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C662 let him say I love you

Miffee heard that Tang youyou came with four strong men. She was so angry that her face was blue. She said directly to the front desk, "let Tang youyou come up alone!"

So, Tang youyou gets into the elevator and comes to miffee.

After miffee saw her, she grinned angrily: "don you have the right to drag? If you believe it or not, I'll call the police and arrest you and those stupid men. Don't ask me at that time. "

Tang youyou looks at miffee's angry and mad appearance. She calmly and calmly says, "why do you want to target the customers of Weiyi company? Do you have any purpose? "

Miffee asked her purpose when she saw her opening. She smiled coldly and said proudly, "what other purpose is needed? You have helped Yang ChuChu, and my ex boyfriend has been removed. I just want you to work for the whole company, which should be what you expected. "

"What's the point of you doing this? I'm the one who offended you. Just aim at me!" Tang youyou didn't expect that she really attacked the company because of the things that offended her last time, which made her very angry.

Miffee looked at Tang youyou and saw that there was a layer of gauze around her head. She immediately found a place to criticize her. She sneered, "what's wrong with your head? Have you been beaten? "

Tang youyou's car accident was completely blocked by Ji Xiaohan. So, apart from some people in the company, she didn't publicize it. Therefore, miffee didn't know that she was injured because of the car accident.

Tang youyou frowns. This Miffy seems to like stepping on people. Is it because she is hurt that she is very happy?

"It's my own business. Don't worry about it. I hope you stop targeting the company. If you have any dissatisfaction or hatred, just come to me." Tang youyou said with a cold face. "For you personally? What can I do to you? You're an abandoned woman. You've been pitied enough. I'm going to fall for you again. Who am I? I know that you have feelings for Weiyi. As long as I cross the company, people in the whole company will hate you together. That's the result I want to

. Understand? " Miffee sneered and said triumphantly.

Tang youyou is shocked. I didn't expect that she should take such a sinister idea.

Let the whole staff of Weiyi company hate her, which is really vicious.

"Are you not afraid of season owl cold coming to trouble you when you aim at Wei Yi like this?" Tang youyou knows that he is the role of abandoned woman in front of this woman. He has no deterrent to her, so he has to move out of the name of Ji Xiaohan. "He? How could the president of such a large group care about the life and death of a small company? If only Italy company fails, you and your godmother are the biggest responsible person. He will only accuse you. I just compete fairly. What can he do to me? It can only be said that

, the marketing level of your company's business department is too poor to keep up with the times, so customers will invest in me. " Miffee looked at Tang youyou's angry and uneven appearance, more happy and complacent. These days, she felt sullen, as if she had a chance to raise her eyebrows.

Didn't Tang youyou drag at the beginning? The woman who thinks she is Ji Xiaohan dares to suppress her. Hum, you should know that depending on a man, sooner or later, there will be a day of downfall. Only if you are strong, you will be invincible.

At the end of the day, there are really all kinds of people. Tang youyou is the first time to see a woman with such a strong sense of revenge. "Of course, he will care, but he may not care about the company, but he will care about me, Miffy. You may not know. My relationship with him is not as bad as you think. We are still in contact." Tang youyou has to tell her the truth, because she really doesn't know how to stop this woman's revenge. What she said about competition is also a kind of vicious competition distorted by revenge, which can't last long. I believe that miffee himself knows that it's a very unreasonable thing to disrupt the overall level of the market by using the preferential price and the high quality service. Even if she can only bear it

, other companies will definitely have strong dissatisfaction with her.

However, hatred has blinded her reason, and made her only want to revenge crazily, and did not make her think of the seriousness of the consequences. Miffee narrowed her eyes and sneered: "Don Youyou, don't scare me with Ji Xiaohan's name. People all over the world know your relationship with her. Do you think I'm blind and deaf? If he really cares about you, why don't you give him his last name? I should call you Mrs. Ji now. "

Tang youyou didn't expect that the other side's means of ridicule were also very clever, so she had to sneer: "if you don't believe it, I can call him in front of you now. If it can be proved that we are still dating, will you stop this revenge?"

Miffee didn't expect Tang youyou to be so bold. She didn't give up to admit that her relationship with Ji Xiaohan was over.

"Miffy, you must find out whether you offend me or Ji Xiaohan. Otherwise, your fate will be very ugly." Seeing that she was a little suspicious, Tang youyou immediately took the opportunity to say.

Miffee trembled a little, and her beautiful face flashed a stiff color: "well, if you have any kind of words, just call me to listen. If you can let him say three words that I love you, I will stop all this."

Miffee is also a smart woman. If Tang youyou is indeed Ji Xiaohan's girlfriend, she will stop it immediately.

Tang youyou frowned and hesitated to take out his mobile phone.

At this time, I am really worried about whether he will really disturb him when he is in a meeting or dealing with important matters?

"What? Dare not fight? " Miffee took her hesitation as fear and chuckled.

Tang youyou looks at her mouth and face, and has to light up the screen to find the name of Ji Xiaohan.

"Why can't I fight? He's the father of my child." Don youyou thinks she's ridiculous.

"Of course I know you have two children, but he is only the father of your child, which is different from your husband." Miffee is also determined to see Tang youyou look embarrassed.

If Ji Xiaohan is cold to her on the phone, the picture must be very wonderful. If mifeel thinks about it, it will be very interesting. Tang youyou really didn't want to play this childish game with this woman. However, she could only play it with such seriousness. With a touch of her finger, she unplugged Ji Xiaohan's mobile phone.