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C750 is the world against it

Inexplicably, Yang ChuChu asked this question, but he didn't wait for Luo Jinyu to give her an answer. Her beautiful eyes immediately turned red, as if she wanted to cry no matter how Luo Jinyu replied.

Luo Jinyu originally wanted to blurt out the words, after seeing the moisture emerging at the bottom of her eyes, it was also a stagnation.

This is to think carefully about how to answer, in order to let her not sad.

"Clearly, I'm not worried about myself. I'm just worried about you. This matter will definitely affect your reputation." The man's voice is low, with doting feeling, complex eyes color coagulate on her face, is full of heartache.

Yang ChuChu suddenly threw himself into his arms. His two slim hands, like octopus, firmly held the man's strong body. His small white and pink face was close to his chest. He sniffed and said, "I don't care. I'm not afraid!"

Luo Jin's eyes are slightly stiff. Once again, she looks down and sees the firm expression on her beautiful little face.

As a decent man, he didn't have the courage of this little thing. He was really ashamed. "I don't want to hear anything more. I don't want to hear what I'm advised or comforted. Luo Jinyu, I'm tired. Let me sleep in your arms." Just like a child, but like a wounded person, I just want to rest quietly in the arms of the nearest man and keep my eyes closed.

Luo Jinyu knows that her mood is very sensitive and belongs to unreasonable people. He is also used to it. He looks at her now like a obedient child, quietly, with her eyes closed and her heart deeply cherished.

A strong long arm hugged her tighter. She didn't like listening, so he didn't say a word.

In this way, two people sit together and arrive at the hotel. This is a villa style refined hotel. The villa is not big. There is a small garden in front of the door. Various plants are planted in the garden. Although it's winter, it's also green and green. It gives a feeling of prosperity.

Luo Jinyu whispered in Yang ChuChu's ear, "here we are, let's go in!"

Yang ChuChu just opened her eyes. On the way, she didn't sleep at all. Instead, she was very clear. She was greedy for the breath in the man's arms and listened to the man's stronger heartbeat. She knew that Luo Jinyu must be in a mess at the moment.

Did he let his heart beat? She still has such ability, thinking of these, Yang ChuChu's mood is a little better.

Two people held hands, took the card to brush open the villa gate, walked in.

"Luo Jinyu, go ahead, I want to sit here!" Yang ChuChu suddenly let go of his little hand and went straight to a swing chair beside him.

Luo Jinyu knew that she was in a bad mood at the moment and didn't disturb her. She only asked softly, "it's cold outside. Don't sit too long."

"Well!" Hearing his concern, Yang ChuChu raised his lips and answered happily.

Luo Jinyu walks to the living room, Yang ChuChu sits lazily on the swing chair, looks up at the sky.

She didn't want to look at her cell phone at all, let alone know what they looked like on the Internet at the moment, how bloody and unbearable, so she just wanted to be quiet and keep closing her eyes.

Suddenly, a cell phone ring.

Yang ChuChu shivers all over, different from other ringing tones, which are called by her mother Cheng Ying.

What are you really afraid of? Yang ChuChu has been stretching a nerve. He is waiting for his mother's phone, and it rings as expected.

Yang ChuChu stealthily looked in the direction of the living room, saw that the man did not hear the bell, she jumped off the chair, then quietly opened the door of the villa and went out.

She didn't want Luo Jinyu to hear her answering her mother's phone.

When he got to the road outside, Yang ChuChu answered the phone.

"Mom!" Yang ChuChu suddenly whispered.

"Where are you?" Cheng Ying's tone was full of worry and anger.

"I am abroad!" Yang ChuChu replied immediately.

"What are you and Luo Jinyu doing abroad?" Although Cheng Ying didn't take care of them before, at this moment, things burst out, and those nonsense on the Internet still make Cheng Ying can't ignore them.

"Just play, mom. I didn't ask you before. You promised us!" Yang ChuChu said carefully.

Cheng Ying suddenly changed his tone: "don't play, you go back home quickly, don't make things worse."

"Mom, don't worry about what other people say..." "Of course, I don't want to worry about it, but it's really humiliating. Everyone looks at your birth and talks about me as a single mother, who has educated a failed daughter. If you don't have a father's love, you will find an old man like Luo Jinyu to fall in love. Chu Chu will be a mother. Please come back and go home first!" In Cheng Ying's tone, there is already a trace of pleading. Although she is also a strong woman, she still cares about her daughter's reputation.

Yang ChuChu's whole body, like a piece of wood, is frozen in place. Her mother can't stand those people's words, and she begins to have a mind of opposition, right?


"If you still think I'm your mother, you'll come back and be obedient." Cheng Ying also knew that this daughter's character could not be hard, so she continued in a soft tone.

"Well then!" Yang ChuChu also knows her mother's character. If she still insists on her own opinion at the moment, it will be more difficult for her and Luo Jinyu to have a good result in the future. Now, she still needs to listen to her mother's words.

"Hurry back!" Cheng Ying, after another admonition, hung up the phone.

Yang ChuChu is holding his cell phone and standing in the cold wind, he is in a state of confusion for a moment.

The long hair was blown by the wind, and the cold feeling penetrated into Yang ChuChu's neckline. At this moment, she not only felt the cold weather, but also her heart would follow the cold.

Knowing the price of being a star, she shouldn't have been in this business at the beginning if she couldn't even start a love affair.

Now, if she just wants to be with the man she loves, she will be criticized and examined by others. It seems that she is a person who has committed a crime. Why?

"Delicate..." When Luo Jinyu found out that she was not in the small garden, he immediately found her.

"I'm here!" Yang ChuChu's face vibrated, turned around and watched the man anxiously stand behind her.

"How did you get out?" Luo Jinyu reproves in a low voice. You know, when she was found missing just now, Luo Jinyu's heart will be broken. Until now, when he saw her standing in front of him in good condition, Luo Jinyu finally breathed smoothly and came to her: "let's go, let's go in!" Yang ChuChu bit the lip piece, suddenly, a bold idea came out.