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C1121 a complete chill

Bai Yiyan wants to hide. In the big city of Nuo, lengfei and Liu Xiaoxing can't find her. So, until dark, they can't return. "

what to do? Why does Xiaoyan want to leave? I think young master Ji still loves her. " Liu Xiaoxing collapsed on the bed, only the gas left, tired. "She definitely wants to be with that rich girl all season, so let go," said Leng

"It's silly. It's her happiness. Why does she want to complete others? This kind of behavior is stupid!" Liu Xiaoxing angrily bangs her fist on the bed. Maybe she has been with Bai Yiyan for a long time. She has a good feeling for her and wants to help her talk. "

Miss Bai is a smart woman. It's better for her to let go now than to be pointed out in the future. It's better for her to provoke jokes. I actually agree with her. It's not good to drag the mud and water. A little decisive may retain a little dignity." Leng Fei has different views. "

is dignity so important? Young master Ji loves her so much that she can rely on his love for her to lead a happy life. Anyway, I think it's a loss for her to leave like this. " Liu Xiaoxing's indignant retort. "

when this happens to you, you can answer it." Lengfei smiled faintly. "

lengfei, why do you support Miss Bai to let go? Have you ever experienced love? " Liu Xiaoxing asked curiously. Cold

Fei's face was stiff, he ignored her and said lightly: "Jishao will come right away. Let's take a half-hour break and pick him up at the airport." "

OK!" Liu Xiaoxing just wants to lie still now. An hour later, two people were in the lobby of the airport and saw Ji Yueze coming out of the passageway. However, he was not alone, but accompanied by a beautiful woman with temperament.

"My God!" As soon as Liu Xiaoxing saw the beautiful woman, she immediately covered her mouth and exclaimed, "which song is master Ji going to sing? How can he bring his blind date?" Cold

Fei's face also froze, obviously unexpectedly, Ji Yueze even brought someone here. Season

Yueze looks anxious and hurries to the front of two people: "no news at all?" Liu

Xiaoxing glances at Yang Siyu with an embarrassed face and whispers: "master Ji, why did you bring her here?" "You don't need to care about me," said Yang with a smile. "I came here with young master Ji to help him find Miss Bai."

"Is it? Ha ha, you are so kind Liu Xiaoxing suddenly feels that Ji Yueze is a little over the top. Fortunately, Bai Yiyan left first. Otherwise, he would not be angry to see this scene.

Leng Fei also said without expression: "master Ji, we can't contact Miss Bai now. I really don't know how to find it. Do you have any way?"

Ji Yueze frowned: "I think she has not left the city since she intends to hide from us. Let's find it in the city first." "

do you know Xiaoyan? If you know her, you may be able to do it! " Liu Xiaoxing is still aware that Yang Siyu is nearby, which is very eye-catching and cool. At present, Yueze doesn't want to reveal the relationship between Yang Siyu and himself to outsiders. It's not that he doesn't trust the two women in front of him, he just wants to be more careful.

This time, he and Yang Siyu went abroad together, and the old lady also knew that. Before going abroad, she specially told him to take good care of Yang Siyu, to play more days, and not to rush back home. Yang's words are just enough. Hearing that Ji Yueze asked her for help, she rushed to help at the first time. Only

Yes, she found that she didn't seem to be very popular, she could only smile helplessly.

Ji Yueze is anxious about Bai Yiyan's whereabouts at the moment. He doesn't explain to Liu Xiaoxing much. Four people return to the hotel. Yang Siyu and Ji Yueze have a room respectively. "

otherwise, let's look for her on the street separately. If we are lucky, we may find her." Li Siyu proposed with a smile.

Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei exchanged a look, and immediately realized that Yang Siyu was too fake to believe that she really wanted to find Bai Yiyan.

"OK, let's make a decision like this, Xiaoxing, lengfei. I need to ask you to run again!" At the moment, Ji Yueze can only accept this clumsy approach. Four

individuals searched separately.

Bai Yiyan sits in the coffee shop and looks out of the window at the bright street. She knows she should leave.

Carrying her suitcase, she stopped a taxi downstairs and went straight to the airport.

She was wearing a mask, standing in the hall, suddenly did not know where to go. To be honest, she would like to go back to China and meet her relatives, Auntie and grandma. She is a little tired from wandering. The farther away she is from home, the more missing she is. But in the end, she gave up the choice and chose a country next to her own.

It's said that there's a famous high mountain jumping class all over the world. Many girls are injured and will run there to jump once to give themselves a chance of rebirth. Bai

Yiyan is not brave enough, but she wants to make up for it. She is afraid that she can overcome her yearning for Ji Yueze. If she is not afraid to die, she will not be afraid to have one less for the rest of her life. Bai

after Yiyan makes a decision, she buys the ticket.

Shortly after she boarded the plane, outside the airport, a tall and beautiful figure rushed in.

"Bai Yiyan, Bai Yiyan, where are you?" Ji Yueze murmured and gnashed his teeth.

Looking at the airport hall, Ji Yueze's eyes are sore. I don't know if he is angry or red. "

Xiaoyan!" He ran after a girl, reached out and grabbed her arm.

"Why?" The girl immediately turned around and stared at him. Season

Yue Ze apologizes immediately: "I'm sorry, the wrong person!" "

wait, are you Which big star? " The girl ran after him a few steps in turn. Although Ji Yueze is wearing a mask at the moment, his eyebrows and eyes are so beautiful. They are his most charming eyes. Many girls are trapped in his affectionate eyes.

Ji Yueze ignored the girl's surprised eyes and continued to turn around to find someone. Bai

Yiyan is sitting at the window of the plane. There is a corridor connected to the place where the plane stops. Bai Yiyan's eyes cannot help looking at the corridor. From a distance, she seems to see a familiar figure.

She stood up with a shudder.

"It can't be, it can't be him!" Bai Yiyan closes her eyes and feels her own illusion. At this time, a girl behind her said sadly, "Ji Yueze took his blind date abroad for vacation. It seems that Bai Yiyan is really going to be cold."