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C659 is curious about Tang youyou

In the high-end restaurant in country m, Ji yunning is dining with Ji Lin's father and son. "Xiaoning, your method is timely. I'm sure that Ji Xiaohan and his brother are very disappointed and disgraced about how to deal with my uncle's affair." Ji Shangqing appreciates Ji yunning with a smile. The thing about sending the photos this time is Ji yunning's idea. It's the idea of dispersing Ji Xiaohan's mind, which is absolutely effective. Ji yunning smiled modestly: "elder brother, I just want to share more worries for my father. In fact, you don't know Ji Xiaohan better than me. In the eyes of outsiders, he is cold and heartless, not close, and not easy to get along with. However, Ji Xiaohan, as I know, is a man who values affection and righteousness. Besides being tough and ruthless, he treats his family, But he absolutely belongs to the kind of person with strong feelings. In the eyes of his brothers, the image of uncle has always been noble and great. Once, I heard that Ji Xiaohan said that he would be proud of his father in the future. "

Ji Lin nodded his head and looked at his daughter admiringly: "you still know him well. Indeed, he is such a man. The love and family will make an Iron-blooded warrior have many weaknesses in an instant. If you want to attack him, you have to start from his most important people and things and get the most effective results."

"Daddy, I heard that he will come to see you in two days. Are you ready to see him?" Ji yunning's beautiful eyes are slightly raised. In a pair of smiling eyes, the light flashes, but at the same time, there is another hint of ambition and unwillingness.

Ji linlenghum: "I declare that I'm recovering from illness, and he'll come to visit me on the pretext that he wants to visit me. Of course, I'll be ready to entertain him, but I don't know what his intention is this time."

"I think he might have come to talk to Daddy about the terms." Ji yunning guessed boldly.

"Oh? What do you say? " Ji Shangqing is still very appreciative of Ji yunning. She always feels that she has ideas. At that time, she could easily capture the trust of Ji Xiaohan at a young age, which shows how high her EQ is.

Such a woman, it is really love and fear! Ji yunning raised his eyebrows confidently and said coldly: "Ji Xiaohan will not directly target you. He has a good reputation in the business world and a high credit rating. So if he even suppresses his own relatives and uncles, it will damage his good reputation in the circle, which will definitely affect his career and company development, and he will not do so." Ji Lin nodded and felt that her analysis was reasonable: "yes, I guess he must have come to talk with me about the conditions. As long as I don't let go of this hatred for a day, he will always be better off. Bijing, I'm also a Ji's family member, Shangqing is my son, and he also has the opportunity to compete for the qualification of Ji's successor

, Ji Xiaohan has passed me and taken over the company, how can he also return it I have to sell some face. " Ji Shangqing thought that he had been expelled, and he was very angry and unwilling: "Daddy, why did you stop me at the beginning and not let me fight with him? Before we had a fight, you decided that I would lose, so you don't believe my strength? My company is developing very well now, so I am very talented in management. This time, no matter what, I don't want to be a spectator anymore. " Ji Lin saw that his son had a lot of opinions. He snorted coldly and said seriously: "I didn't let you fight with him, but I wanted to reserve a qualification for you to win again. Now don't be discouraged. If you really have confidence, this time, don't flinch. I'm old, and I'll depend on you two in the future. Yunning promised me that she will help you."

When Ji Shangqing saw his father let him go to Bo this time, he immediately let go of his resentment, picked up his glass, and looked at Ji yunning with a smile and said, "come on, Xiao Ning, I want to toast you. In the future, we are not only brothers and sisters, but also partners. I wish us success."

Ji yunning picked up his glass and nodded with a smile: "OK, brother, we will be very happy and successful when we cooperate."

Ji Lin watched his children reach an agreement. He was very pleased and satisfied.

"Xiaoning, if I remember correctly, have you always dreamed of marrying Ji Xiaohan? What's up? Why do you want him dead all of a sudden? " Ji Shangqing joked.

Ji Lin's face sank and scolded, "don't expose Xiao Ning's scar." Ji yunning's face changed a lot. However, she soon calmed down and said lightly: "I used to be a fool. I thought that if you give a piece of true love, you will get a return. Now, I recognize the reality. Even if you put yourself in a low place, he will not look at me any more. Daddy, brother, I want to raise a request, hope You can promise me. "

Ji Lin's father and son look serious, looking at her and asking, "what do you want to ask?"

Ji yunning took a sip of wine, and his face flashed with reluctance and pain: "I want to get Ji Xiaohan!"

Both father and son's expressions were startled. Unexpectedly, one of her girls said such bold words.

"Xiaoning, are you drunk?" Ji Lin asked her about it. Ji yunning shakes her head, tears in her eyes. She lowers her head, clenches her lower lip, and says with pain: "you don't know, I have multiple feelings for Ji Xiaohan. As soon as I wait for him to marry me, I've been waiting for five years, but it's his sweet love with other women.

but, does he know? I love him all the time. I don't like it. Daddy, big brother, do you think I'm stupid and ridiculous? "

Ji Shangqing chuckles: "Xiaoning, brother understands you, man and woman. Isn't that all? It's normal that you are eager for him. Ji Xiaohan has the ability to get rid of the cold. He is tall and handsome. I believe you are not only a woman, but many women have this idea. "

Ji Lin shakes his head: "I really can't understand your young people's ideas, but if this is your wish, daddy will certainly fulfill you. If you can have something with him, it must be a major blow to his children."

Ji Shangqing suddenly said, "Xiao Ning, I'm really curious. What kind of woman did I lose to? Is that beautiful?"

When Ji yunning heard that her eldest brother was suddenly interested in Tang Youyou, she immediately sneered and sneered: "she looks very ordinary. I don't know how beautiful she is. She just gave birth to two children for Ji Xiaohan." Ji Shangqing nodded: "well, I suddenly want to see her, daddy, do I want to take this opportunity to go back to China and ask my grandparents for a rest?"