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Ji Xiao Han also picked up his cup and clinked it with hers. While he was drinking, he was still staring at the lady in front of him.

Even though she didn't look elegant when she was drinking, she had her own charm.

It was a very straightforward feeling.

"I'll pay you back! Are these dishes good or not?!" Ji Xiao Han immediately picked up a pair of chopsticks and placed it into her bowl.

As if Tang You You was already used to eating the food he picked up, she didn't even feel the need to be courteous. She placed it into her mouth, then nodded and praised: "It's really delicious!"

In his heart, Ji Xiao Han had actually used the word truly delicious on her, causing his thin lips to involuntarily twitch.

Suddenly, he realised that after knowing Tang You You, Ji Xiao Han's world seemed to have opened up a new door, inside there were all sorts of different scenes of adults.

However, Ji Xiao Han liked this door a lot. He felt that at his age, it was about time he had a good taste of these things.

Tang You You simply did not know what the man in front of her was thinking.

Just as Tang You You and her sister was enjoying the delicious food, in a dark bedroom.

Luo He Ning carried Mu Lin and fell deeply asleep.

Suddenly, a phone call woke them up.

Luo He Ning was the first to open his eyes, only to realize that the sky had already darkened. What time was it?

"Who is it? So noisy! " Just when Luo He Ning decided to look for the ringing phone, he heard Mu Lin muttering angrily, following that, he saw Mu Lin directly lifting up the blanket, then walking towards the phone without covering himself.

Not only did she quickly find the phone, but she also walked to the light switch beside her. The next second, she turned on the light.

"Don't …" Luo He Ning quickly used the blanket to cover his face, and in the next second, a woman screamed.

Luo He Ning's handsome face was pale. He knew Mu Lin would scream.

"You … Who are you? Why are you in my house? What did we do? " Mu Lin could not believe that he was actually naked with a man.

You know what happened, almost on your knees.

Luo He Ning lightly pulled on the quilt to reveal half of his face, and said somewhat frantically: "Mu Lin, don't get too excited, listen to my explanation …"

"It's you?" Luo He Ning? " When Mu Lin saw that handsome face, he was stunned for a moment. Then, she roared: Don't look!

Luo He Ning hurriedly turned around, and the blanket covering him slid down, revealing his sturdy young body. Mu Lin was slightly startled.

"I didn't mean to hurt you. Don't be angry, okay?" Luo He Ning felt that he had committed a grave mistake, but he didn't know how to explain why. Mu Lin, who was burning with passion in her bed just now, would become someone else after she had sobered up from the alcohol.

When Mu Lin saw that the man beneath the blanket was Luo He Ning, the fear and unease in her heart completely disappeared.

She took a piece of clothing from the Emperor's wardrobe and draped it over her shoulders. Following that, she said in an indifferent tone, "Alright, you should also put on your clothes and come out!"

After Mu Lin finished speaking, she turned around and walked towards the living room as if she was a queen.

Luo He Ning turned his head to look at the door in astonishment. His handsome face had a variety of expressions on it.

He quickly picked up his clothes from the ground, feeling uneasy as he put them on.

Analyzing the tone of Mu Lin's words just now, it seemed as though she wasn't angry, but she was cold enough.

Luo He Ning's handsome face instantly turned sad, why did all of that enthusiasm disappear?

Thinking about Mu Lin's charming and gentle appearance just now, and how she was now, Luo He Ning had the urge to smash her head against a wall.

Why would a woman have such extreme duality?

Although Luo He Ning's heart was full of confusion, he still quickly put on his clothes and walked out.

In the living room, Mu Lin had already poured herself a cup of warm water and was sitting on the sofa, dumbfounded.

"Mu Lin..." After they fought once, Luo He Ning decided not to call her Mubai, and directly calling her by her name wouldn't sound so unfamiliar.

Mu Lin did not turn her head to look at him, but only said indifferently: "Sit, let's talk!"

When Luo He Ning heard her say that word, his handsome face became uneasy again. He could only sit on the sofa opposite her.

The two men and women who had just gotten out of bed had extremely unnatural expressions on their faces.

They didn't dare to look into each other's eyes. They felt unfamiliar, but something so intimate happened.

Luo He Ning pondered in his heart, should he speak out and say something that I will take full responsibility of?

"Luo He Ning, I never thought that I would do this to you before marriage, of course, I do not blame you, we are already adults, we should be responsible for our own actions, I am drunk, although I do not remember what I said to you, but I still feel that it is necessary for us to calm down!" Mu Lin had a hangover and just woke up. He had a headache, and his mind was in a mess.

Luo He Ning's handsome eyes slightly widened as he looked at Mu Lin in disbelief. Why did she say such words?

He wanted to say those words, but because he didn't have the confidence and confidence, he had no choice but to bury them deep within his heart.

"I'm sorry …!" Luo He Ning felt that the only thing he could say was this.

Mu Lin smiled faintly: "You did not let me down. I did not suffer any losses because of your good looks, good figure, and gentleness!"

"Then can I be your boyfriend?" After Luo He Ning heard her praise himself, he mustered up his courage to ask.

Mu Lin was stunned, her expression somewhat stiff: "You … What did you say? "

"I want to be your boyfriend, okay?" Luo He Ning asked loudly again.

"I can't answer you about this right now. I need to think about it!" Mu Lin's heart was in complete chaos. The reason why she was in such a state was because just two days ago, she seemed to have just promised a man that she would consider being his girlfriend.

Hearing that she did not immediately agree, Luo He Ning's handsome face was filled with disappointment, as if he had suffered a huge blow to his confidence, "Alright, I'll wait for your answer!"

Mu Lin raised her head and looked at him. Seeing the unhappiness on his face, she suddenly laughed: "Luo He Ning, do you like me?"

"I like it!" Luo He Ning answered without any hesitation.

"When did you like me?" Mu Lin felt that she was actually in a good mood after seeing this man blushing so much.

Facing her pair of beautiful phoenix eyes, Luo He Ning's heart was beating extremely quickly. After pursing his lips for a bit, he answered: "It happened a few years ago!"

"A few years ago?" Mu Lin frowned, "But we've only known each other for more than three years!"