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Luo Jinyu drove back to the city, and he went to his mother directly. Tang Qiqi recently lived in the villas of lohning and Mulin. Now Mulin is pregnant, eating and drinking. Tang Qiqi is personally watching her. She also asked several nutritionists to come back to help her recuperate. It can be seen that she attaches great importance to the birth of this little life. This

moment, lohnin and Mulin went to work in the company. Tang Qi sat on the balcony, drinking tea, eating music and enjoying her comfortable life as a lady. "

Master..." The voice of surprise came from the servant. Tang Qi's leisure was immediately disturbed. She put down the cup in her hand, got up, and watched her eldest son come towards her.

"Mom, did you talk to Chu Chu about something?" As soon as Luo Jinyu came over, he immediately asked her. Although it was not a question, the tone was heavier than usual. Tang

frowning at chess, facing his son, he managed the Cape on his chest modestly: "son, did you eat gunpowder in the early morning? Why are you so angry? When did I look for her? I've been with Henning and Xiaolin lately. "

"You didn't really find her or her mother?" Luo Jinyu tightens his brow, and some don't believe his mother's words. Tang

the smart eyes of chess turned a little, and then a smile suddenly came to mind: "a few days ago, I had a meal with Cheng Ying, but I didn't say anything bad, so I talked to her about Yang ChuChu's going out to work when she was young..." "

mom, you promised me that you would give us half a year. How can you not count?" Luo Jinyu's heart was in despair, so he knew that his mother must have been the one who got in the way. Now it seems that his guess is accurate. "

Jin Yu, don't be a mother. Are you dragging your time to cheat me?" Tang Qili's mother blamed him in turn.

Luo Jin is so angry that Jun's face is black and blue. Although he wants to vent his anger, this is his mother. Even if she doesn't speak sense and keep promise, he is still his mother.

"Mom, take good care of your sister-in-law. Don't go to their mother and daughter's trouble any more recently." Luo Jinyu immediately calmly reminded her.

"Don't worry, I'm not so boring. Anyway, I've said what I should not say, and I've said that it's important for people to have self-knowledge. I believe that Yang ChuChu is not clear. Cheng Ying is still a smart and self respecting woman. Jin Yu. If you still expect your mother to live for several years, you'll be a filial child. You've listened to your mother's words most before, and she didn't worry about you since childhood. Now In On the contrary, you make me worry more than your brother! " Tang Qi said that his eyes were red. Is it really difficult to control his son when he is older? Luo

Jin Yu listened to his mother's words and didn't know what to do.

"I'm the one who actively pursues, and I'm the one who doesn't want to let go. Mom, it's no use forcing them!" Luo Jinyu finished, turned around and left.

"Ah Jin Yu, what do you say? " Tang Qiqi stamped his feet in place and hurriedly chased down the building. All he saw was the distant shadow of his son's car.

"I'm pissed off!" Tang Qi is really angry. They say that when his son grows up, he will listen to his daughter-in-law. Is this also the truth?

It's eleven o'clock since Luo Jinyu returned to the company. He has been running for two days in a row, which makes Junrong look very tired. After entering the office, he fell asleep directly on his big chair. Fang

Kexin always pays attention to his every move. At the moment, she sees Luo Jinyu has been in for so long, and has not asked them to send materials to sign. She bravely takes several urgent items and stands up.

"I'll send president Luo a cup of coffee!" Fang Kexin soon got acquainted in the assistant office. Several women who had a lot of opinions about her before became her good friends after receiving her latest cosmetics.

"Can Xin, Luo total coffee does not add milk, add two candy, remember, don't make a mistake!" She was kindly reminded.

"Thank you, sister!" Fang Kexin smiled and went to make coffee. She

brings a cup of coffee with strong fragrance, then takes several urgent items, taps on the door of the office gently, does not hear the response inside, Fang Kexin is slightly stunned.

At last, she bravely pushed the door open and saw Luo Jinyu fall asleep in the back of his chair.

Fang Kexin looks at the tired sleeping face of the man in surprise. Where did he go yesterday? Didn't you sleep all night?

Fang Kexin suddenly felt the opportunity to come, this time, it is the time to reflect her tender and delicate.

Fang Kexin has always felt that opportunities are for those who are prepared, and that courage is not necessarily a bad thing. Those who are brave often have unexpected results. Fang

Kexin comes in with his own ideas. The floor of the office is covered with carpet and high heels are stepping on it. There is no sound. Fang

Kexin put the coffee down gently and put the urgent items aside. She glanced at a thin blanket on the sofa, which could be borrowed for use.

At this time, if you don't cover the quilt to sleep, you will still feel very cold.

Fang Kexin took the blanket and stood beside Luo Jinyu. She seldom had the chance to appreciate the man's facial features like this. Hard

long and beautiful, it's like a fine sculpture. Every place is full of the charm of a mature man.

"Luo Jinyu, you are mine!" Fang Kexin thought boldly in the bottom of his heart. When the reward is enough, Fang Kexin gently covers the man's body with the blanket. But

Yes, she didn't expect that the next second, the man was awakened and directly lifted the blanket she had covered.

"Who let you in?" The man's voice was very cold, his eyes flashed a little grumpy, and he stared at her: "go out!"

Fang Kexin was startled, and quickly lowered his head to explain: "Mr. Luo, I'm sorry, I'm here to deliver urgent items. I see you are asleep, and I'm afraid you'll catch cold, so I want to cover you with a blanket."

"Go out, don't let me say it a third time!" Luo Jinyu is in a bad mood at the moment, so he doesn't have a good face at all. Fang

Kexin was shocked by this man's awe momentum. He felt cold all over. He didn't dare to say anything more. He turned around and went out.

As soon as she came out, her face turned white. She always felt that Luo Jinyu was a very easy-going man. He gave people a mature and warm feeling. Unexpectedly, when he started a fire, he would give people a sense of ice and snow. However, this momentum, she likes, men should have this kind of aura, which can shock people and make people surrender. Fang thought that he would take a sip of the coffee he made for him. Next

a second later, the assistant next to her received a landline call, and her face turned white: "Kexin, did you offend president Luo? He threw your coffee on the ground and let me in to clean it up." "

what?" Fang Kexin is a stiff man again.