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C1218 the thrill of this moment

The smell of fireworks made Ling Mo Feng's eyebrows slightly twisted. Where did this woman get so many dishes?

"I've warmed up the dishes. Sit outside and I'll bring them to the table!" LAN Yanxi said, then she took two bowls and came out. Ling Mo Feng took a look. She could not have made it by herself.

"You must be curious. I asked the chef of the blue family to make it for me. Don't worry, it must be delicious!" Seeing that the man's eyes were full of doubt, lanyanxi quickly explained. "

will you bring your meals back from blue house?" Ling Mo Feng is speechless to her. Blue

Yan Xi nodded: "yes!" "

don't take it next time, lest others think I can't support you." Ling Mo Feng's demands are low and overbearing. Blue

Yan Xi stared at him with beautiful eyes: "what are you talking about? You are the vice president. How can you not support me? Besides, I don't want you to support me. I have money, and I want to be my own queen! " Ling

Mo Feng: "..." Look at

it's not a wise move to find a woman who has more money than herself. Being rich is willful. LAN

Yan hoped that he was rebuked by himself, and hurriedly went to comfort him: "well, if you don't like me to do this, I will not do it next time. It's a big deal. I will buy a book and come back to read it myself. In short, as long as I live in your house, I will try to do a good job at home!" "

lanyanxi!" Ling Mo Feng saw her serious nonsense and immediately called for her. "

why?" LAN Yanxi is going to have dinner for two people. He shouts and looks back at him.

Ling Mo Feng approached her with long legs, looked down at her eyes and said: "what I want is not a nanny and a maid. What I want is a woman. You don't have to do housework alone. I can do it. Don't say that again!"

LAN Yanxi's eyes widened. He was flattered and looked at him, smiling from the corner of his eyes to the corner of her mouth: "Ling Mo Feng, this is what you said. Next time Let's divide the housework into two parts. You are in charge of cooking and I am in charge of cleaning and washing, OK? " Ling

Mo Feng didn't expect that this woman would be brilliant when she gave some color, so he began to work. "

OK! That's how it's decided! " Ling doesn't want to argue with a woman. He should always remind himself of the responsibility of a man. LAN

Yan Xi took two bowls of rice to the table and gave him a bowl. She sat down and began to enjoy the delicious food. "

by the way, I checked in today and issued four uniforms. I can go to work tomorrow!" LAN Yanxi said while eating.

"What's your opinion on your current office environment?" Ling Mo Feng also ate slowly. "No, the environment is very good, high-end atmosphere!" LAN Yanxi replied with a smile. Ling

Mo Feng couldn't help but chuckle with his lips: "you are a big blue lady, you are really not a fuss!" "

I didn't have to be careful. Besides, I'm not qualified to be selective now!" Thinking of his situation in the blue house, lanyanxi is like a frustrated ball, frustrated. "

don't worry, your two uncles are afraid to deal with you while your grandfather is still alive!" Ling Mo Feng comforted her.

"So I look forward to Grandpa's longevity every day!" LAN Yanxi laughed at himself.

"Besides your grandfather, don't you have me?" Lingmo Feng didn't want to see the sad expression between her eyebrows, so he said this sentence. However, he was surprised at the first exit.

LAN Yanxi was also stunned and looked up at him: "Ling Mo Feng, Grandpa said you are a very good person, I still don't believe it, it seems that he didn't cheat me, he really found a good man for me!"

"Cough Eat! " Ling Mo Feng, who was given a good man card for the first time, suddenly blushed. He thought he was not bad, but there was no good point to praise. The woman was too naive to believe his grandfather's words.

LAN Yan hopes to see him bow his head, her eyes stare at him: "Why are you blushing? It won't be me. I have a cold, too. " "

no!" Ling Mo Feng just answered two words, and a small hand came to stick on his full and smooth forehead. "

it's a little hot!" LAN Yanxi has a worried expression.

