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Looking at Xia Xinnian's appearance of milk murderer and milk murderer, Jimu city was in a good mood. He couldn't help but reach out and hug her. He held her full, bowed his head and put his thin lips against her hair, murmured: "you can't leave me alone. My heart has been hooked by you. You can't be so heartless."

Xia Xinnian wanted to laugh: "you can't compare with your son. He was born to me. I'm only responsible for him."

Jimucheng was in a bad mood and immediately complained: "I'm the father of the child. I hope you won't ignore my existence."

"It's difficult for me to ignore you as a living man." Xia Xinnian doesn't want to be angry with him. Suddenly, he feels that although jimucheng is mature and steady, sometimes he is just like a big boy, just like a big boy.

Jimucheng saw that she was playing with himself. He made a slight effort with his hands. Xia Xinnian made a low voice, and the man began to laugh.

The car drove down the highway, all the way to the gate of the star hotel in the resort village. Ji Mucheng's assistant had arranged the room for a long time. Two people got off the car, picked up their luggage and walked towards the hall.

"How many seasons?" All of a sudden, a beautiful woman came face-to-face. She was well dressed and elegant. She recognized jimucheng at a glance.

"It's Miss Lin, it's a coincidence." Jimucheng opens with a smile.

"Did Ji come here for a vacation?" Lin Cheng is also a lady of great family. In the same circle, she is of the same age. She has known each other for a long time. Even she almost wants to meet Jimu city. But because Jimu city is busy with work, this matter has been delayed again and again.

Lin Cheng's eyes immediately focused on Xia Xinnian. She dragged a small box and stood beside jimucheng. When two people stood like this, they could see each other.

Lin Cheng's eyes opened wide and asked deliberately, "Ji Shao is not alone. Is this your friend?"

Jimucheng knew her secret meaning, and directly reached out to hug Xia Xinnian to her arms and said, "this is my wife, Xia Xinnian."

"Oh, is it Xia? I don't think I've heard of the Xia family. " Lin Cheng pretends to be surprised.

Xia Xinnian's expression was slightly stiff, so he had to bow his head and stop talking.

But jimucheng frowned and smiled: "you only need to remember that she is Mrs. Ji in the future."

Lin Cheng's face was red and his ears were red.

"Let's go." Jimucheng said softly to Xia Xinnian.

Xia Xinnian looks up at the woman whose face has changed next to her. She only feels that she has been regarded as the enemy of love.

After checking in, two people took the elevator upstairs.

"That woman seemed to like you just now." Xia Xinnian speaks directly.

"Are you jealous?" Jimucheng asked with a low smile.

"Of course, I won't be jealous. I just feel that you are so excellent and attractive. If I marry you in the future, I won't feel safe." Xia Xinnian laughs at himself.

"Otherwise, we will have two more children. If you have more children, you will feel safe. Listen to me. It's a good idea." Jimucheng's evil spirit helps her to make suggestions.

"Boring." Xia Xin says a white eye to him, is he full of brain all left the thing that gives birth to a child?

Jimucheng looked at her face and thought about it seriously, which was inexplicably interesting.

"You are also very beautiful. You are independent, confident and powerful. I don't have a sense of security." Jimucheng immediately teased her.

"I I won't mess around. " Xia Xinnian is in a hurry to explain.

"Where do I look like a man who will mess? I like to think in my head, not in my own place? " Jimucheng also reached out to point.

Xia Xinnian looked at it, blushed with shame and turned his back angrily: "I can remind you that I can stand any grievance, but I just can't stand the betrayal. That's my bottom line, and it's the hurdle I can't cross in my life."

"Just the same with me." Jimucheng chuckles.

Xia Xinnian turns around, and Mei Mou looks at him. The man's eyes are deep but firm, which makes people unable to question his truth.

To the top floor, brush the card, the porch, change shoes, Nuo's big living room will be in the eye.

The design is very individual, with wide vision and unique scenery.

Xia Xinnian looks at the magnificent scenery in front of him. There are mountains in the distance and golden intersection nearby. It's really amazing.

Jimucheng lolls to the sofa on the balcony and pats the position beside him: "have a rest."

Xia Xinnian lies down beside him. In the warm sun, two people embrace each other tenderly, and the time has also changed.

"Is Yu Chen not used to it? Would you like to make a phone call and care about him? " Xia Xinnian finally thought that he had a son.

"Make another video call later. Don't worry, my parents are very experienced." Jimucheng thought that his parents had taken their four children for more than 20 years and cared for them carefully. Apart from a few diseases, they had no accidental injuries. His parents were painstaking and he always remembered it.

"It can be seen that your parents are really easy to get along with. I inquired about your family before. I heard that your father was also fierce and resolute. But when he met your mother, he would go back to his family and take care of his career and family. It's really not easy." Xia Xinnian sighs softly. Jimucheng nodded: "yes, my father is the example I want to learn, my family is the driving force for me to fight against the world. Only when I am strong enough can I make the family laugh."

Xia xinnianwei Zheng, but she believed every word he said.

Men who value their families will have more confidence to work hard.

"Don't look at me with such adoring eyes, I will be proud." The man's fingers, flicked on her face, touched her soft skin, a trace of electricity, came from the belly of his fingers, his heartstrings trembled, almost unable to resist, and wanted to kiss her again.

Xia Xinnian's face is hot and whispers, "who adores you?"

The man laughs but does not speak, just hugs her tighter some.

He Jiaxuan is bored to death at the moment. His heart is like something gnawing and making him restless. Men have to conquer the desire, their favorite things, was robbed, really unwilling.

He Jiaxuan's troubles come from Xia Xinnian's being preempted by jimucheng. But Mingming, he is the first man to know her. If he is really a step late, he also recognizes her. In fact, he had a chance to get her five years ago.

Xia shuran walked down the stairs and saw he Jiaxuan sitting on the sofa, smoking one after another. The whole living room was black and smoke blocked, which made her a little unhappy.

She quickly walked down: "stop smoking, don't you know I'm pregnant? Do you still take me seriously? "

As soon as he Jiaxuan pressed the cigarette end, he took his coat and went out.

Xia shuran grabs his arm: "he Jiaxuan, do you regret marrying me?"