze was going to kill him soon, so he quickly retreated.

At the moment, Tang You You's situation in the office was not too good, but Liu Xi and Lam Tung had come to stop this matter for her.

"Wandering, you should get off work first. We'll take care of this matter." Liu Xi walked over and gently said to her.

"En, then I'll be leaving first. Thank you!" Tang You You wanted to call her godmother, but he was afraid that others would hear the gossip, so he could only express it with his eyes.

Liu Xi gave her a comforting look.

Tang You You took her bag and walked towards the Walk Outside with her head lowered.

After leaving the company lobby, she was suddenly surrounded in the parking lot.

She turned her head and saw Xia Zi Yan.

After Xia Zi Yan led a group of people to surround her, he coldly ridiculed her: "Tang You You, you promised me before that you still failed to do it in the end, but now you have to personally apologize to me. My lawyer is already fighting on top of this, if you kneel down and apologize to me, I might even be a bit merciful, and not need you to compensate me with that much money."

Tang You You had a whole new level of respect for Xia Zi Yan. Indeed, if the matter of the script being leaked was revealed, she would take the main responsibility. But Xia Zi Yan threatening her and humiliating her nonstop, was her attitude also wrong?

Someone has plotted against me, stole my blueprint, and he wants to incite a dispute between us. Xia Xiao Jie, don't worry, we will take responsibility for this, but now, I will be getting off work, please give way. "Su Yun said in a low voice.

Xia Zi Yan never thought that she would actually drive to work. When Tang You You lit up the car key and a 400,000 strong car lit up its lights, Xia Zi Yan was even more shocked.

All along, she had thought that Tang You You was just a poor woman with a basic salary. But now, she could actually drive such an expensive car, which meant that she wasn't that poor.

Tang You You drove the car away, and when she saw Xia Zi Yan's ashen face in the rearview mirror, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

After returning home, Tang You You was a little tired. Everything that happened today was too sudden, and she was caught off guard, so all of it landed on her shoulders.

Her cold eyes, her ridicule, her pressure, as well as the fact that she was cheating in the office, Tang You You did not expect himself to meet her after working for just a few days.

Monsters could only blame themselves for being too innocent. They didn't know how to defend themselves, but who would be so cautious? Everyone in the office worked like that.

If no one wanted to harm anyone else, nothing would happen to them.

"Mummy …" Tang Xiao Nai and Tang Xiao Rui were leading their pony s and slowly walking over from the garden path.

Tang You You immediately dispelled the fatigue on her face and walked over with a smile. "The two of you went to see Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei again? Are they fun? "

"It's very fun, they are very obedient." Tang Xiao Nai really liked Little White. After patting its head, she began to learn how to take care of it.

Tang You You nodded: "Then where are you going?"

"We're taking them for walks!" Tang Xiao Nai replied naively.

Tang You You was startled, then laughed: "Alright, you two can lead them to walk a few rounds. Mummy is a bit tired, so she wants to go upstairs to lie down, and then she'll come down to find you guys for dinner."

"Okay, Mummy, go rest." Tang Xiao Rui immediately urged her on.

Tang You You went back upstairs and took off his jacket. After throwing it on the sofa, she laid on the bed.

My heart is so tired!

She didn't know if it was because she was too tired or not, but as she lay on her stomach, she fell asleep in a daze.

This posture was truly fascinating.

When Ji Xiao Han returned, he did not find any trace of the children. He only found out from the servant that they were playing with the pony.

Moreover, he also knew that Tang You You had returned.

Ji Xiao Han walked up the stairs with heavy steps as he reached out his hands to untie the buttons on his shirt.

After going upstairs, he directly went to open the door to the bedroom where Tang You You and her daughter lived.

Pushing it open to take a look, he saw a sweet and beautiful woman sleeping on the bed, and the expression in her eyes darkened slightly.

He stepped into the room. There was no sound coming from the high-grade carpet.

What did this woman go through today? How could he be so tired?

Ji Xiao Han looked at her delicate body with a somewhat infatuated gaze. She slept very childishly like this.

Right now, the weather was a little cold outside, but she didn't even cover herself with a blanket. Wasn't she afraid of catching a cold?