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Is it because of the man in front of you?

Entering the elevator, jimucheng is reluctant to put his son down. It's very real to hold him and make him like him.

The elevator went all the way up without stopping, and soon reached the office floor of Jimu city.

As soon as the elevator door opened, the little guy immediately struggled to jump off daddy's strong arm, and then trotted all the way to look around in front of him.

Behind him, the deep and quiet eyes of jimucheng are soft. Looking at his son like a curious baby, he can't help but smile from the corner of his mouth.

Xia Xinnian's mood is very complicated. Seeing her son's feelings for jimucheng become deeper and deeper, she becomes more and more uneasy.

Will one day, when I let my son make a choice, my son will be used to relying on him, being used to his favor, being used to the rich life, and not leaving with her?

Thinking of this, Xia Xinnian was so depressed that he felt sad.

"Come and see, Mommy. The scenery here is so beautiful!"

The little guy found a meeting room, ran in directly, and fell out of the window. It's a beautiful night view of the city. It's really great to look down.

Xia Xinnian hesitates for a moment. Suddenly, he feels that the man's big hand is stretched out, and he can't help breaking up and holding her small hand and dragging her to the meeting room.

"Let go!"

Xia Xinnian warns him with his eyes.

Unfortunately, jimucheng pretends not to see it, and still holds her small hand tightly. She doesn't want to let it go, and doesn't want to let it go.

The woman's small hand is soft and delicate. It's very good to hold it in the palm.

Xia Xinnian shakes it hard, and the man looses it at the right time. At this time, he doesn't want to quarrel with this woman, so as not to destroy his son's interest in enjoying the scenery.

"Mommy, look, isn't it beautiful!"

The little guy turned around, bright big eyes, reflecting the bright lights outside the window, more bright and dazzling.

"Yes, it's beautiful!"

Xia Xinnian's eyes follow his son's little fingers and look out. The lights seem to be connected, like a layer of golden yellow under his feet, spectacular and amazing.

Can this man enjoy the scenery every day?

He will enjoy it.

This is the world of the rich. Everywhere they look, they are all golden.

"Daddy, are you rich?"

The little guy started to learn about daddy's daily class.

"Yes, daddy has a lot of money, and he likes to stand in a higher place and enjoy life. In the future, it's also your life."

Jimucheng squatted down and looked out of the window at night with his son. In his words, he showed his doting on the little guy. It seemed to overflow.

The little guy was really attracted. His big black eyes were surprisingly bright. He blinked and looked at his father: "can Mommy live this kind of life in the future?"

Jimucheng's eyes immediately glanced at the little woman with a light look beside her, and smiled: "this is about to ask your mommy, I can't be the master!"

Xia Xin gave him a look and thought he was a little self-conscious.

Xia Yuchen immediately turned his head to look at mummy and asked loudly, "mummy, would you like to live with daddy?"

Xia Xinnian frowned. The little guy's question really baffled her.

"Feather Chen, the world of adult is very complex, you won't understand, after this kind of question, don't ask again."

Xia Xinnian didn't want to deceive his son, and didn't answer directly. She hurt his little heart. She could only educate him step by step.

Jimucheng's handsome face suddenly turned gloomy and ugly. His eyes were fixed on Xia Xinnian.

The implication is not willing?

Ah, who gives her this confidence, can refuse the superior life he provides her? This woman is really promising.

Xia Yuchen looked up at mummy with a small face, and nodded his little head with half understanding: "well, mummy's reason is too deep, I don't know much, but what mummy says is what, I listen to mummy's words most."

Jimucheng reached out his hand and stroked his forehead. This son always put this woman first. It seems that he needs to take it easy to bully this woman in the future.

Xia Xinnian gently touched his little head and comforted him: "Yuchen is the best, the most sensible!"

"Hee hee!"

The little guy was praised by mommy and immediately showed a happy smile.

"Son, go to daddy's office, where the French windows are bigger and the scenery is more beautiful!"

Jimucheng takes his son's hand and leads him to the office.

Xia Xinnian followed behind her. Although she was also amazed at the beautiful scenery in front of her, she was more like a passer-by. She would not be infatuated with the beautiful scenery, because she knew that all this did not belong to her at all.

She will not be naive to expect jimucheng to spoil her son, but also to spoil her sincerely.

Once, she was naive, but with scars on her back, she left quietly.

Now that she stands up again, she will not easily believe the sweet words of men, nor any promises made by men. She lives with a clear mind and wants to burn all her energy on work and taking care of her son.

Although Ji Mucheng walked forward with his son, his deep eyes still kept an eye on Xia Xinnian's face.

Originally, he wanted to be able to see the amazing expression on her face. Unfortunately, he found that this woman was really uninteresting, beautiful on such a good day, and so peaceful at night. She could be indifferent to her expression, just like the staff who came to work here, without sadness or joy.

Jimucheng's office is very large. In front of the whole floor to floor window, the figure of the little guy is a little bit, which makes people feel more pity.

Jimucheng sits lazily on his desk, a pair of long, slender and healthy legs, so exposed, even more distinguished.

With his hands around his chest, he watched his son running to and fro excited. At this moment, he was in a mood that he couldn't express his satisfaction.

Xia Xinnian stands quietly on one side and looks out of the window.

Jimucheng's deep eyes slowly moved from the shadow of his son's running to the woman's dull face.

Her side face is very beautiful, with soft lines, showing her pretty nose. The crimson lips are gently pursed, and the shape of the lips is also very beautiful. The most amazing thing is that her eyes reflect the continuous lights outside the window, as beautiful and clear as crystal.

Her trance made jimucheng feel moved.

Even in front of him, dazed?

Jimucheng really doubted whether she was thinking about the man named Yan Junhan at the moment.

Standing on his territory, thinking of other men, she was the first.