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C1796 opening a new life

Outside the gate of a junior high school, a beautiful figure came down from a red car. Ling wennuan was holding some materials in her arms. It was spring now. She was wearing a very well-dressed dress. Today was her first day to report to the school. She never dreamed that one day she would have the opportunity to teach and educate.

Before she went to the border region to teach, she planted seeds of love for the job of teacher.

Grandpa has been telling her that her daughter, born in Ling's family, doesn't need to face the storm. She just needs to be safe and stable. Her family never expected her to become a great and contributing person, which Ling wennuan knew from the beginning of her understanding.

However, after so many years of eating and reading, if she continues to eat and die, she might as well bump into the wall first to see if she can die early.

Therefore, she saw that the school was recruiting new teachers, so she put in her resume and applied for the job. She was just in time for a teacher to take maternity leave. She took over a class teaching Chinese in grade one of junior high school and concurrently served as the office director.

Today is her first day of class. She doesn't know whether the leaders of the school know her identity, but she doesn't want to take the initiative to say that, after all, speaking out, it means a bit of supporting the power.

Of course, her identity is bound to be discovered sooner or later. Fortunately, she doesn't care so much. She just needs to do the work at hand well, do it well, and do it to the extreme, so she will be worthy of her heart.

Ling wennuan prepared the class and asked the teacher on maternity leave for a lot of things, including an understanding of the students in the class.

She knew that one of the transferred students was very special, because she was very solitary and did not like to talk with others. Her academic performance was very poor. Her name was Nangong Siqing. The former teacher always wanted to do a family survey for her. Unfortunately, this Nangong classmate always said that she had no home.

Ling wennuan stood on the platform, feeling indescribably agitated. She pressed her emotions, opened the prepared textbook and began her first class.

The students all looked at her in surprise. They heard that a new teacher was coming. They didn't expect it, but now they are looking at the beautiful and exquisite new teacher standing on the platform. All the students are surprised. The new teacher is a beautiful woman.

Ling wennuan pays attention to Nangong Siqing and finds that she can also listen in class, but is absent-minded. After class, she wants to ask her alone.

Nangong Siqing was called into the office and stood there like a piece of wood. He didn't look at Ling, who was very indifferent with his head down.

As a new female classroom, Ling wennuan is still very concerned in the office, because she is young and beautiful, as well as because of her noble temperament and extraordinary clothes. It is obvious that wherever a beautiful woman goes, she is like a flower. The love here is only obvious to the opposite sex and the same sex. Ling wennuan receives the white eyes of several single female teachers.

"Miss Ling, can I finish class?"

Nangong Siqing asked impatiently, turning her mouth.

"Nangong Siqing, if it's convenient, I'd like to make a family visit for you. I'd like to meet your family and communicate with them."

Ling wennuan knew that among the first class of students, she had not yet done a family survey, so she put forward this request.

"Oh, isn't it?

Do you want to investigate me or my guardian?

Don't think he's handsome, you just want to think of him. "

Nangong Siqing's expression of attack was full of ridicule.

"Your guardian is very handsome?

I really don't know. In fact, I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend is the most handsome in my heart. If you don't trust me to go alone, I'll ask someone to go together. She is also a teacher. "

Lingnuan immediately thought of Muyun in her mind. In the field of ideological education, she absolutely has more right to speak than herself.

"You really didn't go while my uncle was there?"

Nangong Siqing reconfirmed.

"Of course not. I'm not so boring. I'm your teacher and head teacher. I can't let you go, so I have to talk to your parents."

"I have no parents, they are all dead."

Nangong Siqing is suddenly excited.

Ling wennuan was startled and comforted her: "OK, let me talk to your guardian."

Nangong Siqing stared at her and said, "you are not allowed to fall in love with my uncle."

Ling wennuan is frightened by her eyes.

"Well, I won't. I can introduce my boyfriend to you some other day. He is also a very good person."

Ling continued with a smile.

Nangong Siqing immediately bowed his head and wrote an address with a pen: "come after supper."

Ling wennuan looks at the girl who is twelve or thirteen years old in front of her. Her mature mind doesn't match her age.

"OK, I'll be there at half past eight."

Ling warm nodded.

After Nangong Siqing left, Ling wennuan immediately took out his mobile phone and called Moyun.

Mu Yun has now recognized her sister-in-law. Although she is younger than her own age, she can't call her sister-in-law export, so she is warm.

"What's the matter?

Would you like to invite me to dinner again? "

Murun's lazy voice came from over there.

In recent years, Ling wennuan asked her to have dinner when she was free, and then secretly tried to persuade her to make a boyfriend by the way. Mu Weicheng asked her to do all this, because Mu Weicheng worried that her sister would become an old leftover girl, and now she is nearly 28 years old. In such a wave, it is possible that she would not marry at the age of 30. After her mother remarried, Mu Weicheng would not disturb her, so she could only It's up to me to take care of this sister.

"Sister Muyun, you are right every time. There is no new idea. I want to invite you to dinner today. I may need you to help me."

Ling said with a smile.

"What's busy?

I don't agree to see a man. "

Mu Yun has a tough attitude.

"It's not to see a man, it's to see a student's parents. Don't worry, they are all parents. They will not be single men."

Ling warm comfort her immediately.

"Well, I'm almost finished. Send me the address."

Mu Yun has been teaching in the University for nearly four years. Ling wennuan was a student at the beginning, and she took office. Up to now, she is still an English teacher in the school, but her classes are all excellent, and she is also widely praised.

Maybe everyone is biased against Mu family name, so mu Yuncai should make his work better.

Ling wennuan invited Mu Yun to have dinner, and then they drove a car towards Nangong Siqing's home.

The first entrance is a villa area.

"Rich people."

Ling said with a smile.

Mu Yun looked around and asked curiously, "did you just say that the student's surname is Nangong?"

"Yes, it's a special surname."

Mu Yun can't help but recall that a man named Nangong Yao came to her more than three years ago and asked her to be a tutor. However, later, she called to say it was cancelled. She only remembered the name of the man.

At the moment, in a magnificent villa, a tall man in a suit is sitting on the sofa. The western color suit and white shirt are wrapped in his strong body. His temperament is noble and restrained.

The crystal light above his head reflects his sharp features. Under the strong eyebrow, his eyes are deep and unpredictable. Under the high nose, his lips are firm and thin. The lines of his chin are smooth and beautiful, which makes his whole face with a kind of strange and beautiful ancient country.

He took a look at the time. It was nearly half past eight.

At this moment, a girl in a beautiful dress, step by step from the stairs down.