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C1901 scares her

Originally, I just wanted to play a joke on him, but I didn't expect that he would make fun of her like this. Xia Xinnian had to take a serious look and explain: "I don't want your company to let go of water. The competition focuses on participation. If I can win the competition, it's a kind of recognition of the profession. If I lose, I can only find the reason from myself. Anyway, I can see the extent of Liu's complicity with you just now. Even if I lose, he will I should be more tolerant. "

Of course, jimucheng knows that she is trying to test him on purpose. If Xia Xinnian is a person who likes to steal machines and make tricks, she will not be so difficult to get along with in this period of time. She has long been overwhelmed by his male charm and money.

"You can rest assured that no matter you win or lose, your position in my heart will not change." Jimucheng reached out and patted her on the back to encourage her.

Xia Xinnian shivered a little. Although he didn't show anything on his face, there was a kind of inexplicable peace of mind in his heart.

This time, Xia shuran and his wife just came to work, but they obviously didn't want to make her feel better. Xia Xinnian is alone and helpless. If they meet each other hard, she can't play with them. One is covetous to her, the other hates her deeply. If Ji Mucheng doesn't receive his son to live in his home, Xia Xinnian will not be in the mood to work, even if he has to worry about it all day long The child is in danger.

People's hearts are full of flesh. Although she hated Ji Mucheng for hurting herself in those years, she still knew the truth. Even without Ji Mucheng, there would be other men. Xia shuran and he Jiaxuan would never let her go easily.

Jimucheng is responsible, she is also responsible. Now it is meaningless to discuss who is right and who is wrong.

"Jimucheng, where are you taking me?" Xia Sitong wanted to ask him.

Jimucheng smiled mysteriously: "I won't say it first, I'll know when I get there."

Xia Xinnian has no choice but to stop asking.

The car drove into a high-end residential area and stopped in the underground parking lot.

"Here you are, get out of the car." Whispered jimucheng.

Xia Xinnian followed him out of the car and looked at him strangely and asked, "what is this? You're not going to sell me. "

"How much can you sell? It's all fucking children. " The man was amused by her words, took her hand and went straight to the elevator.

Xia Xinnian glared at him angrily: "even if I am a child, it doesn't mean that I have no pursuer."

"I am one of them." Jimucheng chuckles more happily. It's cool to tease her. Besides, she's not a stuffed bun. She's bullied and knows how to resist.

The elevator went up all the way. Xia Sitong saw the city in the night through the glass beside her. She looked at jimucheng in surprise: "are we here for dinner?"

"That's right." Man's hands around his chest, leaning against one side of the elevator wall, that pair of long legs without place, make him look, temperament more Jin expensive.

Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyes inadvertently swept to his lazy and smiling expression, and his heart was throbbing. He vaguely remembered that when he first met him, his temperament was as cold as asceticism. But why did he get along for a while, his temperament changed, as if he was not so ascetic.

With a "Ding" sound, the elevator has reached the floor. Xia Xinnian comes out with jimucheng. This is a high-end and atmospheric corridor. There is a two open door beside the corridor.

Jimucheng presses the fingerprint lock and the door opens. Xia Xinnian looks at the beautiful apartment in amazement.

"Is this your new home?" Xia Xinnian looks over and finds that it looks like a home. There are two men's coats and shirts hanging on the clothes rack next to it.

Jimucheng has reached out to take off his coat and threw it on the sofa: "yes, this is my home."

"What are you bringing me here for?" Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyes are startled and her voice is tense.

"What do you say? Now there are only two of us in this room. We can do anything we want. Besides, I'm the only one in this floor. The sound insulation effect is very good... "

"Stop!" Xia Xinnian blushed for a while, then angrily interrupted him: "what are you doing? If you just take me here to visit your new home, well, I have seen it, it's beautiful and atmospheric. Now, can we leave? I'm hungry. I want to eat. "

"Hahaha, are you scared? Blush? " Jimucheng laughs a few times. It's hearty.

Xia Xinnian saw that he laughed at herself. She was really angry this time. She said angrily, "jimucheng, you are too much. I promised to get along with you. You just play me like this. I won't play with you. I have to go."

"Don't go!" The man handsome face is urgent, long leg quickly strides past, block in front of her: "listen to son and Yan Junhan say last time, your cooking skill is good, I want to repay."

Xia Xinnian was eager to leave. When she heard his words, she said: "you brought me here to repay my skill?"

"Well." The man nodded, a serious expression on his face: "I let people buy vegetables. It's eight o'clock now. Although it's late, it's too late."

Xia Xinnian was surprised just now. Now she was relieved. She couldn't help but angrily pushed him: "jimucheng, you bastard."

The man retreated a step, the handsome face suddenly became nervous: "I really scared you?"

"I thought you really wanted to..." Xia Xinnian can't speak, but he can't speak.

Jimucheng can't help laughing again. This woman's anger is really hot. It seems that he can't cheat her easily next time. Otherwise, with her temper, he can't ask for benefits.

"Don't worry, I won't touch you if I don't engrave your name on the marriage certificate." What jimucheng said gave her a reassurance.

"I don't believe you." Xia Xinnian turned away with a wheezing back.

"How can I believe that? I swear? " When the man finished, he held up a hand: "if I jimuchen do something wrong to you before I get married..."

"Well, who made you swear? Don't really strike thunder. Where can I find my father for my son?" Xia Xinnian is still soft hearted. He turns around and pulls his hand down: "what kind of food do you buy? Let me have a look."

The woman put down her bag and took off her coat. She was only wearing a white shirt and a simple grey skirt, which wrapped her slender body and made her look exquisite.

The man thin lips happy one Yang, he seemed to discover this woman's most fatal weakness, that is, soft heart.

It is precisely because of knowing that she is gentle and soft, those hateful people dare to bully her so recklessly.

Thinking of the hurt she had suffered, the man's eyes turned cold. From now on, only he is qualified to bully her, others can't.