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Seeing Tang Xiao Rui's unhappy expression, Mu Shi Ye suddenly realized why he had suddenly had such a strange thought just now. Ye Zichen laughed dryly, "Let's talk about this later. Let's eat first. Little Rui, eat more. You need more time right now to grow up."

Tang Xiao Nai blinked her large eyes back and forth. Seeing that the Uncle Ye suddenly treats her brother well, she was a little angry.

This meal lasted until around nine in the evening. Due to the ruckus from the children and the need for the little thing to fill its stomach and procrastinate, it finally had its fill.

It was indeed a good thing to have someone sharing the responsibility of taking care of the child.

Ji Xiao Han accompanied his son in the toy room to play for a while.

"Uncle Ye, she took away my toy again. Can you tell me about her?" Tang Xiao Rui realized that this ignorant Xiao Budian loved to cause trouble.

Mu Shi Ye looked at his daughter who was blinking her eyes, curiously studying the small carriage she had grabbed, and immediately said to Tang Xiao Rui with a smile: "Just let Cheng Cheng play for a while, look at you, there are so many toys, can you play with something else? The next time Uncle Ye brings you another cart of toys, I promise you that you will have enough fun. "

Hearing that, Tang Xiao Rui's crystal clear eyes lit up: "Really? Uncle Ye, you must keep your promise. "

Ji Xiao Han used his phone to process a few important emails at the side. When he turned his head and heard Mu Shi Ye say that he would give toys to his son, he immediately spoke out: "Xiao Rui, you have enough toys, no need to buy more."

"Daddy, I'm tired of playing with these toys. I want to play with new ones." Tang Xiao Rui immediately showed a bitter face and begged her father to agree.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his son's small expression as he discussed this, and his heart was spoiling him, so he could only stroke his hair: "Alright, in the future, change a batch of toys every month, but, your main focus will be on studying."

"Dad, don't worry. I won't be a fool!" Seeing that his father had agreed, Tang Xiao Rui's little face became even happier.

Ji Xiao Han let out a soft sigh of satisfaction, his son had already asked for his permission, which meant that in his son's heart, his father's role was becoming more and more important, and this was something to be happy about.

After Tang You You gave his daughter a bath, he came over and carried Xiao Cheng Cheng in his arms for a bath.

Mu Shi Ye immediately stood up: "You An, I will follow you in, I want to learn how to bathe my daughter."

The expression in Ji Xiao Han's eyes instantly narrowed, and said with slight displeasure: "Don't go in."

Mu Shi Ye could already hear the alertness in his words, and he immediately understood: "Alright, I'll play with Xiao Rui here!"

Tang You You did not have the deep thoughts that Ji Xiao Han had, she looked at him strangely, and without saying anything, he went to bathe Xiao Cheng Cheng.

Around ten in the morning, the three little fellows all fell asleep. Xiao Cheng Cheng habitually carried a bottle in her arms and drank milk from it as she slept.

The night was quiet, but the adults who had been busy the whole day were enjoying the quiet night for once.

Tang You You accompanied his daughter to her room to sleep. The two men took out a bottle of wine and sat at a casual table in the middle of the garden.

Mu Shi Ye raised his head and looked at the lights in the master bedroom dimmed. He turned and looked at Ji Xiao Han: "As a man, I realized that you seem to have fallen for Tang You You. Isn't this too fast?

"Five years. Is that enough?" Ji Xiao Han answered in a low voice, his expression revealing a hint of complexity.

Mu Shi Ye raised his eyebrows and laughed faintly: "If you want to say it like that, of course it's enough. But you never seemed to tell me what happened five years ago … That one. "

Mu Shi Ye was truly curious, because he understood Ji Xiao Han, he would definitely not casually have relations with a woman.

Ji Xiao Han's mood seemed to become even more depressed, he raised his head to drink a mouthful of wine, and remained silent.

Mu Shi Ye could only stop asking him, because there were countless secrets on the body of a man with Ji Xiao Han's identity.

Perhaps even he himself didn't know why so many things happened.

However, he handled it as if it were a piece of cake. This was the ability a person possessed.

"It's getting late, you should go to sleep. You'll be busy tomorrow." Ji Xiao Han spoke a few words of concern towards him.

Mu Shi Ye lazily leaned on the sofa: "Let me relax here, I'm really tired. If you're tired, you can go up and rest first."

Ji Xiao Han nodded, his big body stood up and walked towards the hall.

Mu Shi Ye waited until he left and then immediately took out his phone. Seeing that there were no incoming calls on the screen, he was a little annoyed.

Just as he decided not to wait for the call, his phone rang.

When Mu Shi Ye saw the number, he immediately picked it up.

"Is my daughter asleep?" Pei An Xin's voice sounded out.

"Yes, I just slept for a while!" Mu Shi Ye immediately recovered his calm tone.

"Let me see her! Turn on the video! " Pei An Xin's voice was also calm, as if the reason she made this call was all for her daughter.

Mu Shi Ye anxiously stood up: "Give me a minute!"

Just as Ji Xiao Han was climbing the stairs, he suddenly felt a gust of wind blowing past him. He saw Mu Shi Ye, who just said he would relax, running as though it was something.

Ji Xiao Han frowned, and then laughed.

As if they received comfort, Ji Xiao Han's thin lips curled up into a relieved smile.

Mu Shi Ye ran into the room and opened a video, he was immediately shocked by the white face: "Hey, what are you doing?"

"Make a mask, let me see my daughter!" Pei An Xin's face was plastered against a mask, and his expression was slightly anxious as he spoke.