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C1638. He defends her

Ling Mo Feng avoids Chen Fu Yu's eyes, which makes Chen Fu Yu even more desperate. She said bitterly: "as soon as I wake up, I hear the news of your engagement. My condition is aggravated again, and I am forced to stay in the hospital for reexamination. It turns out that everything is just my wishful thinking. Mo Feng, when we were together, would you really forget?"

LAN Yanxi is angry. Is it necessary for this woman to always emphasize what they knew before?

Does anyone who knows someone have to have an unforgettable experience? Isn't the world going to be a mess?

"Fuyu, since you're not in good health, you'd better not walk around. It's very dangerous." Ling Mo Feng can see that Chen Fuyu is much thinner than before, and he is concerned about this.

Chen Fuyu's tears continued to fall, and she smiled sadly: "you still care about me, right? If something happens to me, you will be worried for me, too

Ling Mo Feng is speechless. He suddenly feels that he doesn't understand Chen Fuyu.

LAN Yanxi said directly, "Ling Mo Feng cares about you, just out of the feeling of friends. Miss Chen, would you please stop playing? We're married. It's immoral of you to do so. "

"Did I speak to you?" At the moment, Chen Fuyu was too sad and lost his sense. He gave LAN Yanxi a look, which was like two knives.

LAN Yanxi was shocked, and immediately gave Ling Mo Feng a firm twist on the back.

Ling Mo Feng's face flashed a painful color. This little woman is really cruel.

"Fuyu, I have something to do with Yanxi. Let's go first."

"Mo Feng..." Chen Fuyu suddenly walked forward two steps, the whole person suddenly shook, she subconsciously reached for her hand and held her head, Ling Mo Feng saw her like this, eyebrows a twist.

"Fu Yu, please don't do this. In your eyes, am I Ling Mo Feng a double hearted bastard? I can't have any love for you beyond men and women. When I get married, I will be loyal to my wife. I hope you can find your happiness as soon as possible. "

Ling Mo Feng sees that Chen Fuyu has the trace of acting. He is not an ordinary man and is easy to get lost in the women's acting. Because he sees Chen Fuyu's intention, he speaks seriously and shows his heart.

Chen Fuyu's hand was stiff, even his expression was frozen.

Blue words and beautiful eyes raised, straight looking at the man around, as if some can not believe that he will say that.

"Sorry to bother you." Chen Fuyu's heart is dead at this moment. She feels that if she continues to perform, she will only look for embarrassment. Although she refuses to give up, she cannot but turn around and leave, because there is no place for her to stand.

LAN Yanxi looks at Chen Fuyu's back, where is the weak appearance just now? She can act as expected. She almost was cheated by her.

"Do you think she will see you become Mr. President and fall in love with you in an instant?" LAN Yanxi asked in a cool voice.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes were stunned, and he couldn't help laughing: "you think more, I didn't feel that she fell in love with me, maybe she just didn't want to have a place in my heart."

"What's wrong with her? Has she paid anything for you? If not, why should she occupy an important position in your heart? " LAN Yanxi's face turned white when he heard this.

In fact, there are still many women in the world who like to show their charm value in front of men. Maybe she has no desire to possess those men, but she will leave indelible traces in the hearts of men to prove her feminine charm.

This kind of woman is quite terrible, and it's easy to hurt more women who have moved their hearts. They disguise their free and easy temperament, and easily take the soul of men away between a smile and a frown. But when men come to chase her, she looks innocent and surprised.

"How can I understand your woman's mind?" Ling didn't dare to go deep into this matter with her. He was afraid to offend her, because women's mind is changeable, and a little thing can trigger their huge explosive power.

LAN Yanxi's eyes narrowed and stared at the man's expression for fear that he would deliberately avoid the topic.

"You were so cruel just now. You must have swollen me here." Ling Mo Feng's handsome face flashed the expression of grievance.

"Where? Let me see. " Lanyanxi is going to pull his shirt at once.

The man was startled by her action, and the big palm quickly grasped her uneasy little hand: "I can't watch it here."

"Why can't you watch it? No one here? " Blue word Xi Du Du mouth corner.

"That's because I asked Qin Han to stop everyone and not let them come to join us." Ling Mo Feng holds her small hand, his fingers can't help rubbing on her back, only to find that her skin is tender and greasy, with a good feeling. He can play with these hands for a day.

LAN Yanxi was so dallied by him, and the current rushed into her heart. She couldn't help leaning over him: "Ling Mo Feng, will you defend me like this when you meet other enemies?"

"What do you think?" Ling Mo Feng smiles with ulterior motives.

"Of course you have to defend me." LAN Yanxi's face was urgent, and he stressed it with a blush.

Ling Mo Feng put out his hand and put her in her ear and whispered, "don't worry, you won't have another rival, because I won't give any woman a chance."

"Ha ha, I don't believe it." LAN Yanxi's mind suddenly came up with a sentence. A man's mouth can believe, and a sow can climb a tree. This truth is so abstruse.

"Why not?" Ling Mo Feng was shocked and hurt.

LAN Yanxi smiled but didn't speak. She made a small profit from her arms and walked forward quickly.

The man handsome face flashed the focal color, the long leg several steps to catch up with: "do not answer?"

LAN Yanxi said triumphantly: "no reason, my grandfather said, men's words, can only believe half."

Ling Mo Feng suddenly cried and laughed. It seems that the old blue man really taught her a lot, but at the same time, he was surprised. Did the old man teach her how to distinguish what the man said?

Is not his future miserable?

When the two men got to the elevator, Qin Han pulled back and followed them toward the office.

Chen Fuyu walked out of the office building in a gray way. She stood beside the car and looked back at the white sacred building. She could not say the sour vinegar inside.

What kind of magic did LAN Yanxi use to protect Ling Mo Feng?

Chen Fuyu only wants to be better than a man. Only in this way can those men who are worse than her have no face to pursue her. For example, she is very good now, but finds that she has lost to those women who are worse than her.

Chen Fuyu drives the car and drives aimlessly. She doesn't want to go back to the hotel. It's empty and unpopular.

All of a sudden, she saw a bar next to her, belonging to a place that looked very high-end. Chen Fuyu hit a steering wheel and directly parked the car in the parking space in front of the hotel door.

Maybe there is something wrong with her life style. In the past, she didn't care to come to this kind of place to spend. She felt that a woman must be clean and self-sufficient, so that she could get the treasure of men.

But when she became an adult, she found that, no matter how serious men are, they all like those gorgeous women.

"Life is so funny, how can I be a virgin again? Maybe LAN Yanxi is the kind of woman who can let go, so ling Mo Feng is fascinated by her. " Chen Fuyu took off his coat, threw it into the car, carried his bag and walked towards the bar in a sky blue shirt.

Chen Fuyu sat at the bar and drank two glasses of wine. He watched the young women's crazy body wriggling on the colorful dance floor. Many men beside him stared at them like wolves. Undoubtedly, they were eye-catching.

Chen Fuyu envied them for their unrestrained twists and turns. She couldn't help but drink another glass of wine.

"Sister Fuyu? Is it really you? " Suddenly, a woman came to say hello to her.

Chen Fuyu raised his intoxicated eyes and looked at each other. After a while, he recognized her: "are you Luyao?"

"It's me. How did you come back to China? Aren't you settled abroad? " Zhang Luyao and Chen Fuyu are also old friends.