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C1342 determination of future family status

The tiredness on the girl's white face makes Ling Mofeng feel distressed instantly. From the moment she knew her to the present, she hasn't seen her so tired. She smiled and looked at the camera, making the man hate it. Rush to her side and hug her.

"Ling Mofeng, aren't you busy?" If you could take the time to call her, then she would definitely not be busy. Lan Yanxi grinned at the corner of her mouth, her big blinking eyes blinked twice in front of the zoomed-in lens. The water ripples make people look at the heart.

"Just after busy, now is the rest time, I want to see your situation!" Although he couldn't accompany her, as soon as the man was idle, he couldn't help but want to call her and take care.

"I'm fine here, Cheng Yuan is really a good person, and she takes care of me in every way!" Lan Yanxi immediately smiled and praised Cheng Yuan, who was embarrassed next to him, which made Cheng Yuan shook twice.

It's really an honor to make the future first lady so complimented.

"Yanxi, I do n’t know if it ’s good or bad for you to go abroad. This kind of training is very stressful. I ’m very busy and tired every day. I have to absorb a lot of knowledge and I have to check every few days. You can't bear such pressure, you can come back early! "Ling Mofeng was still partial, and she couldn't bear to think of the hardships she had to endure.

"What do you say? How can I go back in advance? I still have to look good!" Lan Yanxi knew that he was concerned about herself, but she also refused to accept defeat, and she was tired, anyway, she too I don't realize how precious she is. This is just a good exercise of her willpower. The road to be with him in the future must also be tortuous. She needs to make herself better to be worthy of his excellence. .

Ling Mofeng's lips couldn't help but smile: "Okay, knowing that you are still a strong person in your bones, then when I just said nothing, what are you doing now?"

Lan Yanxi Li lay on the bed in the past, her hair spread out, and she had a small face with delicate seeds, and she had a kind of green and charming feeling between girls and women.

Looking at her lazy appearance in bed, those playful big eyes were still blinking, flickering like butterfly wings, very beautiful.

Cheng Yuan was quickly dressed and she said to Lan Yanxi deliberately, "Yanxi, I'll stay in the data room for a while!"

Cheng Yuan deliberately made room for it. After all, love is a matter of two people, and she is an outsider in the middle, which affects them to speak sweetly.

"Okay!" Lan Yanxi was extremely grateful for Cheng Yuan's interest, and she couldn't help chatting with Ling Mofeng.

"Cheng Yuan is out!" Lan Yanxi was more careful with Ling Mofeng on the camera: "Say, you can say anything you want to say, or do you want to see what I do?"

After Lan Yanxi finished speaking, he also deliberately unbuttoned two of his white shirt buttons, exposing a small piece of white and charming skin, as well as the perfect collarbone that was highlighted because he was lying, with a few strands of soft hair , Almost made the man straighten his eyes.

"Yanxi, fasten the button, don't do this!" Obviously staring at not blinking, but Ling Mofeng still pretended to be calm and calm her from doing these small moves.

"Why? You don't want to see it?" Lan Yanxi mumbled her mouth, and deliberately solved the third button. This time, the scenery is naturally more charming.

The man petted and smiled helplessly: "You won!"

"Is that so?" Someone's expression was dumbfounded: "Where did you lose?"

"You're going to do this again, I'm afraid I'll fly over to find you immediately!" Ling Mofeng moved the phone closer to her thin lips, her voice softened.

"Oh, our Vice President is so moving? But if I remember correctly, everyone said that you are an ascetic male goddess. Why can't you stop it?" Lan Yanxi is really so bad that she can take it without fear. I was joking with Ling Mofeng, but my mood was beautiful.

"Yanxi, you can always grab my mind to abuse me!" Ling Mofengjun's face looked aggrieved and miserable.

"Are you there? I'm a good girl. I don't abuse people!" Lan Yan smiled, knowing he was wrong.

