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There is a custom in wedding. On the wedding day, the bride and groom should not meet before greeting each other. In

Yes, Tang youyou moved to a new villa in Xia Weiwen that night, so that he could go out from his mother's house, which was in line with the etiquette.

The two little guys were originally going to follow, and they were called back by the old lady. Today, the two little guys also have tasks. They are going to be little flower children for daddy and mummy's wedding. LAN Yue is in charge of the dressing up of the two little guys. She takes the prepared garland, ties Ji xiaonai's little braids, two lovely twist braids, ties some fresh flowers to her little braids, and brings a beautiful and exquisite diamond crown. Ji xiaonai is invincible.

"Haha, I'm so beautiful. I'm a little princess!" I turned several circles in the mirror. The little guy knew how to be narcissistic. He held two fleshy faces and made some strange moves. He still laughed and boasted: "grandma, grandma, am I like a little princess? Do you want daddy to build a castle for me? I want to live in it. "

LAN Yue is amused by the lovely granddaughter. She squats down gently and plays her cute nose: "you live in daddy's castle now, this is your room!"

The little guy blinked and thought for a few seconds, then nodded: "well, I won't waste daddy's money! But where is my little prince? "

This can be difficult to LAN Yue, this is just a little bigger, it's really a cartoon.

At this time, Ji Xiaorui came in wearing a tailored tuxedo. He was a head taller than Ji xiaonai. The little guy was just pulling out the seedlings. He grew up every day. But Ji xiaonai was developing horizontally every day. He was becoming a little fat girl. These two dragon wind foetuses had been genetically developed. "

wow, my brother is so handsome today, like my little prince!" Ji xiaonai immediately became infatuated with her brother's flowers. She looked around Ji Xiaorui and nodded her head contentedly: "brother, look at your clothes well. They are more and more like Daddy!"

Ji Xiaorui is always speechless to her innocent sister.

"Are you ready? We are going to set out. Great grandmother is urging us downstairs. " Ji Xiaorui came up to tell the story, because LAN Yue dressed Ji xiaonai meticulously, which really took a long time, almost an hour.

LAN Yue took a look at the time and hurriedly urged, "OK, we are ready. Let's go downstairs quickly. Don't let Grandma wait for you!"

Three people went downstairs. Ji xiaonai kept turning her little princess dress, which was embroidered with delicate lace. The whole person was beautiful like the little princess coming out of the fairy tale. All the eyes of the whole family were turning on her. Xiao Han sits on the sofa with his long legs folded. He sees his daughter and son, and his mouth goes up. Son Zi completely inherits his appearance and character, but she is his daughter. I don't know whose gene she inherits. She looks like Tang Youyou, but she is obviously more beloved than Tang youyou.

"Xiaonai, come here and let daddy have a look!" Ji Xiaohan can't help but want to hug his daughter. This little guy is so cute.

Ji xiaonai walked over with a smile, threw herself into daddy's arms and said, "Daddy, you are so handsome today. Mommy will love it when she sees it!"

"When does your mommy like me?" Season owl cold thick skin says. Season

xiaonai chuckles, then attaches to his ear and whispers: "Mommy used to hate daddy, I know!" Season

Xiao Han smiled helplessly: "not in the future, she will like me more and more in the future!"

"It depends on daddy's performance!" Ji xiaonai gradually has some air, like the previous son.

Ji Xiaohan can't laugh or cry, but it also proves that his daughter has grown up.

Ji's family is almost ready. Ji Xiaohan is dressed in a formal black suit, with a clean shaven beard and a beautiful young face. He is very impressive.

His straight and slender legs are set off by his crisp trousers, which gives people a sense of noble spirit of the king of heaven. The old lady takes LAN Yue and two little guys to the banquet hall to prepare first. Ji Xiaohan takes his best man group with him and will go to meet them later.

At the moment, his best man group is coming. He invited four of them, Luo brothers, Mu shiye and his brother Ji Yueze.

Although the number of the best man team is small, the quality is good enough.

All of them are handsome young men, fighters in the elite. Meal

in the hall, five men sit at the table and have breakfast! Next to a group of servants, aunts and big sisters, they couldn't help blinking at the sight of the team. Come on, handsome men can become true friends. That's too high a face value. Five

all men are in suits and suits, and their temperaments are all noble and incomparable. Every move is extremely amazing. It's not a family rule to take photos of the master and the son without permission. I'm afraid these aunts need to take hundreds of photos one by one before they are willing to take them. "

it's too troublesome for you. Come here early in the morning and eat more. You're welcome!" Season owl cold says with a smile, the voice is warm and low, listen to sweet extremely.

The four men sitting on each side of him had the same expression. "

brother, needless to say, we will not be polite!" Ji Yueze said lazily. "

Yes, you're welcome? When were we polite to you? " When the night also ha ha smile, abdomen black extreme. Luo

the two brothers didn't say anything but ate in silence. "

after drinking my wedding wine, it's Henin's!" Ji Xiaohan is still forced to chat.

Because, a few big men sit together, really have nothing to talk about.

At this time, I'm sure I won't talk about work. It's too dull, and I can't talk about women. I'm dying, so it's most natural to talk about this kind of non nutritious topic. Luo

Henning immediately felt sad for a second: "when I get married, there will be one less best man group. It's a pity that I should get married in front of you!" Luo

Jin Yu's thin lips were hooked up, and he smiled and patted his brother on the shoulder: "what's the hurry? Brother will help you find it!" "

alas, why other people's eldest brother dotes on his younger brother so much? Do I suffer? " Ji Yueze joked.

Season owl cold one eye knife flew over: "I still not enough pet you?" When mu

at night, he immediately covered himself with a layer of chicken skin. He also made an exaggerated action and touched his arm: "Hey, you guys, have you considered my feelings? I am a person who only has elder sister and no elder brother. I feel very stressed when I am with you! " "

not afraid, brother-in-law hurts you!" Lohnin laughed instantly. When mu

is in the night, he directly breathes to vomit blood.