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That kind of surprised expression almost stares through Xia Xinnian.

"Sister Xinnian, what's your relationship with jimucheng?

It's a big night. It's for you. Is it your boyfriend? "

There was a young man who asked all the questions that everyone wanted to know in an instant.

Xia Xinnian looks a little frozen, because she is also shocked.

I didn't expect that jimucheng would send her dinner for dinner, but she believed that her son begged him to do so.

"He It's my neighbor. Bring it to me by the way! "

Xia Xinnian quickly made up an excuse after he was stunned, and gave it a circle.

She really doesn't want to be doubted about her unclear relationship with jimucheng.

She is very concerned about her reputation, maybe because five years ago, she was infamous and afraid of other people's gossip.

"Wow, miss Xinnian, jimucheng is your neighbor?

How come you never mentioned it? "

Immediately aroused everyone's envy.

Xia Xinnian smiled dryly: "my grandma lives next door to him!"

The lie is getting more and more absurd, but she can't help it.

Xia Xinnian, in the envious eyes of everyone, escaped into the office and found that he still carried the two incubators in his hand.

Open, there are rice, vegetables and hot soup.

Xia Xinnian is a little bit stuck. It seems that no one has cared about her so much for so many years.

Except for the son! So, is this really what my son asked him to send?

The eyes are inexplicably moist. Xia Xinnian's strong heart is always soft and confused in an occasional moment. Maybe her son is too sensible and considerate, which touched her heart.

In order not to waste her son's care, Xia Xinnian really began to eat.

On the way home, jimucheng smashed the steering wheel several times.

What the hell?

How could he have done such a disgraceful thing?

Please that boring woman?

Jimucheng really regrets that she promised her son to do such a stupid thing. That woman would not suspect that he fell in love with her because of this, would she?

Jimucheng decides not to do it next time.

After returning home, jimucheng found that his son was waiting for him to eat. Just now, all kinds of cold guarantees disappeared. His son was waiting for him to come back and infected his heart.

"Little guy, don't wait for daddy to come back to eat. Eat first. Daddy doesn't blame you!"

Jimucheng hugs his son's small body in his arms and tells him heartily.

"It's hard for daddy to deliver food to Mommy!"

The little guy said very attentively, soft and sweet voice, directly hit the man's frozen and hard heart, he was slightly stunned.

"No, daddy likes to take care of your mommy!"

In order to get his son's approval, the man speaks with conscience.


Does daddy think about what I said about introducing mommy to you as a girlfriend? "

The little guy asked, blinking and expecting.

"Er Son, the world of adults is too complex. You don't understand. Your mommy and I have just met each other. It will take at least a few months to know whether we like each other or not! "

Jimucheng doesn't want to promise his son what he can't do, because he really doesn't want to let that woman be his girlfriend. He treats his feelings very cautiously.

The little guy blinks his big crystal eyes, as if he knows nothing.

Jimucheng crouches down and touches his head. His voice is soft: "give daddy and mummy some time, OK?"

This sentence, the little guy understood, he cleverly ordered a little head: "OK, daddy, my mommy is very beautiful, right?"

Jimucheng thought for a moment, nodded: "OK!"

"Do you think many uncles will like her?"

The little guy continued to ask seriously.

Jimucheng's handsome face flashed for a moment, then nodded: "maybe there will be!"

"If other uncles grab mommy's favor in front of daddy, will I have a stepfather?"

Jimucheng: "..." The little guy immediately sighed: "I only want Daddy, no stepfather, no stepmother!"

Jimucheng continued: "the "Daddy, let's eat first!" he said

In the face of his son's worries, jimucheng really has nothing to say.

Let him have a good tongue in the market, but at this moment, his son's words make him unable to find a proper answer.

Maybe all the children don't like stepmother and stepfather.

Father and son sat at the table for dinner, and the little guy followed him for a walk in the garden.

One big one small, the shadow drags long, this picture, lets the housekeeper see several desire tears.

If you can let your husband and wife see this scene, and see how lovely the young master is, you will be very happy.

At 9:30, Xia Xinnian hurried back home. There were lights in the living room, but the servants all went to rest.

Quietly, Xia Xinnian rushes upstairs.

She was really afraid that her son would make trouble for her and could not adapt to the new environment, so she almost came back in a hurry.

"Daddy, one more time!"

When Xia Xinnian came to the bedroom door, she heard her son's excited voice.

Xia Xinnian's expression is slightly stagnant.

"Well, come again!"

The man's deep, happy voice rang.

Xia Xinnian gently pushed the door open, and saw that on the carpet, the man was lying on the floor, wearing only a pair of bullet shorts, the little guy was lying on the back of the man, two little hands were tightly around his neck, and the man was doing a supine.

"Count for Daddy!"

Jimucheng said quietly.

The little guy started counting.

Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyes are slightly gaping. He looks at the strength of the strong muscles on the arms and legs when the man attaches and props up every time. His brain is buzzing for a moment and there is a blank.

In her trance, her son has counted to fifteen.

"Mommy..." When Xia Xinnian's face was red and flustered, her son found her.

It was impossible for Xia Xinnian to leave quietly, so he had to open the door with a stiff expression.

"Mommy, how long have you been watching at the door?"

The little guy climbs down from the back of the man, and the man also stands up, with a lot of sweat running down his body, which makes the man's strong body more lustrous and compact.

Xia Xinnian saw only one eye, and felt that there was no place for her eyes, and her saliva became more, which made her swallow several times.

"I I just came back. What are you doing? "

Xia xinnianjue's man is really bored. He even does this kind of sports here in the evening. Is his body better?

The man's eyes fell on her deeply and complicatedly. Seeing her thick long eyelashes shaking, he dared not look at him directly. His thin lips raised a smile that seemed to have no meaning.

Is she shy?

"Mommy, I'm doing sports with Daddy. You see, daddy's body is so good. I lie on his back. He can do dozens of supines."

The little guy immediately praised daddy's good figure.