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In the middle of the night, LAN Yanxi caught a cold and had a high fever. She was dizzy and thirsty. So she opened the quilt and decided to go downstairs for a drink of boiled water. Blue

Yan Xi stepped on a slipper and walked downstairs unsteadily. However, because she was not familiar with the house and the light in the corridor, she did not know where the switch was, so she had to grope for it. "

No, I'm afraid of the dark!" LAN Yanxi touched a few places, but found none. Suddenly she was speechless. Did she go downstairs in the dark? Blue

Yanxi's final decision was to go to the other end of the corridor in the dark and ask Ling Mo Feng for help.

However, she just walked a few steps, and the light in the corridor suddenly turned on. She was shocked and felt strange. When she looked up, she saw the man wearing a dark purple robe coming towards her.

"What are you doing?" Ling Mo Feng heard the movement. As soon as he turned on the light, he saw her hands touching the wall, and he could not help frowning.

Does this woman have the habit of sleepwalking?

"I'm looking for the light switch. I can't find it!" LAN Yanxi said weakly. "

the switch is on the left side of the door. Didn't I tell you?" Ling Mo Feng has a strange expression. Blue

Yan Xi was stunned and shouted, "how did you say that?"

Ling Mo Feng came to her and watched her cheeks glow differently. His face changed and he whispered, "what's the matter with you? Why is your face so red? "

"I have a fever. Do you have a thermometer? I want to drink boiled water. It's hard! " LAN Yanxi is not a child. She has a cold at first sight. It must be because she fell asleep at the gate this afternoon, and would be feverish if she was frozen.

Ling Mo Feng reached out directly and put his palm on her forehead. It was very hot indeed. "

next time, don't sleep outside the door!" Ling Mo Feng has no choice but to tell her again.

"No, do you have any cold medicine at home?" LAN Yanxi is ill, and he is still very obedient. He dare not act recklessly.

"Come down with me and have a look!" Ling Mo Feng remembered that there should be a spare medicine. Yan Xi didn't know why the fever was so fierce. She felt that she had a double shadow in her eyes. "

Ling Mo Feng, can I hold hands? I'm dizzy!" Lanyanxi wanted to plead with him for help so that he would not roll down like a stone.

Ling Mo Feng knew that she must be suffering at the moment, or her eyes would not be so dull. "

I'll carry you down!" Ling Mo Feng directly stooped to stand in front of her, and LAN Yanxi was not polite. He directly fell on his broad back. His two little hands instinctively hugged his neck, fearing that he would fall. Ling

Mo Feng's two big hands are concerned, and he dare not grasp her two legs easily, because she is wearing pajamas at the moment, and the two thin and white legs are exposed directly. If he wants to reach out to hold her, he is afraid that he will encounter the place that should not be touched.

If you don't hold her leg, I'm afraid that she can't wrap his neck with her current strength, and it will fall down. In the end, Ling Mo Feng can only start. Wen

warm palms, directly attached to her slender legs, firmly holding her on her back, step down the stairs.

Lanyanxi was ill and smeared at the moment, and didn't care about this matter at all. However, the man was sober. The more sober he was, the more he felt the greasy skin in his palm, the more he was in a trance for several times.

He didn't expect that women's skin would be so soft, not as hard and firm as men's, soft as if a pinch would hurt her. Ling

Mo Feng carries LAN Yanxi down the second floor and directly puts him on the sofa. LAN Yanxi sits on his back.

Ling Mo Feng hurriedly went to boil a pot of hot water, filled her a cup of hot water, and was going to find cold medicine. There was really medicine, but there was no medicine to reduce the fever. Ling Mo Feng looked at the time, it was more than three o'clock in the morning. At this time, he asked someone to send the medicine. It seemed that it was not thick.

"You take the medicine first. In a moment, I will cool you down physically!" Ling Mo Feng took out the medicine and put it on a piece of paper, so that she could take it quickly.

"Oh!" LAN Yanxi swallowed the medicine obediently, then drank two large cups of hot water in one breath, which made him feel better. "

lie down and I'll pour some water!" Ling Mo Feng said in a low voice and went straight to get the water and towel.

LAN Yanxi lay down on the sofa. In a short time, Ling Mo Feng took the basin and towel and got warm water. After wringing, he wiped her palm and forehead first. Then, he wring the water again. When he wanted to wipe her chest and back, his hand was frozen in the air. He remembers that he and his little nephew have cooled down like this, but he can wipe the children by hand. But now, if he wants to wipe the woman like this, will he treat him as an irregular person?

"What's the matter?" LAN Yanxi blinked sleepily, saw him holding the towel, and asked curiously.

"Rub your front and back, and bring down the temperature here!" Ling Mo Feng said in a low voice.

"Give me a hand, please!" LAN Yanxi finished, and turned over lazily, lying on the sofa.

As expected, it's the nature of the eldest lady. Now she is so ill that she refuses to move her hand.

Ling Mo Feng sighed. Well, since she asked for it, he didn't have to worry about anything. Ling

Mo Feng directly wrung the towel dry, pulled her pajamas hard, and saw her back smooth as jade skin. He directly took the towel and wiped it back and forth several times. When he touched her again, the temperature dropped a lot, not as hot as before. "

OK, go to the hospital tomorrow morning!" Ling Mo Feng worked hard and finally lowered her temperature. He took care of her clothes and said softly.

LAN Yanxi didn't even make a sound. Ling Mo Feng looked at her face. The woman fell asleep like this. She slept soundly and enjoyed herself very much. Dare to treat him as a hypnotist? Just now he was scrubbing her back to cool down. She fell asleep safely. "

I really owe you!" Ling Mo Feng couldn't help but laugh at himself. Then, he reached out and turned her over, directly hugged her and walked upstairs. Blue

Yan Xi had a good sleep quality. Now she is so sleepy that she is confused when she sleeps. She doesn't know what's going on.

Ling Mo Feng carried her upstairs, kicked the door open with her feet, and saw that a woman slept like a dog's nest. She even put all the pillows on the sofa on her bed, surrounded a safe place for only one person to lie down. Was she sleeping in this small place? Ling

Mo Feng didn't expect that she would have this strange habit. Isn't it because of the lack of security?

Ling Mo Feng gently put her in the small nest she cleaned. What LAN Yanxi could have done was to reach out and hug the pillow beside her. However, the pillow didn't arrive, but Ling Mo Feng, who had no time to pull his hand away, hugged him. Ling

Mo Feng looks at her instinctive action, and Jun's face is stunned. Then, his arm is tightly held by the woman in her arms, clinging to her soft skin. His whole body is shocked and his brain is blank for a moment. With

later, he realized that he had taken advantage of the woman unconsciously, which was not quite like a righteous act.

Then, Ling Mo Feng used a little force to pull away her arm. The girl lost her dependence, moved her body, grabbed another thing and held it tightly in her arms. Ling

Mo Feng looks at her childish behavior and doesn't know whether to laugh or mock her.

I don't know if her eccentricity was born or caused by the day after tomorrow. Her father left early, and she had no sense of security. Would it have something to do with her father leaving?

In any case, Ling Mo Feng was inexplicably distressed. The intensity of this feeling made the Adam's apple roll. His grandfather gave up his greater interests and forced his granddaughter to him. Maybe he knew that she was insecure and wanted him to be her umbrella. "

LAN Yanxi, I hope you won't regret meeting me." Ling Mo Feng covered her with a quilt, tucked in the quilt corner and left with a sigh.