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Luo Jinyu's eyes quickly swept the contents of the mobile phone, and the joy just accumulated suddenly froze on his face. Two hours ago, Yang ChuChu stepped down from Lu xuanchen's private car. They talked and laughed and were intimate. They were photographed and made a description of filling oil with vinegar. The contents presented in front of us at the moment proved that the relationship between the two people was unclear and intriguing.

Luo Jin clenched his teeth.

"What's the matter? What are you looking at? " Yang ChuChu came over and saw his slightly stiff back. He beat his head curiously.

"Gossip about you!" Luo Jinyu doesn't hide, but hands her mobile phone.

Yang ChuChu holds a piece of Hami melon in one hand and takes over the mobile phone. At this time, her face changes greatly, and she gets angry instantly: "which media is scribbling about this? Why do I have an unknown relationship with Lu xuanchen? Nonsense. " Luo

Jin Yu turns around, a pair of deep eyes, fixed on her face: "but you came back in a car with him, didn't you?"

"That's right!" Yang ChuChu's face was tense, and then he explained, "I'm in a hurry to come back to you. Just as he said he would come back, I took his ride..." "

you know that you and he are playing opposite roles and are sensitive to each other. Why do you take his car? You can call me. No matter where you are, I will come to you. " Luo Jinyu's tone was reproachful. Although he believed that she was not a girl of two minds and could not walk on one or two boats, he was really depressed when he saw these false reports. "

don't be angry. I don't want to trouble you. Besides, you must be involved in such a serious matter in your company. How dare I delay your precious time?" Yang ChuChu lowered his head and murmured in a low voice.

"No more of this next time." Luo Jinyu listened to her explanation, and as soon as his anger subsided, he came over and put his hand around her slender waist.

Yang ChuChu took the opportunity to lean into his arms and said, "do you believe I'm innocent?"

"Otherwise? What else can I do but trust you? " Luo Jinyu hugged her helplessly.

In this period of time, her attitude was not cold or hot, and her distance was far or near, which had made this man's nerves weak. Instead of being stubborn and unyielding, Yang ChuChu's love became more and more humble.

Yang ChuChu immediately became more and more like a pet kitten: "don't doubt me, I won't betray you."

"I believe you!" The man sighed, thin lips against her forehead between the hair: "in addition to believe you, I do not think of him." "

LUO Jinyu, do you know what you said? It gives me a great privilege to feel that no matter how I bully you or hurt you, you will not give up to scold me and break up with me." Yang ChuChu, with his little tail on stilts, said complacently. "

my privilege, only when you love me, can you delegate it!" Luo Jinyu didn't expect that she would be brilliant if she gave him some sunshine. She also wanted to bully him. Is her courage back?

"Do you think your mother would be angry if she saw the news?" Yang ChuChu's face was white, and he couldn't help worrying again. "

she will be angry, but it just shows that you are a very popular woman." Luo Jin's lips are very interesting. "

of course, if you don't want me, someone will want me. I'm not worried." Yang ChuChu stooped to escape from his arms with a self righteous expression.

"Well, don't you want me? When did I say no to you? " Luo Jinyu really can't help her.

Yang ChuChu chuckles a lot. Suddenly, she feels that it's the right choice for her to sneak back. Otherwise, how can she see and hear that he is so good to her? Tang's long-term work has been very smooth all the way, because she has the help of dignitaries along the way. Naturally, it's a smooth ride, and she has a place in the industry.

Liu Xi is one of her dignitaries. Tang youyou has always respected her. They help each other and have a harmonious relationship.

Liu Xi brings a cup of hot tea and knocks on the door of her office: "you long, there is only one place for the company to get a chance to study. I still decide to let you go. How are you thinking?"

Tang youyou put down his paintbrush and chuckled, "when you mentioned this to me last time, I didn't think about it seriously and didn't discuss it with my family. Mummy, do you want to give this quota to others?"

"No, we can't let it. This opportunity for further study is very rare. The lecturer invited here is very famous in the world. If you study with her for a week, even if you don't learn anything, your fame will follow. We have many competitors. If we want to overpower them, we can only improve our own reputation." Liu Xi is selfish, because it's a place she won with difficulty. There are only five people in the country who are lucky enough to follow the master to study. Although Tang youyou is jijiashao's grandmother now, she is increasingly seeking for her career. She doesn't want to let her miss the opportunity. "

OK, I'll go back tonight. I'll discuss with Ji Xiaohan. In fact, I'd like to go personally." Tang youyou doesn't want to waste his mother's good intentions, plus his own lack of inspiration. He has a sense of incompetence and needs new blood. "

OK, I'm sure the manager will support you. He hopes you can improve." Liu Xi said with a smile.

"Well, in terms of work, he really supports me, which I really appreciate." Tang youyou's beautiful face is ashamed of a sweet smile.

"Yo Yo, you've got a good husband, and the Ganma will envy you!" Liu Xi joked. "

godmother, is your relationship with your husband not good?" Tang youYou can't help but care about her. She has been separated from her husband for many years and keeps in touch with her children all the time. This is really a kind of invisible torture and can't be relieved.

"I'm going to divorce my child after he graduated from college and let each other free!" Liu Xi's face was sad when he thought of his unnecessary marriage. A woman has spent all her youth for her children. Maybe this is the greatness of all maternal love. "

well, then, if I have a good man, I'm sure I'll introduce him to you at the first time. Don't hurt yourself any more." Tang youyou knows that there are many high-quality men in the pursuit of Ganma, but Ganma has been refusing, and has also blocked his happiness out of the door.

"Well, I'll wait for you to matchmaker me!" Liu Xi laughed and joked. Don

you sigh in your heart, hoping that the years will treat Ganma kindly and make her still believe in true love.