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Lu xuanchen stood at the door of the elevator with his head down and his pocket in his pocket. Around him, there were many residents' aunts who had just come back from walking. They were talking about their family's affairs. Suddenly, he saw such a young and tall man beside him. All eyes were fixed on him. Because

this is a relatively old community with a high occupancy rate. At this time, there are more people and familiar households. Naturally, Lu xuanchen, a noble young man who suddenly appears, is the object of study.

"Whose young man is this? He has a good figure and white skin!" "

I don't know. What kind of mask do you wear when you are young? Is it caused by over capacity? I've heard that people who have had a facelift wear a mask to cover their wounds. "

Lu xuanchen very helpless turned a white eye, why to wear a mask must have something to do with plastic surgery?

"Young man, which floor is it? I haven't seen you before! " An enthusiastic aunt came to ask. "

Oh, I'm here to find friends!" Lu xuanchen immediately became nervous. The most difficult thing to deal with was warm-hearted aunt. Talk with them. All the 18 generations of ancestors can dig it out.

When the elevator came, a group of people rushed in. Although Lu xuanchen grabbed the first one, he was still squeezed in a corner. It was difficult to turn around. "

wow, my milk..." The little baby in the arms of the two big mothers nearby suddenly competed. They were robbing a bottle of opened milk. The whole bottle of milk was suddenly poured to the side. Most of the bottles were directly poured into Lu xuanchen's chest.

"Ah..." Lu xuanchen's whole body was lost, just wanted to refute a few words, and heard the earth shaking cries of two little dolls, including the voice of two aunts apologizing to him.

Next to her, a woman quickly takes out a paper towel to clean the milk on Lu xuanchen's clothes. Lu

xuanchen was afraid of them, so she waved her hand and refused: "forget it!" Although he said it was over, he couldn't help but look down at his black shirt stained with white milk. Moreover, many of them fell into his trousers and were spreading down, which was unbearable.

Finally, when the elevator arrived, Jun's face under Lu xuanchen's mask was twisted. When

he stood in front of Mao Rongrong with such a embarrassed appearance, Mao Rongrong also looked at him in surprise. "

How do you do this?" Mao Rongrong even if again serious, also can't help laughing at the moment.

"Give me my cell phone back!" Lu xuanchen said, biting his teeth. "

Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't I call your agent just now? I left my cell phone in the car! " Mao Rongrong immediately explained.

"What?" Lu xuanchen is about to explode in situ. When he runs upstairs, the woman tells him that his mobile phone has landed in the car. That is to say, he just suffered the crime in vain.

"I'm also busy with my work. I forgot for a while. Wait five minutes for me. I've finished their notes. I'll help you get them downstairs!" Mao Rongrong is still working at the moment. Of course, he can't leave. He can only be wronged to wait beside him. "

lawyer Mao, you must help my son make the decision. If the lawsuit fails, he will be arrested and imprisoned. We orphans and widows are white. How can I live without him?" An old lady ran out and cried her eyes red. When she came to see Mao Rongrong, she was about to kneel down. Fortunately, Mao Rongrong reached out and pulled her up. "Don't worry, Aunt Li. Since I've accepted your case, I'll be responsible for the end. I have a general understanding of your son's situation. I'll sort out the materials and prepare for the court tomorrow." "

then I'll give you up. You're such a good man. You've saved half of our lawyer's fees and helped my son to pay a full visit. If you save my son, you'll be a great benefactor!" The old lady said with a sad and despairing look, which was very pitiful.

"Don't worry, I'll try my best to help you win the case when I take my case." Said Mao Rongrong with a heavy face. The old lady turned back and brought out a bag of fruit: "lawyer Mao, this is my little care. Take it back to eat." "

No, no, my friend came to me. I have something to do. Let's go first. We'll contact again tomorrow!" Mao Rongrong said, directly grabbed Lu xuanchen's hand and walked quickly to the elevator.

"Take it, this is your boyfriend, isn't it, young man, you take it for lawyer Mao!" The old lady put the fruit directly into Lu xuanchen's hand.

Lu xuanchen didn't reflect for a moment. Instinctively, he took the bag of fruit, and was dragged by Mao Rongrong. He really carried the bag of fruit and ran into the elevator with Mao Rongrong.

"Who asked you to take it!" Mao Rongrong looked at the fruit he was holding tightly in his big palm and blamed him with a sigh.

"She shoved me I caught it instinctively. I didn't mean to take me. I'll go back now! " Lu xuanchen is like a child who did something wrong at the moment, with a nervous explanation on his face. "

forget about it. Don't take it back. People will definitely not take it back!" Mao Rongrong directly took the fruit to his hand and looked down at the floor with a heavy expression.

Lu xuanchen just wanted to say a few words to her, because she suffered the crime of that bottle of milk for nothing, but he suddenly couldn't scold her. They stood in the elevator quietly until the elevator went down to the first floor. "

I didn't expect that lawyer Mao would take such a case." Lu xuanchen searched her information and knew that she was a well-known female lawyer. At first, she thought that famous lawyers like her would deal with big cases and rich ones. Unexpectedly, she would come to such poor households to deal with cases. It's really curious.

Mao Rongrong ignored his sarcasm and went straight to her car, which is not a luxury car, but a normal courtesy car. This surprised Lu xuanchen. She should make a lot of money if she runs a law firm with others. How can she drive such a car with more than 100000 yuan? Mao

Rong Rong seems to be thinking about her work. After opening the car door, he stooped down and fumbled in the car, then returned the mobile phone to Lu xuanchen: "take it!" Lu

xuanchen takes over the mobile phone and looks at it. There are several call reminders on the screen. "

didn't you see my mobile content?" Lu xuanchen suddenly asked her.

Mao Rongrong sat in the driver's seat and leaned back. He said lightly, "I'm not so gossipy. Don't worry. I'm not interested in your entertainment business!" Lu

xuanchen is shocked. Why do women of the same age behave differently from women in their twenties?

"Thank you!" Lu xuanchen said thanks to her. Seeing her, she didn't look at herself, touched her nose, and turned away.