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C1624. She's in charge

At this time, Cheng Yuan didn't know what kind of decision to make. She saw that she was at the crossroads. She wanted to ask Chu lie about her decision. It was too late. There were vehicles in the back coming quickly.

"Turn around." Cheng Yuan knows that it's of great significance to LAN Yanxi tonight. It's also of great significance for the president to introduce his beloved woman to you on a formal occasion for the first time.

Cheng Yuan looks at the girl beside her who is asleep. She doesn't want to wake her up. She can only let the driver get around the road.

The driver hit the steering wheel fiercely, and finally rushed over. Sure enough, there are few vehicles on this road, but the road condition is not so good. It's very bumpy.

Cheng Yuan's eyes were fixed on the front and back, and the driver's eldest brother was also concentrated and did not dare to relax for a moment.

At this time, Cheng Yuan's mobile phone rings, and she answers quickly.

"Cheng Yuan, where are you and miss LAN? It's about an hour before the banquet starts. Can you come here on time?" Chu lie's voice line came gently and asked her.

"We've got a traffic jam here. I've made a detour now. If there's no accident, I should be able to make it." Cheng Yuan replied quickly.

"A detour? You must be careful, sir. I'm talking to some foreign guests. I'll go over and talk to him later. " Chu lie couldn't help worrying about them.

"Don't worry, I'll be safe." Cheng Yuan finished and hung up.

The driver stepped on the accelerator and drove on. Suddenly, he said to Cheng Yuan, "follow a silver car. You stare at it. It seems that he has been following us."

Cheng Yuan immediately looked back and saw a silver car running after her.

"You speed up, don't let him near." As soon as Cheng Yuan's face froze, she calmly reminded the driver. The driver's big brother accelerated immediately, and the white car behind accelerated.

Cheng Yuan took a nearby telescope and looked carefully at the driver's seat of the car behind her: "it seems that the other side is wearing a mask and hat, which is a hidden danger."

The driver immediately speeded up and found an opportunity to overtake two cars in a row, leaving the silver car far behind.

Cheng Yuan has been staring at the movement of the car, but until they get on a road, the car has not followed, she and the driver at the same time a sigh of relief.

"Maybe we are too suspicious." Cheng Yuan laughed at herself.

"But miss LAN is in the car, and we should be suspicious."

"Yes, we must guarantee the safety of Yan Xi."

LAN Yanxi sleeps in a dark world, almost drooling, because she had a very vivid dream in a short time. In the dream, Ling Mo Feng held her hand. She was wearing a white wedding dress. Under the light, she could feel Ling Mo Feng's gentle gaze.

"Yan Xi, wake up, we are almost here." Just when she reached her toes and wanted to kiss the man's thin lips, someone was shaking her. She woke up from her dream and opened her eyes. Cheng Yuan's smiling face was close at hand.

"Ah!" LAN Yanxi was startled. Subconsciously, he reached for the corner of his mouth and wiped it. Fortunately, he didn't drool.

"Have a dream? Look at your blush. " Cheng Yuan felt very happy when she looked at her like this.

LAN Yanxi's pretty face was blushing, and he hung his head embarrassed: "in my dream, Ling Mo Feng married me."

"Wow, that was a dream, and then?" Cheng Yuan couldn't help asking curiously.

"Then you woke me up. I haven't even kissed him." LAN Yanxi looks lost. Cheng Yuan was shocked and apologized: "I'm so sorry. I should give you a few more minutes to make up for the wedding night."

"That is, I may even think of the name of the child." LAN Yanxi blinks mischievously.

Cheng Yuan can't help crying and laughing. LAN Yanxi is so naive that no one can reach him. Mr. President is so discerning. He even picked such an interesting baby. He must have no worries about his future life.

When LAN Yanxi's car arrived, she found a row of black expensive cars parked beside her. She couldn't help looking at them curiously, and saw that Ji Xiaohan was bending down to lead a very beautiful woman out of the car.