Ling Mo Feng quickly took her uneasy little hand away: "I'm ok, you hurry to eat." Blue

Yan Xi bowed his head and smiled twice: "if it's not a cold, it must be shy."

"Lan Yanxi, didn't your grandfather teach you to eat or sleep?" Ling Mo Feng's mind was promoted by her. Her handsome face sank and she was severely reprimanded.

"I'm kidding. Why are you so serious?" Blue Yan expresses his protest by spitting out his little pink tongue. Ling Mo Feng is really angry with her. It's clear that she is too noisy, but now it's obvious that he is too strict.

After supper, Ling Mo Feng went to his study to deal with affairs because of something. LAN Yanxi lay on the bed idly, looking at the work flow and content. She drew a pen and asked Ling Mo Feng for advice in a moment. After watching

it's over, lanyanxi suddenly thinks of something, and quickly takes apart the professional clothes. Because it's too late to wash, she only washed the other two pieces, leaving two for tomorrow. The inside is a white shirt, a black suit, and the bottom is a tight one-piece skirt. It's made of black silk stockings. Lanyanxi just took it up and tried it on. She also sent a long coat of black windbreaker, which is exquisite in workmanship and slim in waist. Girls wear it, which shows their temperament. Yan Xi is also bored, so she tries on her work clothes in the evening. After wearing them, she sneaks out of the bedroom and heads for the bright study. She knocked on the door of the study with her small hand on her back. Ling murfeng's voice came: "come in!"

LAN Yanxi walked in, Ling Mo Feng raised his eyes, saw her wearing professional clothes, eyes color flashed a trace of astonishment. This set of professional clothes has always shown the slim and elegant temperament of women. Lanyanxi has always been wearing casual clothes. Even if she wears famous brands every day, she has never worn such a professional dress. Her temperament has completely changed.

"How is it? Does it look good? " LAN Yanxi also turned a circle in front of him, and finally asked him expectantly, "is this coat too tight? What I want is a small size!"

"All right!" Mingming is pretty enough to make him lose his mind. Ling Mo Feng's comments are only three words of "avoid strong".

LAN Yanxi put his hands on his desk and said to himself: "I know I'm not suitable for this single color and aging, but I have to wear formal clothes for work, and I can only bear it!" "

No, you look good in this single color. The colors you wear every day cover up your temperament!" Ling Mo Feng reminded her very seriously. "

really?" LAN Yanxi just had a little decadent mood, which was successfully lightened by his words. Her beautiful eyes flashed with a smile and asked happily, "take a picture for me, hurry up, take a picture of your mobile phone, and send it to me later!"

Ling Mo Feng: "..." Is it necessary for a woman to be so narcissistic? "

please, just leave a message. After all, this is my first work clothes!" LAN Yan hopes to see that he does not move, so he goes to beg him with a bitter eyebrow.

Ling Mo Feng took out his mobile phone and prepared to take a picture of her.

"Wait a minute. I'll have my hair cut. I'll sit on the sofa and shoot!" LAN Yanxi quickly cut all her long hair to her back, and then she sat on the sofa gracefully and modestly, looking at Ling Mo Feng with a smile on her lips. Ling

Mo Feng looks at the girl with charming smile on the camera. I don't know if the light here is a little hazy. Her whole person looks like an elf that will emit light. A light halo surrounds her, which is elegant and beautiful. "

OK?" LAN Yanxi didn't show his teeth and his cheeks were stiff. "

well, that's it!" Ling Mo Feng replied in a low voice. "

show me!" LAN Yanxi beat him directly. Ling Mo Feng felt only a faint fragrance and rushed to him like a gust of wind. Then, a pretty pink face was pasted on his shoulder.

"No, it's so fuzzy!" LAN Yanxi took a look, then tooted the corner of his mouth.

Ling Mo Feng's mood at the moment, where still stay in the picture, his breath inexplicably hurried up, a look up, you see the near white face.

Suddenly, I didn't know where the impulse came from. Ling Mo Feng stretched out his long arm and pressed down her head. His thin lips kissed her tiny mouth directly.