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Ji Siyi's little boy suddenly protested: "I'm daddy's son. Of course I look like him. Let me go, little aunt."

After Ji Siyi, there is a long and happy figure. Next second, xiaoyuchen's feet have not touched the ground, and he is carried by another big hand harder. Then, his big black eyes are against a pair of clear and divine eyes.

"Tut, daddy, when did big brother have a son?" Ji Xilin takes a look at her eyes, and then takes xiaoyuchen to Ji Xiaohan.

Ji Xiaohan stares at the cute little boy. What flashed in his mind was that he saw two such lovely children in an unexpected situation more than 20 years ago.

Before Ji Xiaohan could remember, he was crammed into his soft little body. His subconscious embrace, deep eyes, was against the little guy.

"Are you my grandfather?" Xiaoyuchen felt that he had been turned for several times, and finally saw his most intimate person. He blinked.

At this moment, jimucheng has got out of the car and is bending down to hold hands with another beautiful woman in the car.

Xia Xinnian is surprised to see that her son looks like a living treasure by the family. Her pretty face is blushing. Meimou looks at jimucheng, and jimucheng can't help laughing.

"Look, my son seems to be very popular." The man is attached to her ear and whispers.

Xia Xinnian couldn't help crying and laughing. She couldn't help laughing when she saw the small expression on her son's face, which was startled, joyful, flustered and disordered.

Ji Xiaohan looks at the little boy in his arms. He is about four years old. His big black eyes look like his eldest son's when he was young. They are similar to the black and haughty in his eyes.

"What do you call me?" Ji Xiaohan's voice tightened, his eyes couldn't be moved from the little guy's face, and his joy turned from his heart. It was just like a gift from heaven. He couldn't believe it.

"Brother, why don't you explain? We are all in a hurry. Is this kid really our little nephew? My God, big brother, what's wrong with you learning from Daddy? How can you learn from him to get on the train first and then make up the ticket? " Ji Siyi is a big treasure. She always speaks straightforwardly and is the most favored one at home. She naturally dares to make fun of her father.

Ji Xiaohan is awakened by the words of his little daughter. He looks seriously at his eldest son.

Even if jimucheng is brave and fearless outside, he can go back to this home. He knows who is the head of the family. Even if he has unlimited scenery outside, when he comes back to this home, he is just a son of man. He is afraid of his father's majesty.

Xia Xinnian felt the slightly flustered expression of the man around her, and she was also nervous.

"Mocheng, what's the matter? Is this child really yours? " Season owl cold voice serious.

Jimucheng immediately walked by and wanted to take his son back from his father's arms, but jixiaohan turned around with the little guy and didn't want to return it.

"Dad, her name is Xia Xinnian. I had Yu Chen with her five years ago." Jimucheng dare not talk more, afraid of being scolded, more afraid to let two younger brothers and sisters dislike him.

"Brother, did Daddy teach you to look for your girlfriend like this? Hahaha? " Ji Siyi can't help but cover her mouth and smile.

Ji Xilin immediately put out his hand to cover his sister's mouth, turned to Xia Xinnian and laughed: "sister in law, you must not listen to her nonsense."

Xia Xinnian heard him calling his sister-in-law, and then she was even more shy: "it doesn't matter." Ji Xiaohan looks at her little daughter and says, "Siyi, you can't be so rude. Go upstairs and call your mother down."

"Yes, Daddy!" Although Ji Siyi is favored, she is still her father's most intimate little cotton padded jacket. She listens to him very much.

Ji Xiaohan looks at Xia Xinnian. She looks like a sensible and polite woman. She is also very beautiful. She is well matched with her son.

Upstairs, Tang youyou is on the phone with a friend. Suddenly, she sees her little daughter break in. Her beautiful face flashes with helplessness.

"Mom, stop talking. Come on, something's going on." Ji Siyi came over and exclaimed.

"What's the big deal? Your big brother is home? " Tang youyou is languid to get up. She is still young and has long black hair behind her head. She has a long and slender skirt with beautiful features. Her skin is white as jade. Years seem to have nothing to do with her. She keeps her pure eyes. All these are the contributions of Ji Xiaohan. Since she met, even if her children are in groups, in his eyes, this woman Man is still his favorite.

"Mom, the eldest brother brought a son back, just like him. It's very similar. He also brought a sister-in-law back. Go down and have a look." Ji Siyi said as she tugged at her mother's arm and walked downstairs.

Tang youyou just listened to her little daughter and was shocked. She ran downstairs faster without waiting for her daughter to drag her.

"Mom, wait for me." Ji Siyi follows and shouts.

It seems that there's another little one at home. Then she's not the most favored one. Of course, Ji Siyi is not angry at all. My little nephew is so cute and interesting. I will play with him in the future.

Thinking of this, Ji Siyi's big black eyes flashed a happy smile.

Tang youyou walked downstairs and saw the sofa in the living room. The eldest son was sitting with a strange young woman. His husband was holding a little boy in his arms and talking to them. "Long time!" When Ji Xiaohan saw his wife go downstairs, he immediately got up and walked towards her.

As soon as Tang youyou came downstairs, she saw the small one in Ji Xiao's cold arms. Her beautiful eyes were so startled that she couldn't believe her words.

At that moment, she seemed to feel that time had gone backwards. She went back more than 20 years ago and saw her eldest son as a child.

"My God." Tang youYou can't help but cover his lips, mixed feelings.

"Yuchen, call grandma." Season owl coaxes the little boy in his arms.

"Good grandma." Xiaoyuchen is also in the state of Mengquan now. There are many people in this family. He is about to faint. He is just a little robot who has no feelings. Let him call it.

Tang youyou's breathing is tight. She can't believe she became a grandmother so quickly and had such a lovely grandson.

"Mom, let me introduce her. Her name is Xia Xinnian. She's my girlfriend at present. This is our son, Xia Yuchen." Jimucheng immediately came to introduce the women around her to her mother.

When Xia Xinnian saw Tang Youyou, she was also surprised. She didn't expect that jimucheng's mother was so young and had such a good temperament.