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C930 constant fear

Ji Yueze is playing gangsters again. Bai Yiyan can't help him. However, if he asks for anything, she really has no future. At

Yes, Bai Yiyan turned her pretty little face to one side: "no, please go to sleep quickly!" "

Bai Yiyan, you promised to marry me today. That's how you take care of your husband?" When Ji Yueze saw that she refused herself, his desire became more intense. Just now, at the banquet, he watched her change from a beige gauze skirt to a set of rose red strapless dress, and his eyes were always watching her turn. If there were not reporters outside and guests, would this kiss stay until now? When it comes to the proposal, Bai Yiyan still has a little resentment in her heart. She turns around and stares at him, "where do you propose in good faith? You're just forcing marriage. You're such a rascal! "

Knowing that elder brother Ji and elder sister youYou are in a hurry, Ji Yueze forces her like that, Bai Yiyan is really annoyed. Season is intentional.

Because of his sensitive discovery, Bai Yiyan has been hesitant to marry him.

In fact, he also guessed why she was always reluctant to agree, because she was still taking into account the resentment of her aunt and Ji's family.

Ji Yueze can understand her mood, but he is really worried. Just after the big brother got married, Grandpa was very happy and his spirit improved a lot.

He thought, if he is engaged and married, will grandpa's condition get better directly? With the hope of this front line, Ji Yueze thought of ways to force her to agree to her. "

you think clearly in your heart, why does your mouth always torture me?" Ji Yueze stretched out her big hand and squeezed her soft little hand tightly in her palm. If her fingers lingered, it seemed that he would spread his enthusiasm to her heart.

Bai Yiyan's face dimmed, and she looked at the floor with some sadness: "if I just married you, my aunt will be sentenced to prison, how can I face her in the future? Ji Yueze, I beg you. Would you please give me some more time? I want to wait for the result of aunt's affair, and then think about our affair. " "

what a filial woman!" Ji Yueze spits out his anger, thinking that he forced her to be filial to her grandfather. He feels that he has a bit of a tough behavior. "

OK, stop forcing you, look at you, you are almost crying!" Ji Yueze forced to sit up, a finger to pick up her chin, saw her black and white eyes, misty tears, and felt that if she went on, she would cry.

Bai Yiyan feels embarrassed. He looks at her affectionately. She can't hide the subtle expressions on her face. She immediately wants to turn away her face again, but the man doesn't allow it.

Thin lips kissed softly. Bai

Yiyan's inner sadness and panic are all comforted by the gentle lips of men. She also discards the girl's Jin holding and gently touches the handsome face of men with her fingers.

The atmosphere is strong! Suddenly, the door of the room was pushed open directly, and the old lady stood at the door. "

I'll go!" Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan are scared. Ji Yueze's face is red. The face of milk is really more effective than anything, which directly makes him warm and frozen into ice.

The old lady didn't expect that the two young people would play so hot when they had the chance to be alone.

She was obviously embarrassed, and coughed softly: "Ozawa, are you ok? Are you drunk?"

Ask out this sentence, she just feels some superfluous, want really drunk, still have the mood to play this one here?

Ji yuezejun's face is red. His eyes and tail flick past Bai Yiyan, who is about to drill a hole in the ground. He smiles and says to the old lady, "I don't drink much. I'm not drunk. Grandma, it's true that you should pay attention to my elder brother. I think he's really drunk!" "

I just came from him. He is sleeping. You are OK. Xiaoyan, please take care of him." Said the old lady gently to Bai Yiyan.

Bai Yiyan nodded and said nervously, "grandma, don't worry, I will!" "

that line!" The old lady felt that she had better not disturb the two young people's time and shut the door by the way.

Ji Yueze couldn't help laughing. His voice was very happy.

Bai Yiyan was more blushing and heart beating when he smiled. She reached out and pushed him: "what are you laughing at? It's all your fault. Your grandma will think I'm too active! " She didn't forget the way she reached out to touch his face just now. She was innocent all her life. Season

the more Ze she is, the more she laughs, as if she likes to look embarrassed and at a loss.

"You're so bad. I'll leave you alone!" This man's nature, she is see through, but, why see through more, she is more love, is not, her nature is not pure?

"Don't go!" Ji Yueze's long arm reached out and yanked Bai Yiyan back.

Bai Yiyan knows that he is going to play a rogue again. She reaches out to get rid of his big hand, but the man is very powerful. She falls into his arms directly.

"You promised my grandmother to take care of me just now. Will you leave me alone now?" Ji Yueze's face is full of grievances and pitiful looks, all of which are put on. Bai

Yiyan has no way to deal with him. She blushes and says, "I'll pour you a glass of water!"

"Well, go and pour me a glass. I'm really thirsty!" Seeing that she is really taking care of herself, the man sighs with satisfaction and stretches out his hand. Bai gets up and goes out. Ji looked at her beautiful figure more and more, and the happy mood just now inexplicably dyed a few floating dryness. If there is no white Truth between him and Bai Yiyan, his love will be perfect. For example,

the world does not allow perfect things to exist.

Bai Yiyan is holding a water cup in the water. Suddenly, a voice comes from behind. "

Xiaoyan!" LAN Yue is calling her.

"Ah..." Bai Yiyan's hand was shaking inexplicably. The glass was already slippery. She didn't hold it firmly and fell to the ground.

Water and glass crumbs fell all over the floor. "

Oh, did you get hurt!" LAN Yue is also frightened. Unexpectedly, she makes a noise and frightens others. Bai

Yiyan cried bitterly, so she had to squat down to clean up, and said: "I'm ok. I just slipped my hand, so I'll clean up!"

"Don't be busy. Let the waiter come. You're careful!" LAN Yue used to pull her away, and then checked her fingers to make sure it was ok, which reassured her.

"Aunt, Ji Yueze is thirsty. I will send you water!" Dare not look at LAN Yue, Bai Yiyan continues to take the cup to fill the water. "

OK, you go!" LAN Yue smiles and nods.