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C1924: fear will be inherited

Xia Xinnian is so careful about her feelings, because she has no sense of security, is afraid of being cheated, and doesn't want to be hurt. She always wants to face everything firmly, but the feelings make people feel soft and soft, and she needs to sink in little by little.

Jimucheng likes her and knows her better, so he slows down his pursuit of her. He doesn't want to let his hot emotions burn her heart.

After dinner, the two decided to go downstairs for a walk. The bodyguard was not far away from them. At night, a corridor was connected with bright lights.

Two people walking among them, attracted many people's sidelights, the combination of handsome men and beautiful women, is always particularly eye-catching, young men and women all cast envious eyes.

The breeze is cool, the night scene is charming, and the heart of Xia Xinnian seems to be relaxed a lot.

She found a small place to sit down and quietly enjoy the night scene. The man stood behind her and looked at her.

"Cold?" Jimucheng found that she was wearing a little thin, and here is a tuyere, he asked her in a low voice.

Xia Xinnian nodded, "a little, but I want to sit here a little longer."

Not every time I can see such beautiful scenery, Xia Xinnian is greedy.

Jimucheng didn't wear a coat, just a long sleeved shirt. Now he couldn't help being a gentleman. He had to go to her side, sit down and put his hand in her arms.

Xia Xinnian chuckled, and then he lay down on him.

In the breeze, there is a sweet smell. Ji Mucheng looks down and finds that the faint fragrance comes from her body. The bottom of her heart seems to be scratched by someone with a brush. It can't itch.

So he attached himself and kissed her on the forehead.

Xia Xinnian is stunned and looks up. The man feels that she has come to the door on her own initiative, and her thin lips are deeply in love. She is attached with her lips.

Xia Xinnian shuddered slightly, instinctively reaching for his lapel.

Men's lips, hot and domineering, let Xia Xinnian chest ups and downs, breathing fast.

When both of them were immersed in something, suddenly, there were some childish voices coming from a path beside them. The two suddenly woke up and the man reached her ear and laughed.

Xia Xinnian's pretty face is also blushing with shame. This feeling is too tantalizing. She just indulged in it.

"Go back. The view on the balcony is also good." The man reached for her hand and took her back.

Xia Xinnian's mind is in a state of confusion. Where can he still conceive the design plan quietly? The whole person is hot.

Back at the hotel, Xia Xinnian pinches her skirt nervously with both hands. I wonder if she can refuse him again tonight.

At this stage, Xia Xinnian's reason is not so firm. She also knows that sincerity is the most important factor in the relationship between men and women. She refuses this man again and again, and he will be very sad.

Jimucheng poured her a cup of hot water. Seeing her standing beside the sofa, he couldn't help chuckling: "what's the matter? Lost your soul? "

Xia Xinnian looked up at him, took the cup he handed him, and took a drink: "jimucheng, we tonight How to sleep? "

Ji Mucheng's eyes are deep, and her eyes turn to evil.

"How do you want to sleep?" The man put the subject back to her.

Xia Xinnian is stunned, and the pretty face is even redder. He bites his lower lip and shakes his head: "I don't know."

Jimucheng's sharp eyes saw through her dodging eyes, and he suddenly guessed what she thought.

"Mind, would you like to have a further relationship with me?" He asked her with a smile.

Xia Xinnian was very shy at first. When he asked her like this, she didn't know how to answer.

Love itself is a matter of meaning, which does not need words. Many things, to a certain extent, will take place naturally. If it is said too clearly, it is even more speechless. "Don't worry. We're going to be engaged soon. Let's take it." The man suddenly had a profound expression, came over, patted her on the shoulder and comforted her.

"Jimucheng, you What do you say? Who's in a hurry? " Xia Xinnian is rarely shy like a little woman, but she is misunderstood by men. How can she not be angry.

When the man saw the success of teasing her, he laughed heartily. Xia Xinnian's face was red, and he said angrily, "believe it or not, I can bear it forever."

After hearing her cruel words, jimucheng was stunned by her handsome eyes. Then he found out that he had made too much fun of it. He quickly apologized to jimucheng: "mind you, I was wrong just now. I shouldn't have made fun of you. Don't be angry, OK?"

"When I was three years old? Just coax it out? " Xia Xinnian's blood is surging now, so he doesn't want to forgive him easily.

"In my opinion, you are more lovely than children. If you feel that you can't coax me, how do you want me to apologize?" Jimucheng is in a panic at the moment.

Xia Xinnian chuckled, and the clear bottom of her eyes flashed a black belly: "I remember you promised me before. If you were moved by me, you would take off your clothes and run around. Do you still count?"

Jimucheng Jun's face is pale. Did he really say such funny words?

"Xinnian, I'm in such a good figure. How can you share it with others?" The man couldn't help pleading.

Xia Xinnian bit his teeth and said, "I will."

"You..." Jimucheng's face is speechless. He cherishes her so much. Even if other men look at her more, his heart will be upset. In her heart, is he so worthless?

Xia Xinnian saw that his handsome face was swollen and red, so he accepted the joking tone: "well, I will marry you in the future. If you lose your face, I will lose my face."

Jimucheng can't help but smile: "so, you just love your face, not me?"

Xia Xinnian turned his mouth and said: "marriage emphasizes equality. I can't follow you everywhere because you are the eldest son of Ji family."

Jimucheng nodded and agreed with her: "you are right. In marriage, two people are equal."

"But I've heard that after marriage, women should learn to be patient. Men and women are not equal after all." Xia Xinnian sighs. She doesn't know how proud she is and how long she can endure it. So she always feels that she wants to be lonely and grow old.

"we can learn from my parents' views on marriage." everyone is aware of my father has the final say, but in fact, when outsiders do not see it, my father makes my mother decide. Jimucheng chuckles out the facts.

"Ah? How could that be? " Xia Xinnian was very surprised: "I think your mother is gentle, and she doesn't look like a strong person."

"You don't think my mother is usually gentle and talkative. He didn't argue with my father about the status of the family before. Of course, my father didn't argue with her once." Jimucheng said with a little pride.

"Why?" Xia Xinnian is more curious.

"Because my father is inside the house. He loves my mother very much. He is afraid that when my mother turns around, she will ignore him for life." Jimucheng said here, handsome face a stiff, why do they also have this kind of psychology?