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Luo Jinyu really doesn't want to quarrel with Yang ChuChu about this kind of thing because it's not good enough. He can only look at the girl with tears in front of him and his voice becomes dry and dumb. "

it is clear that we have been together for so long. I am really upset when you say such a thing. You were not afraid of the eyes of outsiders, and still have the courage to rush into my arms, but now? Are you okay? Where did your courage go? Why question my feelings for you like this? "

The sound of the man's calm and wounded voice made Yang ChuChu as mad as if she were frozen in a moment. She found that she was crying and arguing with him, crying to destroy the relationship. No

It shouldn't be like this. She vowed that no matter what kind of difficulties she would face in the future, the wind and rain, she would walk with him, fearless, how could she raise her oath as sand.

"I'm sorry!" Yang ChuChu covers her lips and cries more bitterly. Next second, she pours into Luo Jinyu's arms.

Luo Jinyu's stiff and tight body slowly relaxed because he held her.

"Fool!" Luo Jinyu's thin lips, against her hair, hurt and do not give up scolding her. Yang was close to her chest, listening to his disordered heartbeat, and her tears flowed into the river. Cry

for a long time, Yang ChuChu couldn't stop sobbing. Even if she wanted to stop, her shoulders were still shaking and shaking. She immediately felt very ashamed.

Luo Jinyu went out in person and poured her a cup of warm water and a cup of black tea she liked.

"Well, enough to vent, can we speak well?" Luo Jinyu looked at her like a child, taking a paper towel and wiping her nose and tears. He couldn't help but ask her with a smile.

"Well!" Yang ChuChu nodded and became obedient. "

What do you have to do with Fang Kexin? Tell the truth! " Luo Jinyu's smart eyes have seen through everything for a long time. "

I am a half sister to her, do you believe it?" Yang ChuChu asked with a smile. Luo

Jin Yujun's eyes opened in an instant. The news really surprised him.

"What are you kidding? How can you and she be sisters? " Luo Jinyu can't believe it. "

it's true. I'm not kidding. His father, who I always thought was the heartbreaker, died outside." Yang ChuChu's serious expression made Luo Jinyu never laugh again.

"You mean Is your biological father her father? It's impossible. Your mother and the man heard that they loved each other very much. The man separated from her because of family opposition. If they love each other, even if your father really married other women and had children, the children would not be older than you. " Although Luo Jinyu didn't gossip, Cheng Ying still knew something about it. However, he didn't know who the man was. "

my mother thinks so too, but I have personally confirmed that Fang Kexin is three years older than me, which means that in those days, this scum man was pregnant before other women were married, and only broke up with my mother when they were forced by each other." Yang ChuChu said that he was already angry and even gnashing his teeth. "

is there such a thing?" Luo Jinyu was surprised. He didn't expect that things would be so dramatic.

"It's my mother who is so stupid. For so many years, she has been stubborn and stubborn and never inquired about anything of that man. She thought that in that way, it was not a pity to fall in love with him. She even made up her mind for that poor man and asked me not to disturb his life." When Yang ChuChu said that, he felt unworthy and sad for his mother. "

your mother's character is very good. Maybe she is also kind. She doesn't want to mix with that man's happy life." Luo Jinyu exclaimed. "

is it because she is kind that she will be cheated like this? Anyway, I don't care. I've decided to do what my mother didn't do. I'll do it. I'm just going to show everyone how that scum man plays with my mother's feelings and is irresponsible. " Yang ChuChu clenched his fist angrily, with an expression of unwillingness on his face.

"Well, have you thought it out? Do you want to discuss this with your mother? " Although Luo Jinyu supports her to make any decision, she still can't do it on her own.

"I I don't know how to tell her. She'll be sad. " Yang ChuChu lowered his head and looked helpless and helpless, which was really pitiable.

"Have you ever thought that your mother's reputation would be destroyed if you exposed this matter and the other party's real lady bit your mother and said that your mother actively seduced something?" Luo Jinyu is a calm and calm man. When he thinks about one thing, he often thinks about everything clearly. Yang raised his eyes sharply and looked at him. Obviously, Luo Jinyu said that she didn't take it into consideration. "

Yes, if they bite us back, isn't that bad for us? I'm so stupid that I didn't think about it. Sure enough, my brain doesn't work. " Yang ChuChu is in a cold sweat. He can't be too impulsive.

"Otherwise, I'll investigate this matter for you further to see what was hidden at that time, and then you can think about how to solve it?" Luo Jinyu really didn't want to see her face dazed and embarrassed, so he decided to help her. "

How do you investigate?" Yang ChuChu blinked. "

of course I have my way!" Luo Jin's thin lips are slightly raised: "you don't mind. I will give you a more detailed result in three days."

"Luo Jinyu, you help me every time. I really depend on you. If We really haven't been together in the future. How can I live? " Yang ChuChu's eyes are inexplicably red. He feels that someone helps, supports and relies on him. He's afraid of losing. Luo

Jin Yu was amused by her pitiful appearance and shook her small hand gently: "then you don't leave me, let me help you for a lifetime." "

of course, I think, maybe I'll still fight with you in the future Yang ChuChu shouted at himself.

"I hope you are like this. You will turn around faster than me in case of setbacks!" Luo Jinyu knows that she was just joking. The real her character is as strong as her mother used to be. When she said to let go, she was definitely the first one to let go.

Yang ChuChu was promoted by him, and his face was inexplicably red. He faltered and said, "that must have been a great hurt and a great blow. Otherwise, I won't let go easily."

"I'm sorry, I said I would take good care of you, but I still can't take good care of you!" Luo Jinyu reaches for her hand and embraces her in her arms. There is self blame and guilt in her words.