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C569. She's a little monster

Luo Jinyu laughed in a low voice. She stressed that she was 18 years old, but in his eyes, she was pure and beautiful, which he didn't want to touch.

"You know what it's like to see you for the first time?" Luo Jinyu doesn't want to talk with her about this topic. I'm afraid it will catch fire.

As expected, Yang ChuChu was easily transferred by him. His beautiful eyes were looking forward to the features of the man in the dark.

Although the light is not good, the deep and three-dimensional facial features of the man are still clear, and the lines outlined are also beautiful and resolute, which makes her irresistible to become a narcissist again. "Then tell me, what is it like? We... The first time I met you, I just went to your company to be a spokesperson. I still remember that I was signing on that day, and you came in suddenly. Wow, I knew what it was like to be moved for the first time at that time, and I felt that you were very good-looking and temperament, very similar to my later husband? " Yang ChuChu talks like a joke, laughing while talking. The laughter is clear.

Luo Jinyu likes to hear the sound of her smile, just like pulling the silver bell with her hand, which is very pleasant and pleasant.

"Is it? Who gave you the courage to miss me? " Luo Jinyu saw that she was so happy and threatened her with dignity. "I give myself courage. I feel that since I like you, I must not let you go. Even if I fail in the end, at least I've tried my best to win it. I can't get it. It can only prove that I'm not hard enough. I'm too unlucky to get it Just like now, I can lie in your arms and let you watch the stars with me As expected, Yang ChuChu is young and fearless. What he said is sincere and true.

Luo Jinyu's view on her is one more layer, and her thin lips are slightly raised: "do you like to tell the truth so much that you are not afraid to hurt other people's hearts?"

"Whose heart did I hurt? Yours? Right here? Let me see if I'm hurt! " Yang ChuChu said, with his small hand to stick to his heart position, then, she really like a naughty child, put the ear tightly.

Luo Jinyu sees her lying on her chest, and the faint fragrance from her makes his heart beat faster as if playing a drum. "Tut Tut, Luo Jinyu, your heart is beating too fast. What's wrong with you? Are you really ill? I feel it! " Yang ChuChu said with an exaggerated expression, and put his palm on his forehead. This touch made him exclaim: "why do you sweat so much? You are really sick,

is it a cold? A fever? "

Luo Jinyu can't keep up with Yang ChuChu's rhythm at all. Is he really old? He is about to be flustered by this young girl.

"Clear, don't move!" His voice sank all of a sudden, magnetic and disturbing.

Yang ChuChu was born to be a little evil. In front of Luo Jinyu, she completely let go of her nature and became the most real herself. Listening to the man's hoarse light responsibility, she not only did not restrain, but also became more rampant.

He didn't let her move. She was about to move. She twisted her waist badly.

"Yang ChuChu, have you had enough trouble?" Luo Jinyu knew that she was intentional, and could not help snorting twice. Later, he pretended to be angry and called out her name seriously to let her stop.

"I'm trying to see where your bottom line is and see if I'm pissing you off, and if you kick me off!" Yang ChuChu said with a smile.

"Oh, what is it? It hurts so much when I'm on it!" Yang ChuChu suddenly felt that something was wrong. It was a man's body.

Luo Jinyu pushes her away from her body. Of course, her movements are extremely gentle: "if you want to play tricks on me like this again, I will take this forever love back!"

"No, it's mine. You can't take it back." As soon as Yang ChuChu heard that he even used this to frighten herself, she held the small box in her arms like a wronged kitten, blinking at him.

Of course, Luo Jinyu is joking with her. She always likes to fight against him if she doesn't obey at all.

"Well, it's late. Let's go back!" Luojin Yujue, if you go on like this, something will happen sooner or later.

"No, I want to blow here. How round and beautiful the moon is. I haven't seen enough. I don't want to go back." Yang ChuChu fell in love with this place in an instant. She didn't want to go anywhere, so she stayed here with him.

Luo Jinyu saw that she had a child's temper, so he had to heave a sigh and indulge in a spoiled tone: "there are mosquitoes here that will bite you, aren't you afraid?"

"I'm not afraid, just don't bite my face!" Yang ChuChu said, feeling that his legs were itchy. He quickly reached out and grabbed them. He picked up a small bag, and there were mosquitoes biting her.

When Luo Jinyu saw her little action, he knew that she must have been bitten. He bent down and hugged her horizontally. "Let's go back and see next time!"

"When is the next time? Can you give me a specific time? Don't let me wait! " Yang ChuChu is tired of being in his arms. He puts out two small hands around his neck and leans his face on his shoulder. Well, it's so safe and warm.

"When you don't have class and I have time..."

"Perfunctory!" Yang ChuChu immediately tooted a small mouth and said, "otherwise You give me the key of your house. If I leave school early, I will go to your house and cook for you! "

"Can you cook?" Luo Jinyu said he was very suspicious. I'm afraid she only knew how to eat.

"I'll make noodles, spaghetti. Really, don't lie to you, or I'll go to your house tomorrow and make compensation for you." Yang ChuChu said seriously with a face, that means, you don't hurry to give me the key.

"My door, besides the key, needs fingerprint confirmation!" Luo Jinyu chuckles. This little thing is really a little smart.

"That's too much trouble. Let's record my fingerprint now, OK?" Yang ChuChu immediately pleaded with him in a low voice.

"Next time!" Luo Jinyu shakes his head. Obviously, it's late. At this time, it's better not to let her stay by her side.

When he got to the door, he gently put her down and opened the door: "darling, sit in!"

Yang ChuChu didn't expect to plead with him in a low voice. He didn't agree. He was so disappointed.

Luo Jinyu sits in the car. Suddenly, the small body beside Wenxiang pours on him, hugs him, and continues to beg him: "OK, I promise, I'll leave after I record my fingerprint. I won't stay for a second!"

"It's late!" Luo Jinyu's voice is low and mute. "Luo Jinyu, don't you want me to have the key to your home? Are you guarding against me?" Yang ChuChu was sad in an instant.