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C1535 to see through tricks

Chu lie personally sent a dish of washed fruit and a large bag of snacks. LAN Yanxi was grateful again and again. Her beautiful eyes had brightened up, and there were delicious ones. For her, it seemed to be easier to spend the anxious waiting time.

Mei elder sister knew that the blue fiber plan failed the next night. Blue fiber cried and called her, not only didn't get Mei elder sister's comfort, but also was scolded by her. This made blue fiber angry. She did her best. Why did Mei elder sister scold her?

"Sister Mei, my grandfather is going to marry me. If this is the end of me, I will admit my life, but hurt my people and the people I hate, I will all remember in my mind. Don't worry about my affairs. To be honest, if you don't marry at such an old age, you won't have a hidden disease. I will give you a suggestion whether it's physical or psychological. Go to the doctor See, if we don't get married, we'll have menopause. What's the point of life? " LAN Xianxian thinks she is a kind advice to Mei Jie, but she hasn't heard Mei Jie for a long time, but her breath seems to be heavier.

"Blue fiber, I'm going to get married. Do I have to congratulate you?" For a while, sister Mei's voice came from the Yin side. What she said on her mouth was clearly a blessing, but it made the blue fiber hear the creepy feeling.

"Thank you. When I get married, please come and have a wedding party." Blue fiber light way.

"Ling Mo Feng, you really don't want it?" Sister Mei wants to decide whether to give up the chess piece again. The scar in the heart of the blue fiber seems to be torn apart by people's strength in an instant, and it's bloody again.

"If I can still get him in my life, of course, I will. Now, I've tried and fought for him. If I still can't get him, I can't die. Living is the hope." Blue fibril bit the root of his teeth, with resentment, unwilling.

Mei's face showed a grim smile. She asked lightly, "do you think you have tried your best?"

"That's enough. Don't bother me any more. I want to die." Blue fiber is not willing to confess her sorrow to a person who doesn't know her very well. She impatiently finishes and hangs up the phone directly.

Sister Mei has never been so disrespected. What's more, she is a girl who satirizes her everywhere. She dare to question that she has a hidden disease and that she should go to see a doctor. Does this woman feel that she is too perfect?

"Want to marry? Well, it's not that easy. " Sister Mei can see that blue fiber has no fighting spirit. Since she is a useless abandoned son, she has accumulated a lot of resentment and can finally burst out.

"Blue fiber, you step on my pain one time, and I will let you pay for it." Mei said, and her ugly face was reflected in the glass beside her. Her face hurt, and she quickly turned away, as if she couldn't bear to see her poor self again.

However, when LAN Xianxian called Mei Jie this time, she didn't say that Ling Mo Feng liked LAN Yanxi, because it doesn't matter whether she said it or not. Anyway, she now completely lost the chance to fight for Ling Mo Feng.

And Mei Jie, at the moment, is holding the recording pen in her hand, listening to LAN Yanxi's words several times. At the engagement banquet tomorrow, in front of relatives and friends, let this woman's voice spread all over the corner. I don't know how wonderful Ling Mo Feng's face will be, or how LAN Yanxi will explain it.

As the night grew darker, LAN Yanxi sat on the sofa of the office with her mobile phone, crossed her legs, knocked over the melon seeds and looked at the news of the last two days. Every time she brushed the contents of Ling Mo Feng's speech, as long as he showed his face, LAN Yanxi would stare at them several times. She loved them deeply and was infatuated.

It's more than ten o'clock. Lanyanxi begins to feel sleepy. Maybe it's because she goes to sleep on time every day. So, when the time comes, the biological clock is in disorder.

She put her cell phone aside, ready to go into the room and sleep with a quilt.

Suddenly, she heard a sound outside the door. She was shocked and walked towards the door quickly.

I heard a man's voice outside the office door.

"Mr. vice president, let me give Miss blue a cup of coffee and open the door."

Blue words and beautiful eyes a Leng, Ling Mo Feng and let people send her something?

But She doesn't drink coffee. Ling Mo Feng should know that she doesn't have this hobby.

Don't you

Lanyanxi was immediately shocked. Just when she wanted to stop, suddenly the door opened.

The person who came in was actually a staff member beside Ling Mo Feng.

LAN Yanxi's heart shakes. What's the matter?

She has seen this man many times, and she is indeed a powerful assistant beside Ling Mo Feng.

But in his hand, he did carry a cup of strong coffee, blue Yan Xi's heart, a little confused. "Miss LAN, this is what Mr. LAN asked me to send to you. You will be sleepy when you wait for him here. Just have a cup of coffee to refresh your mind." The man said with a smile.

LAN Yanxi raised his mouth and immediately thanked him: "thank you. I'm really sleepy. This coffee smells good. Please put it first. I'll finish the game before I drink it."

LAN Yanxi immediately picked up the mobile phone and quickly pressed his finger on it twice.

"Miss LAN likes playing games?" The man suddenly came up to look at her cell phone.

LAN Yanxi quickly switched the screen of her mobile phone. Just now, she did play some competitive continent plays because of boredom, so she didn't show any flaws.

"I'm so stupid that I like to play these simple games." LAN Yanxi smiled at him.

LAN Yanxi walked into the door of the rest room a few steps back as she spoke. When the man didn't reflect, she quickly closed the door and left the secret lock inside.

The man didn't expect lanyanxi to move so fast. Did he show any flaws?

LAN Yanxi calls Ling Mo Feng with her mobile phone, because she thinks the man outside is very dangerous.

"What's wrong with you, Miss blue? Open the door, sir. The information I have been asked to get is still in it. " The man immediately stood outside and knocked.

"Is it? I don't think there is any information in it. Besides, although I met you near Ling Mo Feng, you don't seem to be his confidant. He won't send me anything. I know you're not a good person when I hear you send me coffee. " LAN Yanxi sneers and refuses to open the door.

The man's face changed a lot. Unexpectedly, lanyanxi saw through these small details. He was so angry that he reached out and took out his gun from behind.