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When Ji Xiaohan came down from Ji Laozi's room, he saw Ji Yueze coming in. He came alone without Bai Yiyan. When he came in, his face was a little tense.

"And Xiaoyan? Why are you here alone? Not with her? " The old lady asked him first.

Ji Yueze didn't show his face and said quietly: "she has something to do, she can't come, next time!"

"Mom!" Ji Yueze sees LAN Yue beside him, and Jun's face is slightly shocked for two seconds. Then, he shouts a little stiffly.

LAN Yue's happiness was written directly on her face, and she responded gently.

The old lady sighed, but she was also gratified: "well, harmony is like a home, and we will not share it again in the future!"

LAN Yue looked at her gratefully and said, "thank you for your help!"

"What else are you doing? You have been wronged, alas!" The old lady thought of it and shook her head.

Ji Xiaohan just went down to the middle of the stairs. When he heard grandma's words, his eyebrows were set.

Just upstairs, what grandpa said to him was enough to prove that Grandpa knew that there was a woman outside dad. What about grandma? Did she know that before?

Ji Xiaohan's brain was a little confused. When his mother left Ji's house, he thought carefully that only grandma angrily stopped him, but grandpa sat in the living room with a calm face. He didn't say a word to keep him. He even advised grandma to let her go. Don't stop him. She scolded her.

Ji Xiaohan finally knows why grandpa didn't stop his mother from leaving, because he is the only one who knows the truth.

All these years, he has been carrying these secrets, and the pressure must be great.

Ji Xiaohan went downstairs, and Ji Yueze said hello to him. Then he asked with a smile, "what about the two cute little guys? Why didn't you see them? "

"Take a bath upstairs!" LAN Yue said with a smile.

As he said, Ji xiaonai, who had already taken a bath, dragged a pair of lovely little white rabbit slippers. His long hair was not tied up, but his little man had a waist long black hair and a little pink clothes. He came down from the downstairs with a jump.

It's lovely and charming, just like the elf. Beauty has become the little girls in the second dimension.

Because Ji xiaonai is humming a happy tune, all the people standing downstairs look up and laugh at her lovely little appearance.

Ji xiaonai stood at the stairs, blinking his big black eyes. Seeing Ji Yueze, he said, "uncle is coming!"

Ji Yueze looked at the little man and couldn't help praising him: "it's not decent to be beautiful at a young age. When I grow up, I'm pretty good. Brother, you and sister-in-law have powerful genes."

Ji Xiaohan heard his brother's unreserved praise, his thin lips slightly raised, and he was very happy.

"Xiaonai, come here and let my uncle see you!" Ji Yueze hooked his fingers at the kid.

Ji xiaonai stood in front of him on his slippers, raised his head, smiled and held out his chubby little tender hand: "uncle, you said, as long as you come to see me, you will bring me a gift!"

Ji Yueze's face suddenly froze. Later, he felt his body back and forth, only to find that there was only a car key in his hand and a wallet in his arms.

"Well, here's the key. My sports car is your present today!" Ji Yueze said with a serious face.

Ji xiaonai's face was cute and she shook her head: "I don't like cars. My brother likes them. I only like cute dolls!"

Ji Yueze found that he did not have the talent to coax children, handsome face down, immediately to everyone on the scene for help.

Unfortunately, it seems that everyone here doesn't want to help him.

Jiyueze Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Just at this time, Ji Xiaorui, who was wearing a blue suit, came down again. He didn't walk as loudly as Ji xiaonai. At a young age, he had the elegant temperament of a gentleman and walked slowly.

"Xiaorui!" Ji Yueze immediately shouted at him.

Ji Xiaorui was stunned. Then he came down and smiled: "uncle, are you ready to play racing games with me?"

As the loser of this little player, Ji Yueze choked again.

"Well, I'm here for dinner. I'll talk about racing next time, OK? Xiao Nai, my uncle will come next time and buy you two presents, OK? "

The two little guys nodded at once, not to embarrass him any more, and Ji Yueze was relieved.

Ji Xiaohan came to him and whispered, "follow me upstairs to see Grandpa."

"Oh"! Ji Yueze nodded and followed him upstairs with a stiff step.

"Grandpa won't scold me any more!" Ji Yueze asked as he walked.

"You remember that!" Ji Xiaohan expresses helplessness to him.

"He cursed me out of the shadows, can I not be afraid?" Ji Yueze thought of a phone call before, and his grandfather scolded him. He was really afraid of him.

"I won't scold you, you have grown up!" As a brother, Ji Xiaohan said softly.

Ji Yueze looks at him in surprise: "brother, how do I feel that your tone is not right today? What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Grandpa told me something. We'll talk in private later!"

Two people chatting, has arrived at the old man's door.

"Grandpa, the more Ze comes!" Ji Xiaohan said outside the door.

Ji Yueze's whole body is bristling. He is afraid that if he goes in, he will throw a pillow or an ashtray.

"Let him in!" The old man's tone was really moderate.

When the door opened, Ji Yueze walked in with a dry smile: "Grandpa, you've lost a lot of weight recently. Isn't the food at home not tasty?"

The old man stared at him and ignored his boring inquiry.

Ji Yueze is a little uneasy to see, a pair of handsome eyes, scraping to the big brother next to him.

"You talk to Grandpa, I suddenly think of a phone call!" Season owl cold suddenly opens.

"Ah, brother!" Ji Yueze didn't expect his elder brother to leave him here alone. He frowned with regret.

Ji Xiaohan ignores his helpless expression and closes the door directly.

Ji Yueze is angry. What's his brother playing? He knows that he and grandpa don't agree. Once they get together, they will quarrel.

"Xiaoze, I'm 25 years old this year." The old man asked.

Ji Yueze taut expression, nodded: "yes!"

"How are you with your little girlfriend?" The old man asked casually.

"Cough Fortunately, she is obedient! " Ji Yueze has a sense of superiority.

The old man frowned and said gently, "I'm not young, but I'm still like a child. My girlfriend is obedient. Do you feel proud?"

Ji Yueze's face froze as if he had been slapped. "Learn from your elder brother's behavior. A woman is not a pet. Don't try to control her. Know and care more about others!" The old man said with full experience.