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When Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou go downstairs, they happen to see LAN Yue holding Ji xiaonai upstairs. The little guy lies listlessly on his grandmother's shoulder. When they see Ji Xiaohan and Tang Youyou, they cry out feebly. Then they continue to close their eyes and go to sleep.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou smile at each other. "

didn't your brother and Xiaoyan come to dinner?" Tang youyou asked casually.

"My brother drank a little too much. He called and said he would not come at night!" Season owl cold also whispered a reply.

In fact, Ji Yueze doesn't go to Ji's house for dinner at night because Bai Yiyan is afraid to see LAN Yue. The old lady also called Ji Lin's family and asked them to come. She also found an excuse not to come.

Ji Lin ordered a table of rice in the evening. She wanted Ji yunning to come over for a meal, but Ji yunning refused. She said she was tired and wanted to have a rest earlier. Ji

Lin has felt that the adopted daughter is a little out of her control. However, he doesn't want to force her. Anyway, her value has come into being. Ji Lin has successfully invested in the company, and Ji yunning has done this for him.

Ji Shangqing didn't know that Ji Lin asked Ji yunning to go to bed with others. So he heard that Ji yunning didn't come to eat. He had some accidents: "she doesn't look very well today, is she sick?"

"It shouldn't be a big deal. Let's eat it ourselves." Ji Lin said lightly. "

dad, why do you think Ji Xiaohan holds the evidence but hasn't filed it with the police? Is he going to let his sister go?" Ji Shangqing refers to the last time Ji yunning bought the man and caused his brother to fall dead from the construction site. Ji Xiaohan should have enough evidence in his hand.

"You are so naive. Don't you see what he is waiting for?" Ji Lin sneered twice.

Ji Shangqing has been busy with his own company recently, but he doesn't have the extra mood to guess the ultimate goal of Ji Xiaohan. He glanced at his father and frowned: "I think he is still thinking about his old love. After all, his sister once took care of him, and he may let her go." "

ah, I think he's more like waiting for the old man to settle this account with us after he's upset!" Ji Lin's brain is shrewd, and he thinks of this possibility almost instantaneously. Ji Xiaohan is a filial grandson. He has great kindness to the old man. He was brought up by the old man. This, like Ji Nan in that year, was taught by the old man himself. However, the old man didn't teach him himself, which is the most hated thing of Ji Lin.

Ji Shangqing's face changed: "he is waiting for grandpa to die? It's too much, isn't it? He doesn't want the old man to die quickly. Is he good at controlling the whole situation? " "

maybe that's what he's doing!" Ji Lin deliberately misleads his son, trying to make his heart become more solid and ruthless. As a result, Ji Shangqing's face turned ugly, biting his teeth and swearing angrily: "Ji Xiaohan, a hypocrite, had a hypocritical face of filial respect for his grandfather before him. Unexpectedly, he had this idea insidiously in his mind."

"You should know that people's greed and ambition will swell with their power. What Ji Xiaohan wants is more or less." Ji Lin sneers, a deep expression that has seen through human nature.

Ji Shangqing said angrily, "even if the old man is gone, he will not want to eat all his wealth alone!"

"Don't worry. I'm here. He can't take everything so easily." Ji Lin said with a gnash of hate. The father and the son finished the meal with resentment. At the moment, in a five-star hotel, Ji yunning didn't eat anything.

She stood alone in front of the window and looked at the lights of the whole city. Her resentment seemed to calm down a lot.

Just now, that disgusting man came to see her again. This five-star hotel was opened by him, and Ji yunning was also arranged to stay here by him, which means that it is obvious that it is more convenient for him to do anything to her. To be honest, that old man is good to her. He will give her whatever she wants. However,

Yes, Ji yunning's heart seems to have died, without waves or waves, without love.

She has loved a person since she was a child, and her innocence is more valuable than her life. But now, she has lost her innocence as if she had lost her life. She sighed, closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like if she fell from here.

However, she knew that she could not die at this moment. Even if she died, she wanted to hold a person on her back. She felt that there was more than one person to go to hell. Season

Yueze and Bai Yiyan lie in bed for a few hours and wake up. It's more than nine o'clock in the evening. Both of them are in a coma.

"What would you like to eat? I'll do it! " It's a bit unrealistic to go out for dinner at this point. You can only make your own food.

Bai Yiyan asked the man softly, clasping his fingers. "

lie down and I'll see what I can eat!" Ji Yueze got out of bed earlier than her, then went out directly, opened the refrigerator and looked at it, and found that there was nothing to eat, just some drinks on ice. Bai

Yi Yan leaned against his back and glanced at him: "there is nothing to eat, or I will go down and buy some!" "

go together!" Ji Yueze didn't feel at all relieved that she was going down alone so late.

"If you are a big star in the supermarket, it is not suitable." Bai Yiyan's popularity has declined a little now, so she thinks it's the best way to go out.

"No, I'll ask the assistant to deliver something!" After Ji Yueze finished, he went to make a phone call. Bai has to let Yiyan call. Half an hour later, the assistant sent a packed dinner for two people, which made it a success.

"I want to go home tomorrow and buy something for my mother!" Bai Yiyan said in a low voice. "

let me go back with you!" Ji Yueze thought that he hadn't seen her mother in person for so long. The boyfriend didn't do it properly. "

would you like to join us?" Bai Yiyan has some surprises.

In fact, the relationship between the two has developed to this day, which is not as careful as before. Ji Yueze proposed to go together, and Bai Yiyan was very happy. "

Yes, it's time for me to meet her!" Ji Yueze nods.

"All right, together!" Bai Yiyan turned away, leaned on his shoulder, and smiled at the corner of her mouth.

Ji Yueze pulled her long hair: "what are you going to buy and send it to me? Think about it tonight and buy it tomorrow morning! " "

in fact, my mother loves money and jewelry most!" Bai Yiyan laughed at herself. "

well, better than you!" Ji Yueze gently shaved her nose: "you don't live like a woman, you don't have greed." "

No, I'm greedy for more. I want you!" Bai Yiyan immediately denied.