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C1870 son is very considerate

The man is satisfied with the hook lips a smile, the son gives strength.

"Oh, then keep playing. I'll go back to my room and take a bath!"

Xia Xinnian finished, turned around and left. However, the picture still lingered in his mind.

"Son, we also bathed, go to bed early!"

The man looked at the woman's back and said in a low voice.

"Well, daddy, do you want to bathe me?

Let mommy wash it for me! "

Little guy's affection for daddy is rising. It turns out that the roles of daddy and Mommy are so different.

"Men's business, it's time for men to do it. You will be the little man of our season family later."

Jimucheng said, turning around to the bathroom, the little guy immediately like a little tail, happy to follow.

Daddy says he's a little man. Has he grown up and can protect Mommy?

Xia Xinnian goes back to the room, his heart is still pounding. Damn it, is that man intentional?

Trying to erase the picture from her mind, Xia Xinnian took her pajamas and took a bath in the room. Seeing that her son had not yet entered her room, she ran to the next room to find out.

In the past, I found that my son was carried out by a man from the bathroom, and he was only wearing a white bath towel all over. The strong sense of strength once again impacted the vision of Xia Xinnian.

"My son will sleep with me tonight. Go to have a rest!"

When the man saw her standing at the door, he announced immediately.

After hearing this, Xia Xinnian immediately objected: "no, my son has been sleeping with me. He is afraid he can't sleep with you."


The little guy took a bath and began to feel sleepy. Sure enough, seeing Xia Xinnian, he instinctively extended his little hand to her and asked for a hug.

When jimucheng saw his son's small, uncountable thing, he promised to sleep with him when he took a bath just now.

Xia Xinnian walked right away. Without waiting for the man to answer, he picked up his son and left.

Jimucheng's handsome face was suddenly gloomy.

I don't know whose territory it is. I dare not give him face.

Although the heart is angry, jimucheng also dare not to put that mother and son how, can only endure this wave of loneliness.

Xia Xinnian returns to the room with his son in his arms and gently taps his son on the shoulder. The little guy is used to Mommy's breath and soon falls asleep. He has no time to talk with mommy about what he saw and heard in the new school today.

Holding his son, Xia Xinnian can sleep in peace.

The next morning! Xia Xinnian was woken up by the alarm clock. She slept well last night. Her face was ruddy and lustrous, and her young skin was full and tender. She had long hair on her head and got up lazily.

Suddenly, the bedroom door was pushed open, and jimucheng was not allowed to enter.

"Ah..." Xia Xinnian didn't expect this man to enter and leave her room at will. At this moment, he was shocked and instinctively protected his chest. His beautiful eyes stared at him: "why don't you knock at the door?"

"Who have you seen knocking at the door of your house?"

The man said rightfully.

Xia Xinnian has an impulse to hit the wall. Well, this is not her home. She is not qualified to ask him like this.

However, she is using this room now. Respect her privacy at least.

"What if I'm changing?

Please knock on the door and come in later! "

Xia Xinnian is still fighting for it.

The man looked directly at her. Two seconds later, he hooked his lips and laughed: "you don't have much to wear, what are you worried about?"

"You..." Xia Xinnian saw that he was so contemptuous of himself, and instantly blushed: "you go out, I'm going to change clothes!"

"I'm here to wake up my son. I'll take him to school later!"

The man said, squatting down and kissing his son on his small face.

"Well, Mommy!"

The little guy instinctively leans towards him, but the little mouth is shouting Xia Xinnian.

Xia Xinnian finally had a good time. When she saw the man's face darkened, she smiled proudly.

The man angrily bit his teeth. Next second, he directly copied his son into his arms.

The little guy woke up directly, blinked big eyes, saw the man, confused and said: "Daddy, how can you be here?"

"I'll take you to school and get up!"

See a son to be frightened by oneself, man voice line this just restored gentle color.

"Oh, yes!"

The little guy nodded obediently.

The man held his son and said to Xia Xinnian, "my son's clothes have been a long time. After work, let's go out and help him buy some things!"

"You can go by yourself!"

Xia Xinnian doesn't want to go shopping with him. Besides, she is busy at work and has no time.

"You don't care about your son at all, do you feel that you have failed to do your duty?"

The man is slightly carrying a thick eyebrow, the voice has a little irritating meaning to her.

"I'm not careless with my son, I'm careless with you!"

Xia Xinnian retorted at all.

The handsome face of a man instantly covers a layer of cold Yin. It seems that this woman really hates him.

"Mommy, you go together. I want to go shopping with you and Daddy!"

The little guy's big smart eyes are fully awake. He is the greatest help of the two people. At this moment, he will naturally play his ability.

Xia Xin said to his son, "Mommy will buy you some new clothes and a toy at noon!"


Yeah, Mommy's great! "

The little guy knew that Mommy would never ignore him.

For the first time, a man felt the feeling of being left out. His handsome face was dark, and he gave a low hum.

Since this woman is so disgusted to go out with him, there are ways for him to force her.

Xia Xinnian chooses a set of handsome clothes to change for his son and asks him to go downstairs first.

Xia Xinnian changed a set of professional clothes, which was a black thin shirt, a beige coat and a line skirt. It was simple and elegant, pure and elegant. It complemented her temperament and was very patient.

She went downstairs and saw that her son had been sitting in the dining room with the man for breakfast.

A man's iron gray shirt, a black suit, awe inspiring and domineering, the only thing that makes people feel amazing is his frozen eyes all the year round. At the moment when he is looking at his son, they are as gentle as water, and too pampered.

The little guy is well trained by Xia Xinnian. He eats by himself. Jimucheng wants to do his father's best, but he has no chance.

"Mommy, come and have some. I'll help you pour the milk. And this is the bread I wrapped for you!"

Jimucheng just wanted to praise his son for his good appetite and long body. Unexpectedly, when the woman came, his son took all of them to pay homage to her.

"Thank you son!"

Xia Xinnian felt his little head, and he didn't forget to kiss him on his short hair.

Jimucheng Jun's face is frozen for a moment. Isn't this woman training her son to take care of her at home?