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C583 is she sympathizing with him

Younger brother's words, let season owl cold a Zheng, expression some sad, self mocking way: "of course I am afraid!"

Ji Yueze frowned: "since you are afraid of losing her, why don't you ask grandma to give you a chance?"

Season owl cold look flashed a pain, for a long time, he turned to look at his brother: "have you contacted your mother recently?"

"Why do you mention her to me? I'm not going to see her in my life. I'll think that without her, I can still live a natural life. When I think of her, I feel that there is a thorn in my heart, which makes me uncomfortable." Ji Yueze snorted in a cold voice.

"In front of me, don't pretend your feelings. You still want to see her, don't you?" Season owl cold sighs to say.

Ji Yueze's eyes were slightly stiff, and his face turned ugly. "Yes, I want to see her, but what about meeting her? What can I say? I'm new to her. I don't know what maternal love is. Brother, what did we do wrong? She wants to abandon us like this? " Ji Yueze is in pain. Thinking of his lonely life these years, Ji Yueze is indignant.

Ji Xiao's face was heavy: "I don't know what we did wrong, but anyway, she gave us life!"

"You're right. We'd like to thank her!" Ji Yueze laughs at himself.

"Well, you can go back to have a rest earlier!" Don't want to add more negative emotions to my brother, Ji Xiaohan gently advised.

Ji Yueze had to nod, turn around, open the door and leave.

In fact, he also wanted to talk to his eldest brother about Tang youyou. At last, he resisted the impulse.

At this sensitive time, Ji Yueze can only keep silent, even if he hopes that elder brother and Tang youyou will get married tomorrow, but he dare not say it out loud.

Ji Yueze returns to the room and sees Bai Yiyan taking a bath. She is sitting on the bed and playing with her mobile phone. She is having a good time.

Ji Yueze's mood is very depressed. Suddenly, she can't see her tiny mouth.

"What are you looking at?" Ji Yueze says nothing, grabs her cell phone directly, looks at the screen, and sees Bai Yiyan watching a funny video of a man.

"Ji Yueze, what are you doing? Give me back my cell phone!" Bai Yiyan is in a hurry. She jumps over and wants to get her cell phone back. Unexpectedly, she pulls the wrong part of her hand, rips off the other's desire robe, revealing her strong chest, and makes Bai Yiyan stay.

Ji Yueze looks down at the frozen woman, and then looks at the place where her fingers hold her. Her eyes squint and flash across the danger.

"What do you want to do?" Ji Yueze reached out and pulled her hand straight away: "you'd better not mess around!"

Bai Yiyan's face was red. She took the opportunity to get her cell phone back. She said angrily, "I didn't come here. You robbed my cell phone."

"I don't understand why you can be as happy as an idiot after your parents get divorced." When she heard that she had a stepfather, Ji Yueze guessed about her parents' relationship.

Bai Yiyan's expression trembled and her eyes flashed with pain: "my parents didn't get divorced. They used to love each other very much."

Ji Yueze saw her inexplicably red eyes, his thin lips hook up: "if you love, where does your mother go to find you a stepfather?"

"That's my business. Don't ask." Bai Yiyan doesn't want to talk to him too much.

Ji Yueze lay down on the bed with his hands on his head and his eyes on the ceiling: "Bai Yiyan, can you teach me how to make my mood simple?"

Bai Yiyan was stunned for a moment, but did not find that the man had occupied half of the bed.

"What are you stimulated by? Is your brother and don youyou ready to get married? " Bai Yiyan feels that this is the only thing that can stimulate Ji Yueze and make him depressed. "No, my mother remarried when I was very young and abandoned me and my brother. Since then, my character has become eccentric. Sometimes, I feel that I am not a normal person and my psychology is distorted." Ji Yueze did not know why all of a sudden he wanted to talk to Bai Yiyan about his sadness.

Bai Yiyan looks at him in surprise: "you Your mother doesn't want you? Why? "

"I don't know why, I always feel Maybe I was too naughty and disobedient when I was a child. If I made her unhappy, she would not want me! " Ji Yueze said derisively, like a child.

Bai Yiyan frowned and shook her head. "It must not be like this. The children are all the flesh and blood of the mother's heart. She will not let you go because you are not obedient. Maybe she has greater loyalty."

"What loyalty can she have? Ji family has the power and power. What kind of life does she want to live? Maybe it's because my father died. She can't live without a man. It's boring to live without love. " Ji Yueze sneers.

Bai Yiyan listened to his self mocking words and did not know how to comfort him. Unexpectedly, behind his seemingly windy scenery, there was such unknown pain.

"If you tell me that, aren't you afraid that I will spread out all your gossip again? It can be sold at a high price! " Bai Yiyan joked. "If you want to sell money, take it. Just in time, this scandal should be uncovered. In this way, I can retaliate against her and let everyone see her true face. She is so callous and ruthless that she doesn't want her own children and just wants her happiness." Ji Yueze's tone of life is loveless, and he laughs at himself.

Bai Yiyan did not think that she could not threaten him, so she sighed, "I will not be a journalist now. Your scandal is meaningless to me."

Ji Yueze looks over at her. Unexpectedly, the woman is not interested in her big scandal. Is she really going to change her mind and become a new person? "By the way, I thought about it. I'd better sleep on the ground. Anyway, people of my background don't pay much attention. After all, we do business. You are the one who pays. I'll let you order!" Bai Yiyan said. She lifted the quilt out of the bed, opened the cupboard, took a quilt, and spread it on the ground. She got into the quilt, made a mattress on one side and a cover on the other. Anyway, she was thin, so she could cover it.

Ji Yueze sat up and squinted at the woman who had been tucked into the quilt. "Are you sympathizing with me?"

Bai Yiyan's expression is startled. She can't do it. He can see through her careful thinking. This man is really smart and unsettling.

"Get up!" Ji Yueze came up to her and kicked her in the leg with the tip of her foot: "since I say I want you to sleep, I have to count."

"Ji Yueze, don't argue with me. I really don't care where I sleep!" Bai Yiyan had to open the quilt and said softly. "I care!" Ji Yueze said with indifference.