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Be nice to her

"I don't want to have a fearless quarrel with you. I promised not to bully you." Ji Xiao Han had a gentleman's face.

Tang You You laughed sarcastically.

Tang You You nodded, and the moment she stepped in, she immediately received the looks.

"Miss, is there anything I can help you with?" "Over there are the discount products for our season. You came at the right time, and today is the discount sale." A waiter came over to introduce her with a standard smile. The moment he opened his mouth, he told her to pick out the items that were sold at a discount.

Tang You You was startled, she was not stupid, the other party must have seen that her clothes were too shabby, so he looked at her with a colored gaze.

Tang You You took a look at the store's logo, and then walked step by step towards the rows of discounted goods. Her beautiful eyes lightly swept past, and said: "You said earlier that these clothes are this season's discounted goods? These styles are obviously from last year and the year before. Is this how you treat guests who don't understand how to act? "

The smile on Buyer's face froze, he did not expect her to be able to see through his lies with a single glance, and his face became red: "Young lady, since you are so good at our products, then let me ask you, today you are here to buy this year's new one? Or are you here to buy the money we had last year and the year before? "You should know that we're only here because of the half-price promotion."

Tang You You did not expect that after he had exposed her lies, she would turn around and humiliate him.

"Do you think I can't afford it?" Tang You You asked her directly.

I just want to say, since you're so familiar with our products, you must have studied them before. Since you've studied them, you still can't afford the new styles we put on this year. Buyer was still angry at Tang You You for accusing her of lying.

Tang You You laughed twice: "If I hadn't studied your styles, I'm afraid that today, I would have been misled by you and bought last year's and previous year's."

"Look at the quality of our clothes, even if they are from the previous year, the quality is still the same. If you can buy them back, I believe they will give you some face. Do you want to consider them?" This discount will disappear after a few days have passed. " The shop assistant's eyes were filled with scorn and mockery.

Tang You You raised his eyebrows: If you want to buy, of course I'll buy a new one. Why not introduce a new one to me?

The shop assistant's eyes immediately looked at her with an expression of disbelief from top to bottom, as if she was joking.

She predicted that Tang You You would definitely not take advantage of the 500 dollars he was wearing all over the place.

As for their shop, even the cheapest set of clothes was worth at least tens of thousands. Not to mention the few new sets released this year, all of them were priced at hundreds of thousands of yuan. This woman probably couldn't even afford a single diamond necklace.

"What is it? You open the door and don't do business? " Seeing her move, Tang You You asked in surprise.

Miss, did you enter the wrong door or the wrong place? If you want to buy some clothes, I think you should go out, turn left and take the elevator down to the third floor. The Buyer was truly having a discussion about Tang You You wasting her time here. He felt that Tang You You was just a weirdo who pretended to be knowledgeable, even with no money.

Tang You You was speechless and gloomy.

She had merely pointed out that she had lied, and how she had become her enemy for the third time.

Even though he knew that the other party was lying, couldn't he correct it?

Just as Tang You You was about to turn around and leave, Ji Xiao Han had already received the call and walked in.

A few Buyer s who were idling by the side saw Ji Xiao Han and immediately rushed over: "Sir, are you going to buy clothes for your girlfriend? We have quite a few new ones here. You can pick a few. "

When those women came over, they were all astonished.

He couldn't help but wonder how could there be such a handsome man in this world. He was simply the epitome of a male god in his dreams.

He was tall and straight, with a dignified temperament. The most important thing was that he was really too good-looking.

Ji Xiao Han ignored their enthusiasm, walked straight to Tang You You's side and asked: "Have you finished choosing? "Did anyone take a fancy to it?"

When Tang You You saw that the group of women had a completely different attitude towards Ji Xiao Han, she didn't want to stay any longer for a moment, so he turned around and left for Walk Outside.

Ji Xiao Han followed her out in astonishment.

Behind him was a group of stupefied women.

Ji Xiao Han saw that Tang You You's face was a little stiff, and reached out to grab her arm: "What happened?"

"It's nothing, let's go to another place and see." Tang You You did not want to complain about those depressing things. Anyways, people like Ji Xiao Han who were welcomed by others wherever he went would not be able to understand her depression just now.

Ji Xiao Han frowned, he turned and glanced at the shop, could it be that someone in the shop had made her feel wronged?

A trace of hostility instantly flashed through his gentle eyes. It seemed like there was someone who was going to suffer misfortune.

In the end, Tang You You chose to shop with another woman's clothing store. With Ji Xiao Han by her side, no one dared to look down on her anymore.

They took the initiative to give her some clothes to try on and even praised her on the side.

Tang You You only chose a suitable set of clothes to wear, and did not take the opportunity to rob them.

Walking out of the female clothing store, Ji Xiao Han grabbed her arm and walked towards the elevator. However, the elevator was heading up instead of down.

"Where else?" Tang You You frowned in puzzlement.

"I've already picked out your clothes, but you're still missing a lot of things." Ji Xiao Han said with a faint smile.

The elevator reached the floor, and when the door opened, Ji Xiao Han brought her to a jewelry store.

This time, Ji Xiao Han did not give her the choice to buy the most expensive set of jewelry in the shop.

"Put it on!" His tyrannical order.

Tang You You had no choice but to turn around and pick up the necklace and put it on her slim neck.

The huge diamond was resplendent and dazzling, its twinkling light perfectly matching Tang You You's natural snow-white skin. It was even more beautiful.

"Extend your hand …" The man suddenly ordered her again.