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C1020 is going to be awkward

When she was drunk, she was not honest, which Yang ChuChu never expected. At this moment, she was pressed on the soft bed, and a pretty face was flushed because of tension.

"Luo Jinyu, wake up. You're drunk. Don't do this!" Yang ChuChu tried to push the man away with two thin arms. He was drunk and was really not suitable for strenuous exercise, which was not good for his health. "

I'm not drunk!" Luo Jinyu suddenly raised his head, and a pair of quiet eyes stared at her blushing little face tightly. His voice was very low and dumb: "I like you, delicate!" Yang

was clearly expressed by his strength, and his beautiful eyes were stunned, which lasted for a long time.

"I love you!" The man seemed to say like two words, far from representing his desire for her at the moment, so he said a more moving word.

Yang ChuChu listened carefully this time, and her eyes were watery. She no longer resisted him. Her slender arms stretched out, tightly held his neck, and buried her face deep into his shoulder: "I love you too, Luo Jinyu. You don't know how much I love you. You certainly don't know!"

When Yang ChuChu was secretly in love with him, that period of time was really difficult, because he was too excited to sleep all night after seeing him from a distance, because she saw a hard interview photo of him on a financial magazine, she could take scissors to cut it off and paste it on her diary, and she would secretly take a mobile phone to take a picture and make a long screen secretly Screen closure.

Seeing which woman he attended a certain occasion with, and then being chased by some boring reporters, he would be so sad that he could not eat, and he would try his best to refute and prove his innocence when others talked to her about it.

Now want to come, at that time crazy, is not for now this warm and tight hug?

The man seemed to hear clearly, and gave a low mute laugh.

Hearing his laughter, Yang ChuChu suddenly woke up. Just now, he really said all his inner monologues without reservation. I hope he was drunk and didn't listen too clearly. Man suddenly began to pull his tie. This time, his action was very sharp. He immediately pulled the tie away from his neck and threw it on the carpet. Then, with one hand, he quickly and gracefully untied the button of his shirt.

"Luo Jinyu What are you doing? " When Yang ChuChu saw that he was drunk, he even acted so quickly. He doubted whether he was really drunk or pretending.

"What do you say you should do?" As expected, the man was not drunk very much. Now he was in the mood to joke with her.

Yang ChuChu's pretty face is hot. She doesn't want to fight against anything. On the contrary, she hasn't seen him for many days. At the moment, she is also very emotional.

"Can you get drunk like this?" Yang ChuChu is just a word of concern, but listening to a man's ear is like exploding a thunder.

It is the most striking thing for a man to say such a question. Is it OK? It must be OK. Luo

Jin Yu's thin lips were directly covered, and all Yang ChuChu's remaining words of concern were blocked in her small mouth.

An hour later, Yang ChuChu found that when a man drank wine, not only was it OK, but also it was more ferocious than usual. She was so dizzy. No.

Yes, after tired, Luo Jinyu has fallen asleep.

After a busy day and drinking wine, I am really tired now.

Yang ChuChu lies on the bed, his hands folded, his chin on the back of his hand, and his beautiful eyes blink and don't blink at the quiet face of the man. Don't know if he's in a bad mood in recent days. He's obviously a little thin, and his beautiful face is more three-dimensional and profound.

Yang ChuChu looked at it quietly, and liked it without any threat.

Finally, Yang ChuChu kissed him on the forehead and got out of bed. I opened the refrigerator and saw that there was no food in the refrigerator. Maybe she didn't live here, so Luo Jinyu became lazy and even the refrigerator was empty.

After a while, he wakes up and will definitely want to eat. Yang ChuChu decides to go down to the supermarket to buy something and come back. At least he needs to fill up his refrigerator. When he is hungry, he can take it out and cook it. Yang

she went out after changing a set of leisure clothes. This is a high-end community, and there are large shopping supermarkets in the community. Therefore, she will not worry about insecurity when she travels alone. She was wearing a mask and a hat, pushing a small cart, just like the little sister next door, when she saw something she liked, she would put it in the shopping cart. She put a lot of things in a row. Suddenly, she saw a drugstore beside her. She thought about it, went in and out with a box of medicine.

Just now, they were so worried that they didn't take measures, so Yang ChuChu decided to take the medicine.

When Yang ChuChu returned to Luo Jinyu's home with a big bag and a small bag, she suddenly found Luo Mu standing at the door. Luo

the mother is ringing the doorbell. Obviously, she is worried that her eldest son will be drunk and will not be taken care of.

However, she has been ringing the doorbell for a long time outside the door. No one has opened the door for her. She is in a hurry. She sees Yang ChuChu, who is carrying something. Both of them look at each other in a daze Yang ChuChu asked in a low voice immediately. Luo

the mother looked at the things in her hand and smiled lightly: "I thought you would not go shopping in public if you were a star." Yang's delicate expression was momentarily embarrassed. If someone else said this, she would feel that they were just curious. In the tone of Koroma, there was obviously a sense of ridicule. "

aunt, are you going in? I'll open the door for you! " Yang ChuChu said that she would reach for the fingerprint lock, and then she thought of something that made her hair stand straight.

After that, Luo Jinyu is still undressed. If Luo Mu walked in like this, would she

"What are you still doing? Open the door quickly. Jin Yu is drunk. I'm worried about him! " At the moment, Luo Mu saw that her hand was frozen in the air and she didn't put it down. She immediately thought she had other ideas and frowned. Yang

before he could breathe, he heard her urge and had to put his finger on it. The door snapped open, and LOM walked in. "

er, aunt!" Seeing that she was going to enter the room directly, Yang ChuChu did not know where she came from. He shouted: "you Would you like to have some water? I'll pour you one! "