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C1400. She's not sadistic

Tonight is a big day for both Ling and LAN families. The parents of Ling's family formally come to discuss the engagement at their home. This is also a formal meeting between the two families.

LAN Yanxi has been mentioned to him for a long time. Of course, LAN Yanxi dare not forget it. So after work, she drove straight to LAN's house.

When I came back to LAN's house, I found that grandpa was sitting in the living room drinking tea, and two uncles were also there. Not only that, her two cousins and two younger cousins were there. After LAN Yanxi entered the door, he said hello to his family.

"Go upstairs and change into a better looking suit. Don't wear this uniform. It's not dignified!" The old blue man said to lanyanxi with a serious face that her work clothes were always too elegant to match her identity as a big blue lady.

LAN Yanxi answered and went upstairs.

"Qianqian, Xiaolin, go upstairs to check for your cousin. Make sure she looks better. We can't lose our blue family's face." LAN Bai, the second son of LAN family, said with a kind face.

Blue fiber has this sentence of father, immediately pulled blue Lin's hand: "go upstairs to have a look!"

Mr. blue didn't say anything. Although the family seemed to be friendly, they had to be jealous behind them. These small events will surely be dealt with by LAN Yanxi.

LAN Yanxi opens the wardrobe and finds that his beautiful clothes have basically moved to Ling Mo Feng's house. There are few beautiful styles here this year.

Blue Yanxi Dudu lips, in a row of racks, or choose a look dignified and virtuous dress on, unfortunately, the beige dress is too plain, there is no embellishment, is making a worry, blue Yanxi heard footsteps behind her, then, blue fiber and blue Lin stood behind her.

"Cousin, do you think this skirt is the one of last year's, now it's worn, will it be out of date?" The clothes on blue microfiber are all famous brands, which is the right to laugh at the lack of fashion of blue Yanxi's clothes.

"You're right. It seems that I have to ask grandpa for pocket money again. It's too shabby to look at my wardrobe." Blue words Xi Li long hair, a bored expression.

As soon as this sentence came out, the eyes of the two cousins were staring straight. They always felt that lanyanxi was a loser. Every day, they only asked grandpa for money. Grandpa gave her a lot of money every time.

"I'm not saying that your clothes are not good-looking. In fact, if you look carefully, it's pretty good. It's very gentle and dignified." Blue fibril immediately changed his face, smiled and praised, and then put her hand on blue Lin.

Lanlin also quickly followed the praise: "yes, it shows your figure and sets off your skin. It's really good-looking."

Lanyanxi knew that they were coming to perfunctory her, so she was afraid that she would open her mouth and ask grandpa for money.

"I used to have this dress decorated with pendants. Now, I don't know where the pendants are." LAN Yanxi said, a pair of beautiful eyes dribbled to the blue fiber: "fiber, the pendant hanging on your chest seems to be borrowed from me, now return it to me, I want to use it!"

At the chest of blue fiber, there is a Crystal Swan inlaid with diamonds. It is very beautiful and shining. Blue fiber is especially fond of it, so it will be selected on today's body.

But she seems to have forgotten one thing and returned it to its original owner.

"I have a lot of pendants on my side. I can take them for you to choose from. Take them to me." Blue fiber immediately accompanied smiling face, want to implore her not to take away.

"That's not good. I only like what I choose. You dangzi, I also chose it for a long time before I bought it." LAN Yanxi said, and came straight to take it off. LAN Xianxian didn't dare to say a word.

"Don't be so stingy, cousin. What can I do for you? It's not valuable anyway!" Lanlin immediately called out for the blue fiber.

LAN Yanxi looked into the mirror and arranged his collar position. As soon as the diamond swan was put on, it really made the long skirt more elegant and dignified.

"I'm sorry, but I don't usually lend things I like, unless I don't want them." LAN Yanxi said to herself, to these two cousins, she is the Iron Rooster.

"Lan Yanxi, are you aiming at me on purpose? Isn't it just a pendant? What's so great when I can't afford it? " Sure enough, LAN Xianxian is aggrieved. Her eyes are red and angry. She is so beautiful today. That's because Ling Mo Feng will come here in a moment. Now, LAN Yanxi takes away the pendant. She suddenly has a taste of failure.

LAN Yanxi gave her a look: "I didn't say you can't afford it, I just wonder, tonight is my engagement, you are my cousin, shouldn't you go with me?"

"Why should you be your green leaf? It's not sure who Ling Mo Feng can look up to." Blue fiber immediately snorted.

LAN Yanxi is wearing earrings in the mirror. Hearing her words, she suddenly turns her head and stares at the blue fiber: "what do you say?"

Just now, LAN Xianxian was only angry to say this kind of unruly things. Next to her, LAN Lin had yanked her clothes and indicated her with her eyes not to talk nonsense in front of LAN Yanxi.

"Nothing, you are right. Tonight you are the main character. You are the most beautiful. We are all secondary!" Blue fibril is still smart. I know that I can't show off at this moment, and I can't talk at random. Otherwise, Grandpa will be angry.

LAN Yanxi continued to put on his earrings, bowed his head and gathered up his dressing table, and sneered: "even if I don't want my things from LAN Yanxi, I won't give them to others. Men are the same. What's your idea? I know that I can't marry Ling Mo Feng? But you have to think clearly. He is your brother-in-law in the future. If there is a bit of scandal, the reputation of our blue family will be ruined. "

"You don't love him, why do you want to marry him? Do you have a tendency to be abused? " Blue fibril immediately frowned at her.

LAN Yanxi answered her slowly: "even if I am abused, it's my own business. Don't bother you!"

"What's wrong with you? I can see it. You must have taken a fancy to Ling Mo Feng's potential. When he is elected president, you will be the rightful first lady. At that time, don't mention the scenery. You are not the one who loves him at all, you are the one who takes a fancy to his power." Blue slender stomach's resentment fire in the heart has no place to vent, at this moment, really did not resist, just scolded out.

LAN Yanxi looked back at her and sneered, "do you know what I am now? It's too late. That's right. Even if I can't see his people, I can also see his power and find a big tree to enjoy the cool. Everyone knows that. "

"If Ling Mo Feng knows that you are such a snobbish idea, do you think he will marry you?" LAN Xianxian immediately ridiculed, and even maliciously wanted to record all the words LAN Yanxi said, and let Ling Mo Feng listen to them personally. Why did this woman marry him in the end.

"Today, there are only three of us. If he knows, either you or Xiao Lin said it." LAN Yanxi is not afraid of her threat at all. She has been dressed up and walked towards the door step by step: "the reputation of the blue family is one, you think you will be better if you destroy me?"

"You What is arrogance? " Blue fibril almost rushed to blue Yanxi in anger.

Lanlin hugged her and pulled her back. She urged: "sister, calm down. Today is an important day. You can't tear it up with her."

"Don't stop me, I'm going to tear her mouth. I see how arrogant she is." Blue fiber said angrily.

"Let her be arrogant. When she cries for a while, when a woman marries a man who doesn't love her, her life will be ruined. She will certainly not be better." LAN Lin, with a kind face, persuades LAN Xianxian.

"Didn't you hear about her just now? She can not love Ling Mo Feng, but she can get the power she wants. Don't you understand? What a fool you are! She must have the heaviest share of the future property of the blue family! " Blue fiber said the last time, he lowered his voice and said, gnashing his teeth.

"Ah, it's not so serious!" Lanlin's heart was already fluctuating, but she had an innocent expression on her face.

"What's not so serious? I'll tell you, if LAN Yanxi succeeds in marrying Ling Mo Feng, who can cure her?" Blue thin fiber said hatefully.