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C1978 being a good obedient man

Ji Tingyan took a bath in the bathroom and was rubbing her long hair. Suddenly she heard something moving on the balcony. She was alert for a moment. She reached out and grabbed a stone ornament beside her. She was about to walk to the balcony.

Just walked to the glass window, I saw tieting come in in calm.

When Ji Tingyan saw that it was him, she took a breath of relief, put down the stone ornaments, and stared at him angrily: "why do you turn over the balcony?"

"Scared you?" The man asked with a smile.

"Well, I thought there were bad people." Ji Tingyan was really shocked just now.

Tie Ting came to her and smelled a fragrance. His heart beat faster and his deep eyes fixed the beautiful woman in front of him.

Ji Tingyan's action of wiping her hair slowed down. The hot eyes of the man made her breathe tightly.

"Nai, would you like to be my girlfriend?" Tie Ting asked her boldly.

Ji Tingyan didn't expect him to be so direct. She was shocked for a moment, then she chuckled, "what do you do if I say no?"

"Now." Tie Ting's tall body suddenly bullies her. Ji Tingyan quickly retreats two steps back and is knocked by his wall. She is ashamed and annoyed. What does this man want?

Tie Ting looked down at her, saw her biting her lower lip, a pair of angry look, he laughed.

"If you dare to deal with me now, we will have nothing to do with it." Ji Tingyan is not afraid of him, but she pushes him away.

"I'm sorry, but I have to admit that I have a good time with you." Tie Ting hurriedly controls his jumping heart and confesses.

"How long have we been here? You're not afraid I'm a bad guy? A plan for you? " Ji Tingyan smiled angrily. Sometimes it's hard to guess this man, and sometimes it's frankly impossible to look at him directly. Are all men brave and invincible when they meet women they like?

"I'm confident in my vision. You're not bad. You're good." The man smiles and praises her.

Ji Tingyan is in a strange mood because his words have become better. Sitting on the sofa, she continues to wipe her hair and says lightly, "that's not necessarily true. Women are good at disguise, don't you know?"

"Don't talk. I know you're not that kind of person. I just want to ask you what do you think of me?" Tie Ting, who has always been mature and confident, lost her confidence in front of Ji Tingyan. He always felt that Ji Tingyan was a woman he couldn't grasp. Sometimes she was as clear as a spring, sometimes like a mist. Her mood belonged to her and didn't move for anyone.

Ji Tingyan looked at him from top to bottom and nodded: "you are very good."

"That's it?" Tie Ting didn't like the answer.

"It's my type." Ji Tingyan smiles.

"Would you like to associate with me?" Tie Ting's eyes are real.

"Isn't it just intercourse now? Otherwise, just in the pool, why did you kiss me? " Ji Tingyan looks at him strangely.

The man knew later, then hooked his lips and smiled.

"Shall I tell my grandma? She'll be happy, too." "Tie Ting suddenly said.

"Let's not talk about it. It's better to wait for our feelings to go further." Ji Tingyan is not confident either. She can go to the end with tie Ting, because it takes time for two strangers to understand each other deeply and accept each other's character, rather than just saying like.

"Well, listen to you." Tie Ting nodded.

Listen to you, let Ji Tingyan want to laugh inexplicably. She suddenly thought that when she was a child, her father listened to her mother's words very much. At that time, she thought naively that she would find a boyfriend who would listen to her own words in the future.

"Is Miss Lu OK?" Ji Tingyan suddenly thought of it and asked.

"It's OK. It may be sad for a while, but it will pass." Tie Ting shakes his head helplessly.

"Li Jingwen likes you, do you know?" Ji Tingyan suddenly asked again.

Tie Ting Jun Mou a startle: "she likes me?"

"Don't you know?" Ji Tingyan picks her eyebrows and squints at him for fear that he will lie and cheat.

Tie Ting felt questioned, and immediately sank his expression: "I really don't know, she told you?"

"She said she had been in love with you for three years, and wanted to see you all the time. If she didn't tell me, I didn't know. But since she said it, I want to ask you, do you like her?" Ji Tingyan asked directly.

"I don't remember her at all. If she doesn't bring it up, I always thought she was just your bodyguard." Tie Ting frowned to express grievance.

"I can see. I may have thought more about it, but she really likes you. Because of this, I dismissed her." Ji Tingyan nodded, believing that tie Ting didn't cheat herself.

"I'll tell you whether you like it or not. You don't have to worry about me, but I have to ask you, you really don't like other people?" Tie Ting squints her eyes and asks her bitterly.

"Why? You want to find out about me? " Ji Tingyan shakes for no reason. The man's eyes are fixed on her. She feels hot.

"I just don't believe that you have such good conditions, and there will be no one you like." Tie Ting is still not confident.

Ji Tingyan felt that he was making trouble for no reason, so she had to throw a towel on him: "who says that if the conditions are good, you must like people? However, since you asked me, I have to tell you that there are really a group of very good heterosexuals around me. Don't be jealous. "

Tie ting a listen, breathing blocked, heavy heart.

"Since there are so many excellent men around you, why do you come all the way to me?" Tie Ting gave a light snort, feeling very hit.

"Maybe I took a look at you in a foreign supermarket. I can't forget you." Ji Tingyan goes to him, carrying her hands on her back and teasing him mischievously.

At that time, he also looked at her more.

"But you didn't seem to like me then." Tie Ting is more hurt.

"I'm a woman, don't I have face? Besides, women are naturally fickle. You don't know. Maybe I like you a little more when I'm in a good mood today. If I'm in a bad mood tomorrow, I may hate you. " For the first time, Ji Tingyan confessed her shortcomings in front of her family. Maybe she knew that she would not let go.

"So I have to make you happy every day?" Seeing that she was like a proud peacock, tie Ting opened a screen in front of him to ask for attention. He didn't laugh very much.

"Of course, if you dare to annoy me, you will wait and see." Ji Tingyan snorts.

Tie Ting fiercely dragged her into her arms, smelled the fragrance in her hair, and tightened her arms: "I know there is a way of movement that can make you happy."

Ji Tingyan feels the danger of men. Her brain is empty and she struggles for a moment: "I don't want to exercise now. You let go."

When the man saw her face, he let go. "Well, it's too late. Have a good dream. I'll go first."

Ji Tingyan sees the man finish saying to leave from the balcony, her breath is also disorderly.