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C938 sincere regret

Ji Xiaohan arrived at the company at 9:30, but in the hall of the company, he saw a man, Ji yunning. How can she be here? Man's eyes changed, but he walked straight to her: "how are you here?" Because of the relationship between

and Ji Lin, Ji Xiaohan has also taken precautions against Ji yunning. Therefore, she appears in the hall of her company, and he needs to suspect her ulterior motives. Season

yunning chuckled at him, with a few sincere smiles.

The sincerity written on the face is the easiest way to let the other side down.

Therefore, Ji Xiaohan looks slightly shocked. I don't know if he thinks more about it. Ji yunning always feels that this time he will return home, which is different from before. Only

Yes, I can't see the difference for a while.

First of all, it's her dress. In the past, she loved some fairy colors, but now, every time she saw her, she was wearing gray and black clothes.

"Brother Xiaohan, don't worry. I'm not here to ask you for trouble or to chat with you. Don't look at me like this, OK?" Ji yunning saw that Ji Xiaohan was looking at her. She felt a pain in her heart and said with a bitter bow.

"Then what can I do for you?" Season owl cold micro picked pick eyebrow, still don't trust her very much.

Because I know her so well, I know her pure smile is also disguised.

"Can we not talk here? Would you please let me sit in your office? " Ji yunning is still serious.

"Come with me!" Season owl cold light said a sentence.

If Ji Lin really plans to send Ji yunning to spy on his intelligence, it's really stupid, because he's not afraid, so Ji Xiaohan is not afraid to take her up. Ji

yunning lowers her head and follows him silently. In the elevator, she can't help turning around and looking at Ji Xiaohan.

The tall body of a man shows a great sense of security and makes people want to rely on him. Xiao Han's eyes were flat, but he didn't respond to her eyes. Ji yunning's heart was sour again, so he had to look down. When arriving at the office, Ji Xiaohan raised his hand, took out his greatest patience and said, "you have five minutes. I'm going to have a meeting!"

Ji yunning didn't feel unhappy because of his words. She nodded. Next, she knelt down directly. "

What do you do?" Season owl's face was cold and his eyes were cold.

"Brother Xiaohan, I want to apologize to you. I'm serious. Please let me kneel and say it!" Ji yunning really realized that she was on the wrong team and made a big mistake. In order to have a better conscience, she had to do so.

"Get up and say something!" Ji Xiao looked at him expressionless and coldly.

"No, I have no face. I know I've committed a crime. Brother Xiaohan, I'm sorry for you. I almost hurt you. You are my most important family. I must have lost my mind at that time. I even helped Ji Lin to hurt you!" Ji yunning cried as he spoke. He was so sad that he could not hold back.

Ji Xiaohan is still unmoved. She just stands by and watches her acting.

"What does Ji Lin want you to do? Are you recording? Or video? " Ji Xiaohan still doesn't believe her. He snorts coldly.

"No, no, no, I didn't. It wasn't Ji Lin who asked me to come here. It was me who wanted to come over and apologize to you. Besides, I wanted to help you!" Ji yunning raised his head fiercely, looking more sincere and sincere.

"Help me?" Ji Xiaohan sneers at her, and then points to her: "what have you done yourself? Do you know it in your heart? You are so sincere to admit your mistake. Do you want me to forgive you? Ji yunning, if it was before, I could forgive you as my sister once, but now, I really can't forgive you. "

"You don't need to forgive me. You can send me to the police station at any time. Even if you want me to go to jail for a lifetime, I have nothing to say. I'm just very guilty and self reproach." Ji yunning put out his hand to cover his face and said painfully.

"Oh? Are you willing to go to jail? What kind of trick are you playing this time, Ji yunning? " Ji Xiaohan really can't believe that she is saying these words seriously. Once, she was so proud and cherished her life. Could she give up her rich life? "

I will, I will redeem my sin!" With tears in his eyes, Ji yunning looked at Ji Xiaohan deeply and murmured, "I really want to." Xiao Han's eyes narrowed. Although he doubted Ji yunning's character, she did not seem to be acting at the moment with tears in her eyes. "

why help me? I can't do you any good! " Season owl cold hands ring in front of the chest, a ruthless look.

"I don't need any benefits, I just need to let Ji Lin completely die!" Ji yunning said that he had gnawed his teeth and hated him.

Ji Xiaohan's expression has changed again. He stares at Ji yunning sharply: "have you fallen out?" "

I respect him as a father, but he uses me as a chess piece. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him to die!" Ji yunning thought of the dark life he had lived in the last few days and squeezed his fist with hate. Ji

Xiao Han walks over to her, squats in front of her, looks at her expression of hate to tremble, frowns and asks, "what did he do to you?" As soon as Ji

yunning was concerned by him, his tears suddenly fell down, crying: "he He gave me to an old man, brother Xiaohan. I'm dirty. I don't have the courage to see you. " "

is there such a thing?" Ji Xiaohan is shocked a little. Unexpectedly, Ji Lin is so cruel to his adopted daughter and gives her to other men to trample on her. It's really inhuman and excessive. "

I didn't expect him to do this at the beginning. He probably saw that I had no use value. He felt that I would be caught in prison sooner or later. So when he gave up on me, he asked me to accompany that man, brother Xiaohan. I thought of dying for many times. I couldn't stand such dirty myself. However, I was reluctant to die. I haven't come to you to admit my mistake I haven't seen Ji Lin brought to justice. " Ji yunning is pulling his shoulder, crying like rain, very pitiful. Season asked coldly, "who is that old man?"

Ji yunning immediately said, "it's Wang Kun!"

"Is it him?" Of course, Ji Xiaohan knows this man. Now he is also a person who dominates one side. He holds a little oil in his hand and calls himself a big man in the business world. When he is a big man, unexpectedly, Ji Lin even catches up with him so quickly.

"Yes, brother Xiaohan, I really didn't cheat you. I really want to stand on your side this time. I hope you don't doubt me. Don't worry. I will never pester you emotionally. I know I don't deserve it!" Ji yunning lowers his head and looks sad. Season

Xiao Han reached out and helped her up from the ground: "show me the sincerity certificate."