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C1970 exchange of ideas

Ji Tingyan looks at the closed door. Her heart beats faster. She looks down at the chips she has in her hand. She can't help but snigger. Isn't she stupid? What is tie Ting saying to her?

As a painter, Ji Tingyan's artistic cells are quite good. She can feel the delicate feelings between men and women.

"Now, why did you go? Humph, see how I deal with you. " Ji Tingyan puts the chips into her mouth and the Kaka makes a noise. The elder brother says that women have to fight for status in love and have more say in the future.

Wait What did big brother go through? To get such valuable experience?

Thinking of this, Ji Tingyan suddenly feels that she should learn from her elder sister-in-law and be able to be so considerate of her elder brother's governance. She must have a good idea.

Tie Ting took a shower, sneezed and bristled. He couldn't help but walk over and close the window. Is it because he opened the window?

No matter what, he is very confident in his body. He used to practice in the snow all day and all night without catching a cold.

This night, Ji Tingyan slept steadily, no longer as before, tossing and turning.

Li Jingwen, who is sleeping next door, has lost sleep. She can't think of any way to make her and tieting have a further interaction.

"Jingwen, what's the matter with you?" Cheng Yue is sleeping in the same room with her. Seeing that she has been turning over, she asks her about it.

"I'm fine. Go to sleep." Li Jingwen said in a muffled voice.

Cheng Yue pillows her arm, looks at the ceiling and chuckles, "do you think Wang Cheng is too enthusiastic? He won't be interested in you. He wants to please you. "

"Don't talk about it. I'm not interested in his little man who doesn't have all the hair." Li Jingwen suddenly sat up, some angry answer.

Cheng Yue is startled, sits up and looks at her strangely. "Why are you so excited? I'm kidding you."

"This kind of joke can't be played. I think Wang Cheng likes you. Do you like his type?" Li Jingwen also found that she was too impatient just now, and immediately relaxed her tone.

"No way. I'm just like a man. How can he like me? Is his orientation abnormal? " Cheng Yue shakes her head and firmly denies it.

"Maybe Wang orange just likes a woman who is full of protection. He is thin like a pole." Li Jingwen immediately joked.

"It's impossible for me to protect him. It's not a problem for his boss to fight one against ten." Cheng Yue can't laugh or cry. Although she acts like a man, she is a real woman.

"What do you think of Mr. tie?" When Li Jingwen heard that he was holding on to thunder, her voice was much gentler. "Of course. I think he is also very good to xiaonai. You say..."

"No way, Mr. tie can never like a woman at will." Li Jingwen's mood became excited again.

"Why are you so excited? Mr. tie and xiaonai are very well matched, no matter in appearance or family background." Cheng Yue frowns. Li Jingwen's temperament is too unpredictable. It's cloudy and sunny for a while.

"I'm sleeping." Li Jingwen doesn't want to answer. She covers her head directly.

Cheng Yue shrugs her shoulders and lies down.

Early in the morning, the sun shines, the dry and cold air inhales into the viscera, and the whole person is awake a lot.

Ji Tingyan opened her eyes and looked at the time. She quickly washed and got up. Today, she would hike to a nearby waterfall, and in the afternoon, she could go to a nearby ski resort to play.

Ji Tingyan shakes her spirit and comes to the restaurant in warm clothes. Cheng Yue and others have already dined here.

"Xiaonai, what do you want to eat when you get up? I'll get it for you. " Cheng Yue asked her with a smile.

"No, I'll do it myself." Ji Tingyan takes the plate and helps herself with some food.

Mei Mou glanced at the restaurant, but did not see tie ting. She lost her heart for no reason.

Strange, how could she have such emotions?

After breakfast, the three gathered in the hall, and feting and his party were well equipped.

"Miss Ji, we can get to the scenic spot by hiking for an hour. There is a hot spring there. We can also go there to have a hot spring and go skiing. If we can't get back in the evening, it's feasible to stay in the ski resort for one night. What do you think?" Wang Cheng told them the schedule very conscientiously.

Ji Tingyan looks at tie Ting, who is also deeply coagulating her.

"We have no problem. Assistant Wang will arrange it." Ji Tingyan said with a smile.

"You are all friends of the eldest brother. We come out to relax this time. I hope you can have a good time." Wang said with a smile.

"Well, let's go." Tie Ting whispered.

Lu Mengmeng is dressed in a set of pink clothes. The whole person is very cute and sweet. A rabbit knitted hat and long hair are braided into two braids. After being educated by tieting last night, she became clever. She dare not speak recklessly any more. She is really afraid of being angry and sending her away.

Ji Tingyan is still wearing a white down jacket and snow boots. She looks single and warm. She has a long divergence, a white hat, a bright and moving face, and big eyes full of water. She has an indescribable charm.

Ji Tingyan and Lu Mengmeng are two different styles.

Cheng Yue and Li Jingwen are wearing black clothes of the same color as their bodyguards.

A group of people went out of the hotel and took a car to the hiking site. The car of the hotel was on call. With their equipment on their backs, they set out on the thick snow.

"Give me your backpack." Tie Ting saw that Ji Tingyan was carrying a backpack. Without saying anything, she grabbed it.

"Ah..." Before Ji Tingyan reflected, the man had already taken it.

"Brother tieting, my backpack is also heavy." Lu Mengmeng's unconvinced opening.

Tie Ting looks directly at the bodyguard nearby. The bodyguard immediately wants to take something for Lu Mengmeng.

"No need." Lu Meng stamped her feet angrily and ran forward quickly. Without running for a few steps, she fell down. Her face was covered with snow. She was even more angry and her tears were rolling.

"Is she OK?" Ji Tingyan looks at Lu Mengmeng's fall, but also sympathizes.

"It's OK. It's time to sharpen her spirit and let her grow up." The coldness of tie ting.

Ji Tingyan's heart slipped a touch of sweetness. Mei Mou looked at the man around her. I don't know if she thought too much. Tie Ting seemed to protect her everywhere.

Big love is speechless. Ji Tingyan feels more and more that there is a kind of reassuring atmosphere in her body, like big brother.

Looking at a couple talking and laughing in front of her, Li Jingwen's heart is like stabbing a knife. There is a trace of wolf violence in her eyes. Lu Mengmeng is not afraid. But this is the eldest miss of Ji family. How can she look more and more dazzling?