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C1957 being together

Early in the morning, the sun shines, although it is early winter, but because of the warmth of the sun, the city is bustling and full of people.

Today is the great day for the young master of Ji's family. There are lots of luxury cars on the road to the hotel. Guests and friends from all over the world come together to send their blessings.

Ji Xiaohan and Ji Mucheng are greeting at the door. Tang youyou and her sister-in-law Bai Yiyan are organizing a banquet behind the scenes.

Xia Xinnian is in the dressing room of the hotel. At the moment, Ji Tingyan and her two sisters are with her, and her son Xia Yuchen is with her all the time. The little guy looks at the transformed bride's Mommy. Her eyes are shining. Mommy is so beautiful today.

Xia Xinnian did not invite relatives and friends of Xia family, because she had already broken off the relationship with Xia family. She only invited some relatives of her mother's family and colleagues of the company.

Ji's family friends are basically busy coming to the banquet, full of friends, a grand occasion.

Xia Xinnian, as a bride, is still very nervous. As a woman, she puts on the most beautiful wedding dress, which is a symbol of happiness. After finishing her makeup, she stands in front of the window and looks out. Outside the window, the traffic is flowing, and her mood is even more flustered.

Maybe in the eyes of outsiders, she has everything, but she is very afraid, afraid that she can't catch the love that God gave her.

"Mommy, the little aunt said she would take a picture for us." The little guy suddenly ran over, took her hand and said happily.

Xia Xinnian had to take his little hand and sit down on the sofa. Ji Siyi didn't know where to get a SLR camera. Like a professional photographer, she put on a professional action to leave the most beautiful memories for her mother and her son.

Ji Tingyan looks at her beautiful sister-in-law. She can't help but fantasizing. If she puts on her wedding dress, will she be as beautiful as her sister-in-law?

But her boyfriend hasn't been found yet. Who can she show her wedding dress to?

When the auspicious time came, Xia Xinnian took his son's hand and went downstairs. Because her parents were not alive, she could only take his hand and walk through the red carpet to the man's side this time.

When Xia Xinnian stood at the door for a moment, her brain had a moment of trance, full of guests, let her nervous heart, but also jump up fast.

She did not expect that so many guests would come. She did not dare to look carefully. She could only lock her eyes on the other end of the red carpet.

She saw that Jimu was wearing a black suit, and the bow tie was a bow tie, which looked elegant and gentlemanly.

"Mommy, should we go?" Xia Yuchen is young and courageous. Although many people around him look at him, he is naturally not stage fright, which makes him very calm.

Xia Xinnian took a deep breath and raised her feet. At this moment, the piano and violin playing tunes that came from nowhere followed her footsteps, sounded leisurely, and all around became quiet.

Everyone's eyes fell on the slowly coming bride on the rostrum. Although the bride was wearing a headdress, it was still difficult to cover her delicate figure. The most striking thing was the little boy she was holding.

The little guy looks like he's only four or five years old. He's wearing a black suit, his short hair is wiped back, showing a full forehead, a pair of angel like pure eyes, with delicate and lovely features. It's the way he looks when he's sipping the corners of his mouth. It's really like his father and his parents. He's a young man with extraordinary bearing.

Xiao Yu Chen as like as two peas in the same day, he wore a small suit, black bow, and even a hairstyle. He was made the same as his father by his little aunt. This is to prove that they are born and have a good relationship with their father.

Through the long platform, Xia Xinnian held his breath and came to Jimu city. Jimu City locked her eyes affectionately. The little guy beside was immediately carried away by grandpa and sat on the chair.

The little guy sat on Grandpa's body and looked around his face. Suddenly, he saw many beautiful brothers and sisters. He looked at him with a smile. He couldn't help shaking.

The front tables are all the most important guests of Ji's family. Apart from the elders, there are many younger generation. However, compared with Ji Mucheng, these younger generation are several years younger. At this time, they are still in their early twenties. Each of them looks very beautiful and amazing.

After Ji Mucheng made a speech, she exchanged wedding rings with Xia Xinnian. When she lifted her veil, Ji Mucheng forced her idea of kissing her and only gave her a kiss on her forehead.

There was warm applause, and Xia Xinnian's face was full of shame and her eyes were red. However, when she thought that she was the bride today, she couldn't spend her face, she could only resist crying.

After Xia Xinnian changed a set of toasting service, he went with Ji Mucheng to toast to the guests. Ji Mucheng also introduced her to all the relatives and friends.

A wedding ceremony ended at 3 o'clock in the morning. Ji Mucheng and Xia Xinnian were very tired. Because they were Ji Mucheng, he was drunk and was sent back to his new house. Xia Xinnian also came back together. The wedding ceremony ended at the end of the promotion and was handed over to Ji's family.

Xia Xinnian looks at jimucheng, who is hard to believe, lying in bed. He is his husband.

She went to the bathroom and took a hot towel. She bent down and gently wiped two hands for the man. Then she saw his handsome face was red. She washed the towel again and wiped his face. Suddenly

Jimucheng wakes up, grabs her hand and yanks her. Xia Xinnian throws himself into his arms unprepared. His eyes are opposite, and his feelings are open.

"I finally married you." Jimucheng looks up from the corner of his mouth.

Xia Xinnian also chuckled: "yes, finally married you."

Jimucheng stretched out his hands and hugged her tightly: "it seems that there is a premeditation to marry me in your tone."

Xia Xinnian shakes all over and breaks away from him gently, but the man refuses to let her turn over and hold her down.

Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyes are shaking, sweeping back and forth on the man's face.

"Xinnian, we will be together and live a good life in the future." Jimucheng doesn't want to scare her anymore, because this woman doesn't have much sense of security. He wants to give her the most secure life.

"Good!" Xia Xinnian nodded and agreed with him.

The man's hand began to be unruly: "today is our wedding day."

Xia Xinnian understood what he meant and said with shame: "it's still afternoon, it's not dark."

"Who said it must be dark?" Jimucheng is attached to him, his voice is smiling.

Xia Xinnian can only treat each other tenderly. She is his legal wife now.

The wedding ceremony of Ji's family has come to an end. What we are more looking forward to is where does the eldest miss of Ji's family feel?