"It's jijiadaxiaonana." LAN Yanxi recognized Tang youyou at a glance.

At that time, when she was abroad, she ran to find her help with a face of counselling. She was still sharp in her eyes.

At that time, Tang youyou was elegant and intellectual, with beautiful temperament and deep memory of LAN Yanxi.

"Hello, Mrs. Ji. Long time no see." Lanyanxi was still full of kindness to this noble man. She immediately took the initiative to go over and say hello.

Tang youyou heard someone calling her. She could not help but stop and look back. She saw blue Yanxi, white as jade. She recognized her immediately.

"It turned out to be Miss blue. Yes, I haven't seen you for a while." Tang youyou came to her with a smile.

Ji Xiaohan's hands are empty, and he is abandoned by his wife.

Tang youyou didn't find that she had let go of her husband's hand. She came over with some complicated evening dress.

LAN Yanxi smiled a little embarrassed: "I've always wanted to thank you face to face, but for various reasons, I didn't see it. Today I saw you, I still want to say thank you."

"It's just a matter of hands. You're too polite. Today is your home stadium. Can't you hurry in and welcome Mr. President?" Don youyou asked her with a smile.

"Oh, by the way, I have to see him first. Then I'll go first and talk later." LAN Yanxi's brain just exploded and found that he had forgotten to go to Ling Mo Feng.

Next to her, Cheng Yuan was amused by her appearance, and hurriedly followed her to the inside.

Tang youyou looks at LAN Yanxi's high spirited appearance. He can't help feeling that the woman in love is really beautiful.

"Youyou, my position in your mind is becoming more and more crowded?" Season owl cold can't help but walk to her side and ask her.

Tang youyou was asked by him inexplicably. Mei Mou was stunned and blinked: "why do you ask like this?"

"Because it seems easy for you to ignore me, but I always pay attention to you, which is unfair." It's unreasonable for men to be jealous.

"I didn't ignore you. Aren't you here all the time?" Tang youYou can't cry or laugh. However, Ji Xiaohan is a character she knows very well. It's also a characteristic she loves deeply. He looks jealous, handsome and makes people want to bully him.

"Then if one day I am not standing by your side, will you feel lost?" Season owl cold brow gently pick, deliberately asked.

Tang youyou is silly for a while, and then Dudu lips: "when will you be away from me? Then you have to say hello to me in advance, otherwise, I will be really lost. "

"No, I will always be by your side. Let's go." Season owl cold saw to frighten her, the heart a quiver, immediately reached out to embrace her waist posture.

Tang youyou subconsciously leaned in his arms. She didn't really think about it. It seems that she never thought that Ji Xiaohan would be away from her one day.

"I'm kidding you. You seem nervous." The man found his wife's body a little tense, immediately attached to her ear, a low laugh.

Tang youyou immediately stared at him and said, "don't make such a joke with me, or I won't have a baby with you."

"You're a real menace. Well, I'm afraid of you." Ji Xiaohan finds out that his weakness was killed by the woman in his arms. He is defeated at once. He thinks that he is wise all his life, but finally he is defeated by a woman.

"Don't be afraid of me, otherwise someone will say that you are very strict with your wife, and you will come to me for grievance." Tang youyou immediately joked about him.

"I'm very happy that you're willing to take care of me. I'm afraid you don't care about me." Ji Xiaohan has a strong desire to survive. What he said will never let Tang youyou find a chance to be angry with him.

"You're a real talker. I'll reward you for eating meat tonight." Tang youyou follows this man, but he is also a bit bad.

"That's what you said. I'll choose the place." The man is happy all of a sudden, moreover, the inch advance.

"No, I don't want you to pick a place. I want you to pick a time." Tang youyou deliberately embarrasses him.

"Then Now? " A man's thin lips conjure up an evil smile.

Tang youyou immediately pushed him away: "the beauty of thinking."