"I can't help you!" Ling Mofeng smiled helplessly, but his mood was really good.

Lan Yanxi rolled her long strand of hair with her fingers, curled it up and down, and stared at the screen with a pair of beautiful eyes. She didn't know what to say, but her empty look made the heart and soul of the man. Go away.

Ling Mofeng subconsciously pursed his thin lips, and the urge to kiss across the screen made him feel a little embarrassed. Maybe he shouldn't have video with her at this time. The woman's every move can affect him. Atrium, let his mood change with her smart eyes.

"Ling Mofeng, why are you looking at me like this? I will be shy!" Lan Yanxi unknowingly provokes this fiery one, but still blame him.

Ling Mofeng stared at her boldly and enthusiastically, and her throat knot rolled involuntarily: "Yanxi, are you still used to it?"

"I'm very adaptable. If you don't have any problems with soil and water, you can rest assured!" Lan Yanxi raised her mouth with a smile, red lips and white teeth, like a child's innocence and cuteness.

Ling Mofeng felt that looking at her cute look would not be bored for a day.

"I think you are a bit tired, and your eyes are almost open. Let me go today and let you rest early!" Ling Mofeng smiled softly.

"No, don't let me go. I want to see you more!" Lan Yanxi immediately opened her eyes. It was true that she wanted to be a little while away for a moment, but when he heard that he was going to hang up, she returned. Already.

"What do you want to see me?" Ling Mofengjue wanted to satisfy her in any request.

"You ... reach out to untie your tie. I heard that the man's action to untie the tie is the deadliest and most charming. You can also show it to me!" Lan Yanxi suddenly made a very shameless request. No The way, to have fun in pain, she is now full of empty thoughts, in addition to beauty, do not think of him.

She is such a superficial woman.

"This ..." The man was stunned by her request, his thin lips moved, and he stopped talking, and it was too embarrassing for him to have the rigorous Vice President do this to the camera.

"Reluctantly?" Someone was a little lost, and his pretty mouth murmured.

In order to appease her, Ling Mofeng stretched out her hand to loosen her tie, and saw the girl's big eyes staring at them unscathed, and her mouth was smiling.

"Is that okay?" Ling Mofeng finally fulfilled her request. Slender and clear fingers, when pulling on the bow tie, really had a kind of noble temperament that was indescribable.

"Well, suddenly the blood is accelerating!" Lan Yanxi boldly expressed his testimony.

Ling Mofeng almost smirked and made a noise. What kind of girl did he pick up? How did he feel holding him up?

"I don't think it's enough to just pull a tie. It's definitely more exciting to untie the belt!" Lan Yanxi teased him intentionally. Who made Ling Mofeng so obedient? No play, no play.

"Yanxi, it's enough!" Then the man saw that his good intentions were impure. Where did he really want to see him do this and do it? He was clearly unhappy.

Lan Yanxi immediately laughed, and rolled several times on the bed, finally lying on the bed, placing her mobile phone in front of her, her long hair fell, covering her half of her face, and her eyes became brighter. Clear.

Ling Mofeng's thin lips froze again, and he felt the blood in his body was accelerating. He coughed lightly to hide his thoughts.

"Yanxi, I have to hang up, you have to rest early!" Ling Mofeng didn't want to hang up, but he still has work to do.

"Well, I know, you should pay attention to rest, don't be too tired!" Lan Yanxi didn't force anything, just cared about him a few words, and then hung up the phone.

Hanging up the phone, Ling Mofeng calmed down for a while, thinking of her disapproval, could not help but chuckled, the stubborn woman is still very cute.

Lan Yanxi put Cheng Yuan's cell phone away and got up to take a bath. When she came out from the bathroom wearing a dressing gown, she suddenly heard a knock on the door.

She frowned, thinking that Cheng Yuan had just hurriedly forgot to bring the card, and she didn't bring her cell phone, so she walked over and opened the door.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Zhuo stood outside the door!